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May 03, 2005



hey bro
i think the broncs will be a clean game ,your second clean game all year, those are automatic wins (goin back to high school). i think nov 8 is d-day,


hey there dont worry about all the stress of the game your a great player and a great guy, rveryone has a few bad days, anyways even if you do bad your still the hottest quarterback any ways i would love to go on a date with you like every other female in pittsburgh, the steelers organization should have a fundraiser and aution off date with you i would put my house up for that lol no but i would spend all my savings on that any ways its for a good cause well if you want to go out email me back and i send you a pic. good luck the rest of the season and dont sweat it your a great player and remember its been said b4 pittsburgh fans are the hardest on there players but win or lose your still great and keep up that confidence!!


Hey Ben...Just wanted to leave you a quick message and let you know that no matter what the out come of these games are, I still love ya, and think you are still an amazing quaterback. I think alot of people forget that you are only in your early 20's, and expect you to win every game now that you have a Super Bowl under your belt. They should sit back and relax, cuz you have just begun. I'm looking forward to watching you get better and better as the years go on.... Your biggest fan...


Hey Ben! Good luck on Sunday..go kick some Denver butt. I know you can do it! I will definately be watching here in Idaho!! Keep you head up Ben, you are one of the best quarterback..not to mention goodlooking but that has nothing to do with football. I believe that you are the best thing to happen to the Steelers in a long time! Don't let all the B.S. get you down, people are so quick to jump when something goes wrong. I know you can do it Big Ben! We love ya here in Idaho! Good luck and remember just go out and play football, thats what you do best, dont think just play.

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