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October 15, 2004


matt sledge

Good luck against the Cowgirls - the RedHawk fans are behind you!


We'll cut you some slack on the lack of updates. It appears that you've been busy. And anyone who can make Bill Parcells sound like Lou Holtz is off to a fine start in the NFL.

Best of luck from the crew at MiamiHawktalk.com!

SR from Findlay

Ben - Keep your head on straight - do the best you can, and your team will rise to the occasion against Dallas.

Remember - one week at a time.

Also - congratulations on being named Rookie of the Week on NFL.COM - for the 3rd week in a row...

From some VERY PROUD Steelers Fans...right here in Findlay OH!!

Go Ben!!


Go Big Ben! Keep up the good work. My only comlaint so far is that I have been meaning to buy your rookie card since you got drafted but now it's going to cost me a lot more money!

TR from Findlay, OH

Ben - watch out for those Dallas cornerbacks...they'll be gunning for you. They'll be blitzing more than usual ....

Take care - good luck this week against the Cowboys!

Lisa Sizemore

Hey Ben --Jarrad and I were at MU practice the other day and all anyone was talking about was you and what a great job you are doing! Guess what? None of us were surprised at all! We miss you here, but it is awesome to see you playing so well. Michael Larkin is having a great year,too....now you need to hook him up with the Steelers! Good luck Sunday and the rest of the season....hope to see you back in Oxford during the off season.Take care. Lisa Sizemore...best known as "Jarrad's Grandma"

Jill Balmer

Hi, Ohio fans! Wow, some heartfelt comments from you for Big Ben -- very well put! I echo your good wishes for Rotty, and thank you for "raising" him for us Steeler fans! We love him here, too! Pittsburgh was very lucky to be able to steal him in the draft!!!!
Good luck in Dallas, Ben!!!!




Not that you haven't heard this a million times, but you are doing a great job, and us fans are very proud to have the 3 time rookie of the week with us. Thanks for breathing some life into the team. You just might be the one thing we were missing. (no offense to Tommy, cuz I think he's a great guy!)Congrats on your 3 wins, and don't worry the fans know there are ups and downs. Hopefully we'll win the rest of the year, but realistically we'll still love you if we lose a few! Good luck, and thanks to all you guys on the team for giving me bragging rights this week! (I live in Ohio surrounded by clowns fans.)

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd Hayter

Ben, you are doing a great job.Myself, my kids, and even my wife(who isnt a big football fan) think the world of you. It is great to see an Ohio native like myself making the state proud playing for the greatest team in the NFL. When the Steelers drafted you, I called everyone I knew with excitement and almost damn near in tears. Nothing against the other players, I love em all, but I prayed night and day for the Steelers to draft you. Go get Dallas !!!!

Ryan Lacey

Keep up the good work Ben, don't worry about not updating your blog, we all understand. I'll try to give you the best advice I can for the upcoming game against Dallas, look out for Roy Williams, always know where he is. But I'm sure Cowher and Whis have been drilling this into your head already. Good luck and keep up the great work.



i cryed in 95 when Dallas beat us in Super Bowl XXX, but im going to be any of that any more, your going to do great against Dallas this week, and i also have a great feeling about this season. This team is going places, thanks to you, and the rest of the teams superb playing. I can smell a Super Bowl in the near future. Good luck Ben, and Go Steelers!!!

Bob Ruffner

Thanks for the comments Ben. We're 100 % behind you and the team. As members of PSFCOB ( Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club Of Baltimore)we just can't wait for the next game to see our team in action!!! Wow!! Is this the 70's or what!!!! Go Steelers!!!!!

Steeler Bob

Jeff Kasik

Keep on going Big Ben,
Your just what we've been waiting for. And by 'we', I mean the real, die-hard (actually NEVER say die)fans who may gripe a little, once in a while, but never-ever- give up on the Black N Gold.
Congratulations to the entire team. To all the other fans : "Here We Go" ! (you know the rest)
Jeff in California


You..Big Ben have been a long time coming. I
know that you play hard and tough and don't worry about Dallas or the Browns and etc. You just want to play football and win win win. My mom even watched Sunday against the Browns. actually she never watches football. maybe just a few times when Bradshall played. She even bought your jersey. Look forward maybe to seeing you at spring training when we go through Pa. Go Steelers


Hey Big Ben,
Congrats on your win over the Browns and you were awesome. I glad we have a QB that can make plays. These 2 games coming up after the Cowboys, New England and Philly, will be the biggest games of your life. I'm sure you will be up to the task but hang in there, I have faith you and offense will prevail those games. Keep up the good work and have fun!




Great work these past few weeks. You're making those of us still in Oxford awfully happy.

Now go out there and prove Parcells right about you and Marino! Miami's behind you 110%.


Hey Rotty !! :)
Congrats on winning Rookie of the Week for the 3rd time !! :) You are an awesome player and deserve all the credit that you are being given !! Keep up the great work, Pittsburgh is so proud and we are so happy to call u our own ;) Good luck in ur upcomming games!!


I know everyone else is asking you serious football questions... but let's get down to the real deal...do you want to go out sometime? Well actually my friend and I sat next to you at PF Chang's in the waterfront before the season even started and we thought you were cute. Perhaps you remember us... we were the fun girls sitting to your left laughing hysterically at pretty much nothing. So back to the orginal question... Two girls that liked you before you were "BIG BEN"

Chris W

Ben, I met you a few years ago at Miami University's Pigskin Picnic. You were very kind to pose for pictures with me and some of my friends. I saw right then and there that you are even a better human being than you are a football player, and I think you are the best football player in the long and storied history of Miami U.

I am so happy for all of your success, and my only question is: when are you going to run for Mayor of Pittsburgh?


Lets go Big Ben! I cant wait to see you carve Dallas's secondary like a turkey. Im really happy with all of your sucess, and I wish you all the best! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

George C


Nice start to a career!! Best of luck from all the thousands of Steeler fans here in SYRACUSE, NY!! Hey, how about a suprise 2pt. conversion after our fist TD in some game. (Off a fake x-pt. try!) Haven't seen it in awhile in the NFL. I know Coach Cowher gets off on those things!! I give it about a 95% chance it would work!


Becky in TX

Hey Ben! You have been doing an amazing job and we are all behind you 100%. A group of us Steelers fans will be in the big D to cheer you on this week. Make us proud!!

Tiffanie S


The past few weeks my family and I have been watching you and you look great! We were so glad that you and the team beat the Browns (We have family in Cleveland who hate Pittsburgh) and I'm sure with the way you and the Steelers are going we'll go far. Thank you Big Ben for making my Steeler football worth wild. I send you and the team all the luck in the world. Thank you again! Go far and all ways shoot for the stars Ben. Show Dallas why you're Big Ben!

-Tiffanie S

Dan Nicksich


Good luck against Dallas and the rest of the season. You don't know how much of joy it is to watch you on Sunday. Ben the thing we like about you the most is you are a good person and you have a level head. You are a positive role model out there for the kids. I still can't believe you fell to the Steelers at 11. The teams that passed on you will regret. But us Steelers will love every moment of your great career.

Your fan,

Dan Nicksich II

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