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May 03, 2005


Wendy L Vickers

Hey Ben,

I just wanted you to know you have many fans in New Jersey wishing you a speedy recovery!! We are HUGE fans and were able to see our first live game on Jan 1st!! You were absolutely incredible! Get well soon.
Stay Safe!!
The Vickers Family

Bob & Lee Ann Spellman


So glad you were able to go home from the hospital. Continue to get better. Know that our entire family is sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery.

Bob, Lee Ann, Lauren, R.J. & Jarred Spellman and
Lois & Jerry Spellman

Bob & Lee Ann Spellman

Big Ben,

I am so glad you are feeling better now and I am so happy you will wear a helmet if you ride your bike again! I can't wait to cheer for you when you throw the football.


Jarred Spellman (4 1/2 years old)
My Mommy typed what I wanted to say to you!

Judi and Bubba


Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a timely recovery. Please don't rush, take the time you need and listen to your family as they have your best interest at heart. What's best for you will ultimately be what's best for the STEELERS.

Your #1 fans in Phoenix, Arizona


Hey Ben,

Hope you are feeling better, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! Keep your chin up everything will be just fine.

Take Care!


Hey Ben;
Hope you are feeling and getting better day by day! Hope all is well. Hope Mr. Zeus is helping with your speedy recovery.

Take Care,
Amy :-)


Hey Ben!
Hope your recovery is going well. All your fans down here in GA are counting down till the season begins! Take care as I'm sure you will!

Chuck Summers

Ben, you would do well to remember
the lesson that Duane Allman taught me. If you're not familiar
with his work, Rolling Stone did
a survey on the greatest guitarists in 2004. Duane was ranked second to only Jimi Hendrix. Most consider him the best slide guitar player ever.

He died in a motorcycle accident
in 1971 at the age of 24.
He WAS wearing a helmet.
At first they thought he only had
a few scratches and a broken arm.

I wised up and sold my motorcycle
not long after I learned of the

You can read about it in the book:
Midnight Riders: The story of the
Allman Brothers Band.


Hey Ben,

I'm probably a little late on your request but I'm sure your due for another massage. You know Benny Boy I've been told I have magical hands. I would love to meet Zeus and your new puppy you brought home from Switzerland. The offer is on the table just let me know.

~Valerie :)


Hey Ben,
I just wanted to say I am a big fan and i got to see you at Opening Day of Training Camp. I know it was hot and you guys were tired but you made a comment to alot of people especially little kids who look up to you. They were all chanting you're name and you said Geeze guy's i think i know my own name. Well i'm sure you do but everyone was so excited to see you, that is part of what you have to put up with being a big star. Didn't you ever have an idol as a child or an adult whom you would have chanted there name if you saw them? Maybe alot of us who heard you make that coment took it the wrong way but maybe you should think how it will make all of you're little and big fans feel before you say it. You have gotten where you are by you're God given tallent but you're fans are the ones who get you the money you make and keep you were you are today by buying you're merchandise and going to you're games. Good Luck in the season.We will continue to chant you're name when and if we get to see you again.


wats up big ben....i think i am probaly ur biggest fan EVERRRR...i never lost faith in you last season....u can ask my friends i am a crazed fan of urs (in a good way) i hope u come around north hills some time for an autograph seccion or something.....EMAIL ME BACK if u find time THANKS



Just saw you on ESPN's program PTI. You mentioned that you had vertigo a while back--you said the vertigo occurred when you were in a dentist chair or when rolling over in bed.

I have to exact same thing--it is driving me crazy--doctors are no help-if you do not mind -what was you diagnosis and how did you overcome the vertigo?

Thank you very much for any help or advice you can give.

Good luck to you and the Steelers for another great season



hey ben,
glad to see u playing and playing well.I hope the season end as it did last year.
love ya,

Jason Witt

Hey man I just want to say to keep on living for christ and remember he is who put you there it's up to you to share the love of christ to all your fans


Hey Ben, It was great seeing you at the training camp! I took lots of pixs!! Just glad to see you are feeling great! Although I have always been a Steelers fan, I can't imagine them without you now. You just make that team complete. The great thing is that you seem like a true and honest person! I wish you could hear my 3 year old twin daughters say your name. I think they could say Roethlisberger since they were 1! They love you too and are glad that you are ok. Anyway, good luck to you and the rest of the Steelers this season. Tell Hines I hope he feels better! GO STEELERS!!

Love ya, Pam from Dover, Pennsylvania

mark ray

hey ben, hope you had a great time fishin' out here in idaho, yeah im stuck in potatoville, originally from virginia,steeler fan since birth, i got a mini helmet with your autograph, bought it from your outfitters buddy, it was worth it, it wasnt an investment, just a remebrance, take care of yourself, i know a girl who gets season tickets behind the bench, so see you soon,keep it up my brotha,lets get a six pack for the nation

Jean Scheid

Hi Big Ben,

Hope you are well soon. Surgery is rough...even the old apendectomy but you'll be back for 2nd game in 2006 season for sure. Best wishes from Taos, New Mexico, Bill & Jean Scheid


Ben I hope you are doing good, we have been thinking about you a lot today I just told my daughter I had to go see if I could find anything on how you were doing. I visit BigBen7 and that is where I heard about your surgery.

Take Care


Hi Ben,

I can see what's happening with the offense. Many glaring errors, especially at the line of scrimmage. You guys should really go back to a two back set. Davenport should line up with Parker in the back to diversify you're offensive attack. For years I'd been saying you guys should have done that. And you finally did. And you won the Superbowl. Parker is getting better but still needs to be more patient with his cuts at the line of scrimmage. Diversification will help keep the defense of balance, help you run the gadget plays more.

If Santonio Holmes can help the gadget plays, teach him how throw the ball down the field.

Just a thought.


It's not so much a matter of you guys playing hard enough. I see everybody is dedicated. It's more of a matter playing smart enough. You guys are my favorite team. Close the deal.


hi ben i do not have my pet turtle anymore i let her go in the wood i hope you win on sunday do you know the ohio state buckeyes player ted ginn on ohio state has the same number 7 as you ohio state buckeyes are my other favorite football team do you like snake i do not like them tell zeus hi for me love lindseywood go steelers your steelers fan

tony sears

you lost to the motherfucking raiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you son of a bitch do i we would've done better if you died in that accident tell cowher i said to put charley in win some goddamn games (granted you were swingin passes out like johhny unitas in the chiefs game) still we wouldn't be tied with the BROWNS


Unbelievable ... I love how many Steeler fans are only fans when we have a winning record. I guess last year's Superbowl win isn't enough ... some people are getting greedy. All I have to say is there are many other teams out there that they can root for. As for you Ben ... you have nothing to prove to anyone. We know you are a great quarterback ... you've shown it time and time again. You won us a Superbowl and every great quarterback has their bad moments. You've been through alot these past couple months ... you need to gain your confidence back ... it's all in your head ... don't listen to what everyone says and think about the past games ... by the way you did awesome against atlanta ... just focus on the moment and hold your head up high and show everyone how amazing you are.

Carla Bertoldi

I am the front stage manager for Dance Marathon at Bowling Green State University this year in Bowling Green, Ohio. Every year Dance Marathon is getting bigger and bigger and we want to make it HUGE! this year. We were wondering if you could come in and speak. All proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network and last year we raised over $100,000.00. By bringing in a professional athelete such as yourself we feel that we could bring in more participants that would not otherwise participate. The event is held in March. Let me know and Good Luck with the rest of the season... I watch you guys every Sunday! Go Steelers!


Hello, I just wanted to say hello and let you know I was thinking about you! I will be watching the game in the 'burgh this Sunday and I can't wait! WIN or LOSE! A win will make it sweeter but I love you guys either way! Good luck and I can't wait to see you guys!

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