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May 25, 2005



He Ben hope you had a good day today and a great week,i have free today but i must work tomorrow and i have so much work..but i have the time to think on you everytime and what you do and zeus..hope to see you sometime..love karin..i can't wait of your next comment..


Good luck to you and all the Steelers. What is your golf handicap? For your shoe size, I'm going to guess 12 1/2 Wide Width.


I became a Steelers fan because of you. You actually made me get Satellite so I could watch all the Steelers games. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I am glad you are such a good person, as well as being a great player.

I will be rooting for you when you come to Chicago.
Best of luck. Go Steelers!!!!


was doing my usual catching up with what has happened in the world overnight on msn.com. saw where there was a comment about a steeler. turned out to be you. guess you really know that you have made it to the big time, when you are causing a controversy. especially after being the "golden boy" last year. hahaha. hang in there, be true to yourself, and to God. if you do that, things will take care of themselves. plus, beyond that...who or what really matters?




You're tall so I'm gonna guess size 14...but that's just a wild guess!






Mike Prilla

To the person who replied to me. My neice is 16 years old. Her parents don't ride bikes with her anymore nor should you expect them to. And they did tell her to not ride her bike that day for the record. She did anyway. They did tell her to wear a helmet. She didn't. When you have a 16 year old daughter lets see how much control you have over her. She has been in the hospital for 14 days and is finally out. And there were compilcations. In any event my letter has today Friday June 3rd been published in the sports mailbag of the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette. Don't turn this around and blame my sister and her husband. I didn't blame your fallen hero Big Ben I just pointed out that he isn't acting very heroic and that its getting kids hurt. Its time for Big Ben and for you to both grow up. Put your helmet on and leave it on and stop complaining about it. Stop defending the indefensibile.


Hi Ben, if you're looking for a masseuse, I'm 24, just got back from working on a cruise ship and am looking to start new clients in the area...e-mail if you have any questions :-)
(I have a degree in body-work/ sports massage)




Once again, extremely sorry about your niece. But it really bothers me to know that at 16 years of age the girl looks to a single action of a football player and makes decisions based on that, rather than her parents who have been guiding her for over 16 years. I was 16 not too long ago, (now almost 21), and to use the "I'm not wearing a helmet b/c Ben Roethlisberger doesn't wear a helmet" excuse seems rather petty to me. And one final point to think about...If your niece heard about the Ben news regarding the helmet, she would (I would have to assume)know that it was all brought up in response to the Kellen Winslow injury. I would have hoped she could take enough from that unfortunate experience before making the comparison to how Ben doesn't wear a helmet.

Best wishes. Go Steelers.

Mike Prilla

You mean this guy?


Yea well its time that Big Ben was fined for breaking his contract.

I hear Big Ben's hero is Spc. Pat Tillman a Ranger who gave up millions to join the army who was killed in Afghanistan. Guess what Pat Tillman was wearing his helmet. Hero's wear Helmets Dummy's don't. It's that simple. If you can't see that then I feel sorry for you and everyone around you who has to stop you from doing things that are self destructive and childish. Big Ben might not think he is a role model and he might not want to be one well too bad. He is one and its time he grew up and acted like one. And its time you too grew up and told Big Ben to act like one too. This is Pittsburgh we don't have arrogant self centered sports hero's here. We have Rocky Bleier's and Roberto Clemente's here. If you play sports on any team here you had better live up to the standard. It's time Big Ben lived up to the standard. We throw out broken clocks in this city. Barry Bond's is a good player a great player even. But he is gone and the reason is obvious to all. He didn't live up to the standard set in Pittsburgh sports off the field. You obviously don't have a 16 year old kid or you wouldn't be talking like you are. Grow up and be real. And stop supporting the wrong position.


My name is Amanda and I am with the 1/104 aviation family support group based out of Johnstown PA. Right now we have people in Kosovo, with another group leaving within the year. I know that you get a lot of flak about riding a motorcycle but i would like to know if you would be interested in riding in our Poker Run for the troops. Please email me back if you would be interested.




i think you shoe size is about 11-11 1\2. but hey. i have watched and followed you through your career. you have brought this team out of the bottom of the whole and now you have made yourself a name and a home. congrats.i have been wanting to play FOOTBALL ever since i was a little girl and it has been my dream to do so. but only God knows if i ever do.
much love in christ

Chad Roethlisberger


Having the Roethlisberger name here in Green Bay sure makes some heads turn. When playing hockey this season I can't count the number of times that people asked me or my sister if we are related to Ben. Just the other day the clerk at the shoe store asked. Though we prounounce it RAY-th-lis-berger, my dad's friend at the 4 letter network gets confused when he has to do highlights!

Keep up the good work so I can keep being even more proud of our name.

See you in October @ Lambeau! I get to watch my favorite two QB's in action. Hopefully we get a chance to meet.


I am ashamed that someone (not to mention an ADULT) would put such a
disrespectful and filthy article on here. I sympathized with Mike Prilla when his neice got hurt but
I don't agree with everything he says on here. If it is possibile
you should delete that article he put on here about Kellen Windslow.
Mr. Prilla keeps saying that you need to be an example to the kids and what's he doing?? HE'S putting FILTHY articles on here for kids to read! HE'S teaching kids to disrespcet their elders (and their heros). I don't know what anyone else on here thinks but I don't think kids (including ME) need to be reading things like that! I'm sorry if this offends you Mr.Prilla but I want to let you know that I don't take back anything I've said. I am sorry to contradict an adult, but I want you to know Ben, what I think. I know you want this to be a place where kids can come and just have a little fun and I want that too. Once again, I'm sorry if I've spoken out of turn and I hope I haven't said anything to upset you.


Hey Ben! I'm glad to hear the team is doing well. I think the best news of the offseason was that the Bus has decided to come back. I know how happy that made the fans. I can only imagine how happy it made you. I hope everything is okay with Alan Faneca & his wife & their baby. Hopefully, they'll have a happy & healthy baby to welcome into the Steeler family. Hope you had fun playing In Hines Ward's golf tournament. Since it was his tournament, I can pretty much guess who won! But I'm sure you gave him a run for his money. I can't wait for this upcoming season. I truly believe that with you taking the snaps & with Hines staying & with the Bus coming back, this is the year we get the one for the thumb.

As for your shoe size, I'll say you wear a size 12 shoe. I'm totally guessing here.

God Bless You Ben! Stay Safe!


Mike Prilla

I didn't bring up Kellen Windslow first or didn't you notice that. As to the filth much of it is direct quotations of Kellen Windslow so get over it and get over yourself. You just don't like anyone pointing out that Big Ben and Kellen Windslow are both setting bad examples for kids. Filth or not both fall equally short of what a true hero is and should be. Neither is a Clemente or Bleier. And we expect Clemente's and Bleier's in this city.


Hey Ben-
I'm glad training camp is going well...it has been long since I checked up on the team...I was in Italy the past semester for school...it was an amazing time...it's funny you talked about your first sushi experience because I just recently had mine as well...Nakoma is definitely a good place for it...Another thing that is interesting is that you talked about Marc Bulgers golf outing...how did you like playing at Oakmont...I've played there before and its an amazing course...maybe we can play a round together one day...haha...well hope everything else goes well...hope to hear from you...


14 1/2


Hi Ben
Hope every thing is going well with you.
Well I wil guss your shoe size is a 13.
Cant wait till the season starts.
Have a great week.
God bless you Charlene


Hey Ben!
I am still wondering if I would be able to send you my jersey (actually its yours) so that you could autograph it. I am definetely willing to pay for the shipping or anything else that you might need! Again thanks! This will be my birthday present to me, which you helped to complete. Thanks!


We got to see you Sunday in Greensburg? What kind of chopper is that you have?


Ben.. Win a Super Bowl for us young guys. I am tired of hearing about the Steelers of the 70's!!!

Go get them Ben!


Ben.. Win a Super Bowl for us young guys. I am tired of hearing about the Steelers of the 70's!!!

Go get them Ben!


Hey Ben..hope you and zeus are staying well..i think you very busy but i'm so exited of your new comment...take care big ben...i think on you really..see yaaaa ...have a great day..big kisses from germany

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