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May 15, 2005


M@ (matt)

OK, everyone knows the dangers of riding motorcycles... Here's my approach.
Ben, God intended you to live.
Live man, just live. Every day is a blessing and we don't want to live selfishly and without value to this life, but you love the feeling and experience of riding. It's not a sinful endeavor, so enjoy. Live life and praise God for all the majesty He's provided.
To all the fans.
No, I don't want the guy to get injured or killed and I don't ride myself... I just know that being passionate about something, even when it's dangerous is still a blessing. He's got a to live people, and live the way God made him to live.

God bless you all.




I enjoy reading your outlook on the team and find it ironic that you feel the new tight end was alittle nervous. I recall a young new quarterback during training camp acting generally the same way, and The Bus saying the same thing about him.

I can not wait to see the QB challenge. It is going to quite entertaining, and quite revealing as to how what teams have a chance against the Steelers this year.

I must say that the pictures turned out terrific.



Hey Ben!

I love the photos of Zeus! Hes so cute! He looks JUST like my friends rottie, Oz! Im gonna guess that Zeus is maybe 6 or 7 months? Im not sure, but its his 60 pounds, hes probably somewhere around there i would think.

Im glad the training camp is going well. I cant wait for the season to start. Were all counting down the days.

Have fun with Zeus!

Your Fan


Dude, Ben I LOVE watching the QB challange of corse you won Matt Hassellback is an old man! Is Zeus 4?

John-Original Fan-No Bandwagoner

Man, I can't wait to see the quarterback challenge now. You should've reminded those guys about the times during the season where you beat 'em to try and psych them out a little. You know, not that you'd even NEED to psych anyone out. Hope you won that thing man. I'm definitely sayin that Zeus is 6 months old. You need to have a huge birthday party for him in a few months. I'm talkin BIG time. A party worthy of Big Ben's name. ;)


he..Ben i wane say only hey to you and zeus..and have a great day when you get up later..not so stressfull...have fun..take care..love karin


hey ben and zues!
i wanna say hi to u guys. i have a half day in school today! tell zues i said hi. keep putting the pics up! could u email me one? i have a dog named domino and he is cute like zuess. i think zuess is 6 months.


Is Zeus 6/7 months?


Hey Ben! I just wanted to tell you that the pictures of you were excellent! Of course my favorite pic was the one with you on your Harley. You looked really good!! Also if you are not going to wear a helmet while riding your harley please be careful. Your life is to valuable and you can never be replaced. Also the pic with you and zeus were cute. I am going to guess that zeus is around 7 or 8 months. Hey do you no when training camp is open to the public? I would love to come watch the team! I can't wait till the season starts.


what's up? i can't wait to see the qb challenge on t.v.! i'm going to say that zeus is 6 months?!?!

Craig Snyder

Hey Ben,
It's nice to know that you had fun hangin' with the other QBs at the Challenge. I'll be sure to watch that and see how much you kicked the other guy's butts. I just wanted to thank you for the "suprise visit" on draft day to Heinz Field. I really look up to you a lot and hope you have a good season. Take care and GO STEELERS!!


Glad to hear you're doing so AWESOME! I'm still countin down the days til preseason starts!!! ANYHOW, I was just wondering if you would comment on this whole motorcycle business everyone keeps talking about. I caught a part of the news the other night and I saw Terry Bradshaw had a few words of advice for you...I know everyone is making a big deal about it and throwing their 2 cents in, but I just wanted to hear something from you on the issue.

Anyhow, keep up the good work!
Diana :-)


Hi Ben. I just checked out your web page ... It's really great that you keep in touch with fans this way. I was checking it out for my physically and mentally handicapped brother, Justin, who just happens to be the biggest Steelers fan in Wheeling, WV. Just before the New England game he was even interviewed by our local TV sports reporter, Mike Anthony, and on WTRF/7 Jan. 21 at 6 pm wearing your hat and jersey. He was as proud as punch to show off his Steelers bedroom! You won't find anything in there that isn't Steelers. Justin's favorite Steeler has always been Terry Bradshaw, but this year, you may have joined the ranks. He said you remind him of Bradshaw! Anyway, I know you probably get tons of requests, and this probably isn't the place to do it, but I have no idea how to get in touch with you, so this is my only route. Justin is turning 30 VERY SOON and we are having a big party for him. This is a huge milestone, considering he wasn't supposed to live past six months of age. Anyway, since we're fairly close to your home and work, I wondered if you ever do things like this. If you ever do, I would be thrilled if you could surprise Justin (who would be honored) and have you show up as a special guest at his party. Please feel free to email me back if you'd like more info on him, his condition, or his Steeler passion. If you don't do these types of things, I completely understand that also, like I said before, I'm sure you get tons of requests. Lastly, please know that whether or not you do these types of things, you're biggest fan will always be a young man sitting in his wheelchair in Wheeling, WV. Thanks so much for your time and keep up the great work. GO STEELERS!

Katie Z.

Hey Ben! It's great to hear you had an awesome time at the QB challenge. I know you probably did fantastic! As for Zeus's age...I'm gonna go with 6 months?


PS: If I calculated correctly, there's 117 days left till Steeler's regular season begins!!


Hey Ben! Well, I guessed earlier on how old Zeus was but after thinking about it I am going with 8 months. I am pretty sure you got him in October.


Hey Ben!

I wish I could see you play at Heinz but I can't get tickets. I live in Latrobe so I will definately be at camp.

Best of everything for you and the Steelers next season


Hey Ben...I will actually be in PA in a couple of weeks. On the 3rd to be exact. I know a friend of yours, so I can't wait to meet you !!


Hey Ben!
Just watched the news with Bradshaw ripping you apart for riding without a motorcyle. If I were you- I would ride it twice as much! Forget everyone else! You got that bike for you and who cares what others think. Everyone talks about how you have plently of time to ride later in life, but no one is gaurenteed tomorrow. Life today like it is your last- and if that means you want to ride your bike all day everyday - do it!
You are the only one that has to be you- so do whatever makes you happy. What you do on the field is everyones business, but what you do off the field is only yours!
Have fun! Live life and be who you are!


okay..so i am at work and i was typing fast above...
I meant to say is...riding without a helmet..not without a motorcyle!
Hahah sorry!


Hey Ben,
I am glad to hear that you had fun at the QB Challenge! I can not wait until the football season starts! I love watching you and the other guys play! I hope you enjoy your summer! It has actually been pretty nice in the burgh for a change! I am turning 21 this summer and can not wait! Maybe I will see you around in downtown! I am going to guess that Zeus is 10 months old! That pic of you and him is adorable! Anyways I love that you are keeping us updated! I hope all is well and take care!

God Bless,


All I know is people that are complaining about you riding without a helmet have never done it themseleves. There's no substitution for it, feels amazing... Rock that hog, maybe someday if I pass you on mine(VRod) I'll recognize you since you don't have the helmet on. I hope Fred and Heath turn out to be some weapons for you. Don't let Cowher turn Miller into another lineman either.


Hey Ben! This is the first time that I've commented on any of your blogs, even though I've read a couple of them. So since this is my first time, I wanna tell you that I just love you! I think you're a really great person (at least from what I've seen in your blogs and stuff.)And you are just too cute! Anyway. Well, I am definitely gonna watch that Quarterback Challenge, just for you (lol) because I know you did great! Oh and I saw those pics of Zeus, and he is really cute and sounds sweet! He sort of looks like my dog except mine is a Terrier mix. He looks like a Rot mixed with a German Shephard. But that's totally irrelevant and off-subject. Have a great day and be careful on your motorcycle. I hate that you ride without a helmet, but your bike is pretty sweet. ttyl hon.



Big Ben!! You are awesome. I just thought I would let you know that you got me in a lot of trouble because I traded in the orange and brown (life long Browns fan) for the black and gold. :-P


Dear Ben.... Marry me.

Crystal Milliern

Hi Ben!
I just had to write a little something in response to the question of the month, what kind of pie do you like?? Hmmm that's easy for me....cherry pie...tastes so good bring a tear to ya eye... sweet cherry pie!
Well on a serious note, it won't be long until we visit Pittsburgh, gotta see the kin folk! We are planning to go this summer, maybe catch a Pirate game, I really would like to come in the fall so I can catch a STEELER GAME!! WOO HOO!
Can't wait for another awsome season !
Well, to answer another question about a massage person.. all I can say is I should have gotten my license to do massage also when I became a hairstylist! It wouldn't be hard to be really good at massaging u!

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