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May 15, 2005




Mike Prilla

Ben you have given hope to the Steeler fans again and for that you will always have a special place in all Pittburghers hearts. However with great power and admiration great responsibility is also expected. Hearing about your lack of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is not setting a good example for the youth of Pittsburgh. My own Niece who does admire you a lot would not wear her helmet when riding her bike. Her reasons she gave were "Well, I am 16 and the law only requires a helmet when you are 12 or under" and "Ben Roethlisberger doesn't wear a helmet". That was 2 weeks ago when my mother my nieces Grandmother and I were trying to get her to wear a helmet. A week ago she fell off her bike and hit her head. She was not wearing a helmet. She is now in the ICU at Children's hospital in Pittsburgh. You are looked up to and admired by millions it is for them and yourself as well that you should wear your helmet. Today I will visit my Niece in ICU as I have everyday for a week and I will be bringing her a copy of "Fighting Back" by another Steeler Rocky Bleier to inspire her to recover as he did from his injuries suffered in Vietnam since she too is an athlete. Ben all of Pittsburgh wants you to return the Steelers to the skill and expertise and the level of moral and ethical values of the Steeler team of Rocky Bleier, Franco Harris, Stalworth, Bradshaw, Swan, Webster, Sweeney and the rest. You can do that based on your playing skills we all have confidence in that. However if you don't put on your helmet when you ride and set a positive example for the children of Pittsburgh and indeed all of the USA you will never measure up to Rocky Bleier or any of the great Steelers of the past. Please live up to the standard that the Steelers of the past set both on and off the playing field and put on your helmet. Not wearing your helmet is getting kids hurt so it is time you put it on.

Krissy Miller


Can't wait for the upcoming season. Its almost August. I love to see you in action. I vote you as SEXIEST QB in the NFL. I just ordered the coolest steeler charm braclet. There is this awesome ring I want to. Take care Ben and oh yeah I think Zeus is about 9months or 10. My Neighbor has a dog named Zeus that looks just like that.

#1 Fan Krissy


Hey Ben,

I heard that Whisenhunt is gonna prepare you to throw more this season. I think it's cool that you'll have 3 recvrs that are interchangeable.

Anywhoo, your dog is really cute. He's probably 7 months. Take care and Good Luck.


Steel Templar

The drive for 5 in 05'!
Let's do this Ben!


Hi Ben! I hate to bug you but is there any chance of you coming
to Rochester for the LPGA next week?


Hi Ben! I hate to bug you but is there any chance of you coming
to Rochester for the LPGA this week?
All my 9 year old wants is your autograph for christmas
Natalie going to get first win

miami parent

I was sorry to read about the death of your Grandfather. It's always hard to loose a loved one. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


I have admired the way you've conducted yourself on the field and been an example of a Godly athlete. It's inspiring to see you play and I hope you guys have a great season this year - thanks for giving the Steeler nation hope again - we've been alive and kicking but now every game is so exciting to be a part of. The Steelers enter living rooms all across the nation as welcomed guests, usually win or lose.

jessie zimmerman

Hi ben, I feel I'm your biggest fan. I paid X3's the normal for your jersey (since it was the best seller.) But my questions is do you think that if plaxico would have stayed around, it would have stunted your growth as a great NFL QB. It is well documented that you two improvised on some plays and the coaching staff didnt like it...but look at the results...the best steeler football i've seen since the days of kordell taking us to championships....Now lets just hope your not totally like kordell stewart and get us to the big game and blow it in the end....nice playoff run this year. Cant wait to see you when i travel from denver,co to houston, tx to watch you on our road to a championship.


Ben-great, great year. We wnet to all home games and trust me, it's a longdrive from Ohio.
Have tickets to the Miami game coming up Aug 20. Are you going to see much action in this game????
Here's to another good year in 2005!!!


so cool to see you have a site
wish i could go to a game
i think u rox
do great this year
i rlly want the steelers to win the superbowl
that would be awesome!!!!!
good luck

Ashley Greeley

Hi Ben,

you are a great,awesome qb.i am only 10 and i am a girl i played football for the little nippers and i was the 4 back. it was fun i wish i could be a football player for the steelers some day.also you guys are my favorite team for n.f.l. and i am located in the same state P.A i also hope i can watch you at the game down in pittsburgh.
thanks alot for your time ashley

Allison Coast

Hi Ben,

You are an awesome qb.I am going to play football next year for the Little Nippers.I would like to meet you sometime.The steelers team is my favorite team of all time.I got to go.You are awesome!!!!

Thank You.....Allison Coast Eldred, PA


YO Big Ben.How are you doing.I really like the Steelers.I want your jersey for Christmas.I have a lot of Steelers things.I hope you win your game on Monday night.YOU CAN DO IT.You are better than the Colts.I love you.BYE!


Hey Big Ben
You are the best player on the team. I want your jersey and the Mrs.roethlisberger shirt for christmas. I am your biggest fan. i love you and all the steelers. i want to thank you guys for playing your best and just knowing how great it is to have so many new friends to. i love your dog by the way. i have a dog to , her name is nikki she is german shepard beagle mix. well big ben you are the best.
Love Christina Calhoun


I am so happy you are probably going to start next week.We are going to break their winning streak. I wish you luck.

love ya,



You are the best! I wear your shirt as though it is a part of me! You will do great on Monday. With you as a part of the team, you can win!! You are hot stuff! I love you!



Let me know if you are single!!



mmm mmm good, just like this season!


Anthony Cataldo

your the best around. nothing's ever gonna keep ya down.

thought i'd quote that song from "the karate kid"

all kidding aside, i couldn't find anybody it applies to more than you.

jakoby ludwig

hey ben it is jakoby your best fan i hope i can see you somtime i wish i can your best fan jakoby


hope ur ok man.......we need ur drunk ass on the field......get well soon


Real good advice Jenn with that helmet thing. Got any advice for me?


Hope you're ok man. Get better and back in soon!!

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