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April 22, 2005



Hey Ben ive been following with your website and i think its great.Im pretty sure your first number was 44 but im not sure why.

Im from Canada and just letting you know that even though we are not there that you have lots of fans up here and we are behind you and the steelers %100.

Im glad to hear that Zeus is doing well, and hope that your family member gets better as soon as possible.

I would just like to say that you are an inspiration to me and you have inspired me to never give up. I am planning on trying out for my high school football team for Qb and wear #7 just like you. I was wondering if you had any pointers from one Qb to another. Your a great player and i think that with you and our steelers we will be getting one for the thumb very soon and more!

Anywayz i must go now but take care and hope to see you back on that field doing what you do best.

God Bless and remember that you got our support in Canada and i hope you could maybe make a trip to Mississauga one day.

A true Steeler fan,


Vince Palamara


I think this is REALLY great that you have a nice blog "forum" to respond to your many fans (like myself). In fact, I think you should just shut down the forum for good and keep up the blogs (like you said, it was getting very out of hand)!!:) You make the Steeler nation very proud. Best of luck to you in all you do...and I hope your family is doing very well.:)


Daniel Wheeler

Hey Ben,

I think I remember you saying that, ironically enough, your first number was 12 because of Terry Bradshaw. I am probably way off.

Anyway, this is my first post so I would like to introduce myself. I am from Missouri and you have a lot of steeler fans here. I am about your age and I have been a steeler fan ever since I was old enough to understand the game. Myself and the other steeler fans are usually a minority in the bar if the rams are playing, but we cheer loud and laugh at the rams' fans because they suck.

We were all really excited to see you do so well last season. It has been a rough couple of years without a 'franchise' type quarterback on the team and we are really excited that we finally got one.

Best wishes and we are all behind you 100%,


Cara Johnson

Hey Ben!
I just got on here real quick to see if you had written lately, and you have...so I was excited about that! I'm glad you get the chance to tell us what you're up to, I love reading about you and Zeus...can't wait to see a picture! :)

The weather isn't looking too good for PA this weekend...I'm turkey hunting tomorrow if it's not too wet out..other then that I hope I can stay out of the rain...I wish we could go back to the warm sun!!
Well, have a good weekend & can't wait to hear from you soon!


ps: hope your family member is doing well...I've been praying for you and your family.. :)


Hi Ben-

Glad to hear you're having a good day. My dad, Dale, works for the state DEP office that's near your house. He said that he saw an out-of-town license plate, so that must be your friend, Kevin. My goal is to meet you one day and have you sign my terrible towel (kind of a random goal, but whatever). I hope you enjoy the weekend with your friend and please put pictures of Zeus online! I love dogs! Go Steelers!

Much Love from Duquesne U,

Jeff Pifer

I would say # 7 because of Elway but you have a # 44 jersey on in 1 pic as a kid.

Samantha C.

Hey Ben-

I hope you have a great weekend. I heard it is going to snow next week!! I would love to see a picture of Zeus. I am just taking a guess at your question, but was your first number 7 for John Elway? Just a guess. Are you excited for the NFL Draft? Well, have a fun weekend with your friend. Maybe I will see you there (crossing my fingers!) lol. I wish you all the best and give Zeus a hug for me. God Bless. GO Steelers!!

Samantha C.


Have a great weekend Ben. I can't wait to see pictures of Zeus whenever that happens. That would be awesome. He sounds so adorable.


Hey, Ben, just letting you know that your April 15th photo shoot's on Getty now (gettyimages.com). There's a picture of Zeus on there with you, it's a wonderful one. Didn't know you rode a Harley - what year/model? I do have to wonder how you pay for gas, with your Denali, H2, and Harley, but I guess you've got the money for it :) Anyway, best wishes. The photo shoot turned out great.


Hi Ben,

Here in Findlay we are being told to expect 4-8 inches of snow between Saturday night and Sunday morning. I hope the weather reports are wrong. I'm sure your family will keep you informed of the great Spring weather!

My son Jason & I are visiting Slippery Rock Univeristy next Saturday. Any suggestions on what to do with a 17 yr. old on a Satuday night near Pittsburg? I heard Slippery Rock is only an hour away. If any others have suggestions, that would be great. You can email me your ideas.

I love reading about your dog. We have 3 cats and they are always a source of entertainment, if we want to be entertained or not.

Have fun at the improv!


hi ben...is so good to hear you...sorry that is raining in pittsburgh..i wish your a great weekend too..and a nice fan day tomorrow..i wish i can be there..but i'm in germany..i go saturday to the frankfurt galaxy game and after the game in the club to meet the players thats great..i will see that i can talk with mike barr..he is from the steelers and i will send greatings for you and maybe a letter..it's great that you have so much fun with zeus..hope you get your shirt back..I'm sorry for the question but i don't know it..i hope for the next one..ben i like you really much i don't know you but i think you great and i hope really that i have the luck sometime to meet you and talk to you..my best wishes for you and your family..sorry for my bad english..have a great weekend..yours karin


BEN IS MY HERO. Ben I am doing an art project on you. It is the NIKE PRO Comercial. I am doing a wood carving of the mask you wore on the commercial. Well your 1st number i think is 44 because in your 411 it showed a childhood photo of you. All I can guess is that your old HOME ADDRESS WAS 44??? E-MAIL ME BEN!!!



Hi Ben,

The weather is really bad here tonight, its raining and cold and we are supposed to get SNOW tomorrow. Im in Michigan so very shortly you will be getting this lovely weather!!! Its just unfortunate because our football team here at GVSU is playing their spring game tomorrow and im an intern for the GVSU athletic marketing department so im going to be out in the SNOW tomorrow watching some football -- seems just like the real season weather, huh? haha .. anyway have a good week



Hey ben!
Just thought i would say hey real fast before i go to bed. Im constantly on the site checking for updates. Mostly this week because im getting over some virus thats been going around out here in SLO Country (CA). NO FUN.
I cant wait to see a photo of Zeus! I used to have a rottie when i was little, oooo i loved that dog! We had a pool built for her and every thing. She ended up dying of lung cancer a few years ago, but we are thinking of getting another one. FINIALLY! hahaha.
well, im gonna go. Cant wait till football starts! i really miss watching you play!


hey ben!
i love your site! your totaly right - TGIF! hehe. wasnt your first number #9? well, i bought a book about you, and im pretty sure that is what it said. im not possitive on why you picked it though? have a great weekend! god bless!


Hey Ben,

Good to hear from you once again! Good looking out for your friend. I just saw a picture of you and Zeus and Zeus is a little cutie!
I know that you picked #7 for John Elway, but I don't know why you picked #44 as your jersey number.I've been trying to figure it out...but I have yet to find out.
Anyways I hope you have a great weekend! Take care!


Hello Mr. Big Ben Roethlisberger!!
I think your first number was 44 because it was the number of someone that has retired. Im not so sure tho. But hopefully I'm right.You play very awesome Mr Roethlisberger! Keep up the good work!!


Hey Ben,

I just went to the Getty site on which your photo shoot has been posted. The picture with you and Zeus licking your cheek is quite possibly one of the cutest things ever. Also, I'd like to compliment you on your professional appearance in the gray suit. I'm sure we all know that few athletes (especially of your size) can pull off wearing a suit and not look completely awkward... but you wear it very well.

Good luck with the pup and please do add some of your own photos of him here.


hi ben it's me again..i forget to say i also can wait to see a pic from zeus..i think all puppys are so cute..my dog is 6...a dog is the man's best friend..i send your and zeus a bit sunshine from here and a big hug...take care..yours karin



Everyone should know the number was 44 by now. There is a picture of you wearing it. But what we can not figure out is why, my guess is that your father wore it.

So, have you figured out when you might be going on that USO tour?

Also, you say that you do not like country music. Did you know that one of the most up and coming country bands is from Pittsburgh. You might try and give them a chance. Do not get me wrong, I am not totally a country person either, but give the Povertyneck Hillbillies a chance you might find that you like them.



Hey Ben,
Just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment you have given our family and especially my father over the last year. My father was a teacher for 35 yrs and athletic ticket sales manager(15 yrs) at Findlay High School. His nick name at school was "Speedy" or Mr.T (Taylor) Your mom might know him. He is a lover of people and a servant of God. He is 83 and now spends a lot of time at home because it is hard for him to get around and he has cancer. He delights in watching you and seeing the kind of Godly humble person you are. You have shook our family up because I am a Big Bengals Fan (season ticket holders) & my brother inlaw is a Dolphins fan. The dolphins fan bought us all Big Ben shirts to wear for our family Christmas picture. It is hard NOT to root for the home town boy. I am transplanted in Middletown now and among my Bengals shrine in the basement is my Ben hang up made out the articles from when the Findlay paper did the big write up. Thank goodness there was a lot of red, blue & gold.
When you take Zeus to Findlay next time, you are more than welcome to take him out to my sister log house and pond in Rawson. I am sure you have seen it driving back in forth to Miami. It is right along the highway. Zeus can take a dip in the pond and run his little tail off. We have 2 Labs that love it out there. You can even do a little fishing. Thanks for Listening and good luck this year except against the Bengals!!


What's up Ben? I feel a bit silly asking this, but I was wondering if there is any way you can send me an autographed picture or something, or let me know where I can get one? See the thing is, my buddy John in my unit has been a die hard Steelers fan his whole life. The other night we were out in a club in Germany and saw someone walk by with a Bettis jersey on. We started conversating about the Steelers. Of course he can hardly fathom that I know you. The thing is, this guy almost took a bullet for me in Iraq, and I'd love to give him this gift. If you could help me out, I'd be more appriciative than you can imagine. If you find the time, just write me and let me know what's up. Thanks again Ben. Looking forward to the sophomore season.



Hey Ben,

First let me introduce myself, I graduated from Miami in '02 and my fiance is graduating this year from MU, and I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful memories we have watching you almost beat Michigan and Ohio State, and culminating in an absolutely amazing season your senior(junior) year.
Actually, that is what has driven me to write you today, because it is DRAFT DAY. I was just wondering if you were able to convince the coaches to draft any of your former teamates of that amazing season. You guys had an outstanding and VERY UNDERRATED team, and I would hate to see the amazing talent of your MU teammates not have the chance to shine in the NFL and improve the Steelers as you have.





I would go see Kevin Heart but I gotta work late so it kinda sucks. O well!

So how do you like this sucky weather? I heard we are gonna get snow today *Sat & Sun* I am so sick of snow and rain. I want sunny weather.

Well I hope you have a wondeful weekend. Later

I hope we meet sometime soon. You seem like a cool person to hang with.


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