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May 25, 2005


Kim McLaughlin

I bet you're a size 13 (yanno, size DOES matter!)

R U still looking for a massuesse (sp?)?? I'll volunteer if nobody else steps forward. Also available to walk your dog, give you,ahem, him a bath, etc.

In case you're wondering, I'm not a young Hottie, I'm a 35 year-old Sunday School teacher, but some say I'm the MILF of the neighborhood!!!!

God Bless,

Jen Klecan

hey ben!!!
I'm glad to hear that the team is going so well!!! I hope Alan and his wife have fun with their new baby when it comes! I will have a good Memorial Day weekend cuz it's my birthday today so I will be doing all the family stuff this weekend! Hope yours goes well too!
umm... I think the answer to your question is size 11...
Jen Klecan



My half b-day is June 8th!!! Also that is our last day of school.
I know my guess is stupid but for your shoe size I will say 10, 10 1/2, or 11
o well G2G

Chad Roethlisberger

Hey Ben. I am Chad Roethlisberger from Green Bay. We are waiting for you to come here to play against the Packers and are hoping to some how meet you in person. Oh and I was wondering if you got the letter that I sent you that had a picture of my sister and I with our sport jerseys with the Roethlisberger name on the back. I cant wait to go to the Packer game against the Steelers because I hope to see you in action at the game instead of on TV. We are hoping to here from you soon.
Good luck this year!!!!!!!!!!
Chad Roethlisberger

Cara Johnson

Hey Ben,

Just a guess to your shoe size question..umm..you're a big guy, so I'm guessing somewhere around 16?
Anyway..all is going well, glad to be out of school for a few days! :) Hope your Memorial Day weekend is great!

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Mike Sigers


Hope your golf game suffers and your QB victories pile up !

Bet you wear a size 17.


Hey Ben this is Sean again... Im guessing ur shoe size is a 14. Anyways, thats great man what im hearing about Heath... he seems like a great guy and will fit our Offense perferct. I'm lookin forward to the memorial day weekend as i will be workin at the marina. Maybe ill see u again just like at redfin!

mike graziosi

hey ben, glad to hear everything at practice is going well. waiting for another exciting season. you should listen to coach cower on the helmet issue. his words may save your life some day. well i guess your shoe size is a 13.5. you take care of heath and keep him com. later mike graziosi


Hiya Ben!,
Man it must feel great you have such a great target like Heath coming in after losing Plaxico! Is the weather good for football cause it's hot in Texas. Please don't get sick on the Sushi!!!!! Hope the Bus is doin' good. I also wonder if you have any Texas Tech players on your team?(it's my favorite college besides Miami GO REDHAWKS!) See ya later


hey Ben!! i think your shoe size is 13....i dunno why it just sounds like your number!! well anyways have a great memorial day & keep being great!!
love, Amanda

Marissa Reed

Hi Ben,
I'm going to guess size 14 cause that's our lucky number. I'm glad that you keep writing on here even though some people bug you. I hope you continue to do so. Happy early birthday to Zeus! Please tell him I said "woof" (that's hi in doggie). I feel like a stalker because I always post on here but I'm really not. Your blog is my source of daily entertainment. Check out mine if you want at http://huhwhadyasay.blogspot.com/ Warning: it's really boring (sorry). As always, Go Steelers and God Bless You!
:0) Marissa Reed and Forrest Smith

Brittany R.

I'm guessing you wear a size 13. Make sure to tell all the guys, "Good luck!"
I hope I get to come to Pittsburgh and meet you this season. I can't even begin to imagine my expression! (I've never seen anyone famous. Except on TV.)

Lindsay McGinnis

Hey Benjamin! I'm glad everythings going well. Hines Ward is definitely amazing at life. I need to meet him and you at the same time. That's like my dream.haha. Yeah I can't believe Alan Faneca's having a baby! He came to my school 8 years ago when i was in 1st grade for this hop for leukemia thing. My friend hopped with him.haha. Well keep up the good work at practice. I can't wait to come to the camp in the summer!!! Yeah I'll go along with everyone else and say that you wear a size 13.

<3 Lindsay



It's great to see that you're taking Heath under your wing. He seems like a great guy! My guess is that your shoe size is 15.

Have a great weekend.


Jeff Weneck

Hey Ben...Glad to hear that you and the team are doing well. I think you and Heath Miller are going to be a huge duo next year. I think its great how you take the time to connect with your fans. I don't know if you have ever heard of it, but I often visit the largest football forum on the internet (http://forums.about.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?nav=messages&webtag=ab-profootball) under the name 'PSYCHoWARD86'. There are a ton of knowledgeable fans there who talk non stop about everyone's favorite past time-football. I have a link to your website in my signature on the site. You should come visit the site just to say hello sometime. You may even learn a thing or two! haha Anyway..good luck with the rest of the offseason and keep workin hard. Later.

Mike Prilla

Ben you have given hope to the Steeler fans again and for that you will always have a special place in all Pittburghers hearts. However with great power and admiration great responsibility is also expected. Hearing about your lack of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is not setting a good example for the youth of Pittsburgh. My own Niece who does admire you a lot would not wear her helmet when riding her bike. Her reasons she gave were "Well, I am 16 and the law only requires a helmet when you are 12 or under" and "Ben Roethlisberger doesn't wear a helmet". That was 2 weeks ago when my mother my nieces Grandmother and I were trying to get her to wear a helmet. A week ago she fell off her bike and hit her head. She was not wearing a helmet. She is now in the ICU at Children's hospital in Pittsburgh. You are looked up to and admired by millions it is for them and yourself as well that you should wear your helmet. Today I will visit my Niece in ICU as I have everyday for a week and I will be bringing her a copy of "Fighting Back" by another Steeler Rocky Bleier to inspire her to recover as he did from his injuries suffered in Vietnam since she too is an athlete. Ben all of Pittsburgh wants you to return the Steelers to the skill and expertise and the level of moral and ethical values of the Steeler team of Rocky Bleier, Franco Harris, Stalworth, Bradshaw, Swan, Webster, Sweeney and the rest. You can do that based on your playing skills we all have confidence in that. However if you don't put on your helmet when you ride and set a positive example for the children of Pittsburgh and indeed all of the USA you will never measure up to Rocky Bleier or any of the great Steelers of the past. Please live up to the standard that the Steelers of the past set both on and off the playing field and put on your helmet. Not wearing your helmet is getting kids hurt so it is time you put it on.

John-Original Fan-No Bandwagoner

Of course Heinz cheated! Who could beat the almighty BEN???? Nobody thats who. Still waiting for that QB challenge dude. I've already told everyone you're in it and we've taken bets on whos gonna win (can you believe they would actually bet against you?). This is an original fan right here. No bandwagoner!

Shoe size, hmmmmmm. Shoe size is probably a 14. You know 14....give or take 5 sizes.



Just wanted to say hi and hope things are going well with you and the others. Everything here in New Kensington is going well I guess. I just great news from my sis like 2 days ago. I just found out I'm gonna be an Aunt in a couple months. I won't find out how long cause she is gonna be going to the doctors this Wed. coming up. I am so excited. I gotta question for you... Where is Nakoma *I spell it the sameway as you haha* at anyway? I heard of it and I wanna try it one day.

Well gonna go.. Let me know where that place is at.. Thanks!



it's good to hear that Heath Miller is turning some heads. I know it's a stupid ?
but don't you spell it Hines. I think. Anyway, I'm going to say you wear around a size 14 shoe.


Hey Ben,
Just writing to say my family and i are huge fans! i was in Iraq all of last season so i didnt ever get to see you perform but i watched some ESPN over there and seen some great highlights of what you did.. Im in the Marines and we all looked forward to every football game, i had your back all the way when guys were saying ahh.. hes a rookie he wont do good.. you proved them wrong. I know your busy but you should set up a myspace account on www.myspace.com sometime.. my name is MR SPUNKY look me up sometime if ya want.. well chat with you later.. tell all the guys that i said hi and thanks for making Sundays a great day!!

Joe (Corporal Andrews, USMC)


Hi Ben, We believe we know the exact answer, its a size 14. We have an inside clue. You gave my son your shoe at camp last year. He really thinks the world of you. You are his idol. He is being tested for his brown belt in Karate tonight. I know he gave you pictures at Circuit City. He hopes to be able to talk to you again and get the picture of you and him signed. (It is of him giving you the pictures at Circuit City and it was on the front page of the paper the next day) We will definetly be at camp this year. Hope to see you. Tylers Mom


Thanks for writing!! My cousin Alyssa here and she loves you just as much as i do and she says"HI." I think that you wear a 12 or 13.?!?!



Hey Ben...I would guess that you wear a size 12 shoe. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I'm still praying for you and the team...have a great day!
Christ my coach,

Rich C

Yo Ben,

Getting started with the new season is well on its way. Can you tell me, do you feel a difference in the overal attitude from players/coaches. Last year we were coming off a 6-10 record and this year 15-1. Are the guys looking like they know it may be just a few adjustments away from taken it to the top. Also, what's your take on this years O-Line compared to last years,


Rich C


Hey Ben,

This is the first time I read your blog and I have to say it is pretty interesting. You are pretty brave to actually post that you are looking for someone to massage you! (by the way i live on the south side and would be more than happy to help) The pictures of your dog are adorable. I really am writing to tell you thanks for taking Heath under your wing. It seems like part of the Steeler success is that it is a family atmosphere and a lot of teamwork and it is good for you to step up and continue that. Also if you go back to Nakoma you need to try the steak that they cook on the grill in front of you! The chefs are nuts and the food tastes so good. Enjoy your memorial day weekend!

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