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May 15, 2005




Can not wait to see you and the others at the QB Challenge. Glad to hear that you had a great time.

Vice nice pictures of Zeus. I am dog lover myself. I will say that Zeus is 2 1/2 years old.

Hope you had a great weekend,


Thank you for the great season Do You Attend a Baptist Church I Agree With The Person In Africa I Like Your Dog Do You Like Dalmations Or Greyhounds I Have A Dalmation What Kind Of Dog Is Zeus And For Everyone Else Who Read This Do Not Abuse Animals And Stay Close To The Lord GOD BLESS AMERICA Thanks Again Ben For The Great Season Hope You All Can Do It Again This Season And Take Your Team To The Super Bowl Say Hi To Jerome And Heath Miller And The Rest Of The Team And GOD BLESS

From Jacob,


Come To Wheeling West Virginia You Have A Lot Of Fans In This Small Town

From Jacob


Hello Agian I Am 13 Years Old I Think Zeus Is Any where From 4 Months To 2 1/2 What Was Your Favirate Sports Team And Player When You Were Growing Up


Thanks for sharing your experience with us at mini camp. The pictures of Zeus are great. Thank you. Just taking a guess about Zeus, I think he is almost a year. Somebody alread posted this, but really, if you did ever need somebody to watch your dog, let us know. I would be happy to watch him myself as well. :)

Take care and stay healthy! :)


Mike Sigers


I hope you did well and had a bog ol' time at the QB Challenge.

Pecan is better than apple.
Zeus is 6 months.

Shout out to Brett Berry @ Metro Pro-Mix in Louisville. He's the world's biggest Steelers fan !


Jen Klecan

Hey Ben!
It's good that all the new guys are coming along so well! I can't wait till this season starts! I'll definitely have to watch the qb challenge!
I love the pics of zeus, he's adorable! And I think the answer is that he is a year old.
~Jen Klecan~

erin gill

just had to thank you for saving pittsburgh football and also for coming to del's in bloomfield. i'm a waitress there and tried not to gawk too much but it was outrageously exciting. keep being awesome and stop in again sometime. thanks! erin


Hi ben,
I am glad the quarterback challenge went well. So now, I am back in the Burgh, where I finally get to hear more stories about you and what you were up to. I didnt even know that you started to ride a motorcycle until I saw the pics here. Im gonna guess and say that Zeus is 2 years old, and I have to say, he is a cutie.
A few questions. First, what breed is Zeus, or is that going to be another one of your questions. Also, since you are a christian, I was wondering what kind of christian music (if any) do you like to listen to. I am currently listening to FFH and Nicole Nordeman, although I like other kinds of music as well.
I also would like to let you know that I will be working at a home with at risk children. This is my internship that I will be working on here in McKeesport before I officially graduate from PSU. I can't wait until the season starts and I hope to get to see you for the preseason games.
Take care and God bless



I think Zeus is about 4.5 months old.



Hey Ben! Thanks for the updates, it's so great for the fans that you do that, and thanks for the pictures. Luv the shades on the bike picture you look fab :) Also, love the pics of Zeus, he is tooo cute. Glad to hear the QB challange was fun, sounds like you're living a dream, and I am so happy for you! You are living proof if you work for something hard enough it can be achieved. Don't want to wish the summer away but can't wait for the season to start again! Enjoy the break, take care and be safe.


PS Inquiring minds wanna know..... How are things w/Natalie? Hope all is well and you are happy :)

Rick Diamond

Hi Ben

When and where will the QB challenge air? Hope you beat the competition. Glad to know that our newcomers are more than ready for the fall season.

Dogs know who their masters are and when they're around. My last one would be looking out the window whenever we turned down the street, not yet in view. I'll bet Zeus probably announced your arrival to the rest of the kennel, too. I'll guess that he's 11 months.

FWIW, I grew up riding motorcycles w/Dad, and never gave it a second thought. The safety argument could be made about driving convertibles, but yet people still drive 'em. You're doing the wise thing by riding in groups, esp. in a major city like Pittsburgh. Sure you could ride after you retire, but why wait? God wants us to enjoy life--not fear it.

Take care, Ben. God Bless, and talk to ya soon.


Hi Ben,
I'm just going to guess Zeus is 7 months old. I have an English Mastiff who is turnning 1 in June. He is 153lbs. He loves attention. Oh and he broke my coffee table yesterday.LoL. He decided to go over it instead of going around it. Is that really your motorcycle? I think it's a sweet bike. Well I better go I've got to take my doggie out.

- Brandy :)


HI! Just wanted to say that your pictures were really great and your puppy is so cute~I am gonna guess he is 8 months old! I know this isn't a forum..but in your defense.....TO DISAPOINTED,Ben is always in the public eye do you really expect him to be friendly and speaking to every person he sees or who wants to speak to him, GET REAL DUDE!! He has a personal life as well and might wanna live that life sometimes without people getting in the middle of it all the time! Give him a break!

Sorry I know this isn't a forum but had to say that!
Good Luck this season!!
Beth, Fairfiled OH


Hey Ben! glad you enjoyed the QB Challenge. I can't wait until it's on so I can watch. I'm sure you can relate to our new TE being nervous. I'm sure you felt the same way last year at this time when you were in his position.

As for how old Zeus is, I'm gonna say he's 7 months old. I'm just guessing!


Great to hear from you Ben!


It's not you we worry about. It's other knuckleheads on the road that may not see you.


Brother,wear a helmet!!I`ve had too many friends die on bikes that I still wear mine,and I work at the Harley plant here in York,Pa. as a welder.I only wear a peanut shell,but I know of two lives that were saved by them,and they still look cool.I used to come to Pittsburgh and stay with Jon Witman when he played.His dad worked with me at Harley until he retired 2 years ago.So if you ever want to tour the factory where your bike was born,you have my email adress.I`ll set something up for you.


I think that Zeus is 6 months old. I am excited that you had fun at the QB challenge. I am a big fan of Byron, did you see him on The Battle of the Gridiron Star, he's funny. Thanks for the pics, Zues is a cutie.


Glad everything is going well for you in the off season. I see that you got a bike...there is a bike night in cranberry at the new primanti brothers my friends and I go each week (1/2 off all drinks from 9-11) you should come check it out one night.


Hey Ben! im going to say Zeus is about 5 months old.


Hey Ben,
Cool site. I never got to Thank You for signing my football when you were leaving the David Lettermen show. Your were sitting in the back of your limo and when you stopped at the light you rolled down the window and found the time to sign it. Thanks Again and Good luck on the up coming season.


Hey Ben!
First I just wanted to say thanks so much for these updates...They really mean a lot to us fans. Second...I love the pics of you and Zeus, they are so adorable!! I can't wait to catch the QB Challenge on tv, I'm sure you did GREAT! Ok...so I actually am really really hoping you read this and, if possible, can take a min to email me back. Here's the deal. My family and I currently live in Southern California (Dad is from Pittsburgh, HARDCORE fan) and are coming out there for the Steelers Training Camp. They already bought their tix for July 9-16 but we're not sure if those dates are correct! Do you know what the actual dates are? Cuz I have to request vacation from work and buy my plane tix!! :-) Anyway, it was worth a shot



Well I'm glad u had a good time at the QB chanllenge! And i really liked the pictures u put on here for us. But i was wondering if u could tell us when the forum will be back on? And for how old Zues is i have no idea so im gunna guess and say 6 1/2 months!



hey ben i was thinkin maybe Zues is about 9 months old or mayb 10??? lol


Yeah i also think you should park the Bike.. yeah its nice and yeah you look hot on it but we couldnt Risk you getting hurt. If you would we wouldnt have a GREAT Qb anymore:'( beuabyz
Dani ( again)

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