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May 25, 2005



Oh I also forgot... I bet you are a size 15. Not too big but definitely big enough :)

Des B

I bet your a size 16. My dogs name is Zeus too. Happy Birthday to your dog.


Hey Ben,

Glad to here practice is going well. I saw Terry Bradshaw at a golf tour yesterday. I told him to cut you some slack on the motorcycle issue. I live in Memphis so maybe next year you can come play in the tour. it is for St Jude so it is a great cause. Anyway hope you and your family are doing well Stay heathy and safe and have a great holiday weekend.

Go Steelers

Memphis TN

Rick Diamond

Hi there Ben

Glad to hear that practices are going well. Football is due for another team to have a several-year dominance. And nobody deserves it better than you and the Steelers!!

Give a shout-out to Alan; let him know he does have our support. As for the golf touneys, you were just bein' a nice guy to let 'em win. Next time, you'll stomp him--lol.

Be safe this weekend; if you're on the highway, watch out for state troopers. They know one sometimes must go 75-80 mph just to keep up w/the traffic, and they don't show mercy. Be alert for other drivers as well, esp. where there's 3 or 4 lanes in each direction.

God bless, Take Care, and my guess for the question: size 15.





hey ben..
im thinking that you wear maybe a 12 or 12.. mayb 14.. lol

Chad Roethlisberger

Hey Ben

Hi Ben I am in Communication Arts class right now in the computer lab for free computer time. Just waiting for you to come play the Packers. Hope to see you soon.

ps Are you coming up for the 4th

Say hi to Zeus.

Chad Roethlisberger

Hey Ben

Hi Ben I am in Communication Arts class right now in the computer lab for free computer time. Just waiting for you to come play the Packers. Hope to see you soon.

ps Are you coming up for the 4th

Say hi to Zeus.

Samantha C.

Hey Ben!

I am glad to hear from you again and I hope you are doing well. Thank you for putting the forum back up! Well I think the answer to your question is you wear a size 10 or 11?? Well, hopefully I'll talk to ya soon and tell Zeus I said hey! Have a great day! Go Steelers!

P.S. I will keep Alan and his family in my prayers!


Hey Ben, I live down near Philly. I have tons of aunts and uncles that would love to have an autograph of your's. They've been talking about getting an autograph of your's since you entered the NFL and I'd love to get them something autographed. I'm only 15, and not making too much money so I'm practically broke. I was wondering if we could possibly get in contact through e-mail and talk some more about this. If so, thanks!

Shoe size: I'm guessing a 14.


i say 12 or 13

Eddie Shore

Hi Ben, I'm glad to see you are doing well. Don't feel too bad, I probably can't golf well even if I cheat, LOL.

Please give my blessings to Alan and his family. And the same to you and Zeus as well.

Regarding the helmet issue: I am from California where there is a helmet law. If there wasn't one, I bet a lot of motorcycle riders would not wear one. I would take seeing someone riding helmet-less than someone driving drunk.

The shoe size: and this is a really a guess, 14.



As a United Methodist pastor, I echo the words of the person who said that you are setting a bad example for young people by not wearing a helmet.

Besides, it's just not safe, no matter what you think. I believe you when you say that you don't take any unnecessary chances. That would be a pretty good approach, if everyone other driver on the road did the same. I can guarantee you that there will be some who won't. All it would take would be one careless person and your career, or even your life, could be over. I know you trust yourself, but do you really want to trust thousands of strangers with your life?

You seem to have a pretty good head on your shoulders, even if it is getting a little swelled from all of the attention and money you're getting these days. For the sake of the kids, and for yourself, please consider protecting that head, Ben.


Hey Ben...

Shoe size? 16...

Thanks for the blurb on Nakoma... I plan on taking my friend from Philly there when she comes in for July 4th... :) Always good to hear what others think.

Take care... Jenn


hey Ben...i'm so happy to here from you..and that your time was good...hope you had not so hard train today...i was finish with work..we had so a hot day today and i'm happy that i can go swiming now...it's the last homegame for the galaxy and i hope she win it was not so a good sesong this year but the guys was great...but now i'm looking forward for the nfl..for you and the steelers..i think yours will have a great sesong...and i can't wait to see you in september..my best wishes for you and all your teammates...yours great...go steelers...a great weekend for you and zeus..give him a big kiss from me...take care big ben...i think on you...you like sushi...i'm too..and your show size i think is 14,15 or 16...big feets..hmmm..love karin


hey ben... i hope that you have a nice weekend!!! oh and you wear a size 15 shoe!!! ttyl <3 Nikki


Hey, Kim McLaughlin -

I think he said he was looking for a masseuse, not a whore.


Wow! I hope Faneca and his family stay in health and that there are no complications with his wife's birth, whenever that glorious event is to occur! And I think that is cool that you and Heinz had a golfing excursion and both of you are really cute and I love you both so I hope that there aren't going to be any fueds after your golfing...I know there probably won't be! But I hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend and I would have to say you wear a size 15 shoe...just my guess!
Love ya


dear ben

Ben ive looked over your blogs and your first one was in april of 04 and it seemed that you were soooo nervous and i think that you are giving the support that new players need because you were in their shoes 1 year ago. sooo when you said that heath and you went to Nakama for sushi, I think thats pretty cool, showing the new rookie around his new home awww :) but ummmm i think thats sweet and nice of you since i dont hear of anyone else showing him around. You and him are around the same age except your older than him but you guys got something in common, you both know what it feels like to be new, and nervous. ok a question for you since your always asking us the questions, why do you think heinz cheated lol? i know you said that he isnt that good but you never know maybe he practiced realllly hard for the event of whooping some butt lol hehehehe. anyways i know you see alot of entries sooo i guess what im trying to say is that your really not going to fully read mine but hey ya never know right. ohhh oh ok one more question, do you ever meet anyone that doesnt hang around you just becuase your this cute football player? it could be a guy or lady that wants to get to know you for you and know that there is more to you then football? although to tell you the truth if i seen you i know that i would blush and smile and say hi lol, but you know if i had the chance too see you i would be my self because all i can be is me, sooo i hope one day i get to meet you, even though i know you got a girl friend, just to let you know i respect that:) anyways im going to go because i have work sooo have a good evening. bye ben

ps what is my favorite pie lol? you dont have to answer that.



First i would like to guess the question and i think u wear a size 13 1/2. Thats just a guess! But im glad to hear that practice is going well and its great to hear that the bus is back!!! well i have to go bye Ben!

Jessica Rhodes


I love the fact the you have a blog on here. Really looking forward to the season to start now that I have a big screen to watch you guys on!! If you ever decide to take a trip to Myrtle Beach, be sure to email me. My boyfriend and I are huuuuuuuge fans of you and your team!!! It would definitely be a joy to have you in Myrtle Beach before the season. By the way, Duce is down here this weekend for Black Bike Week...if traffic wasn't a "b" I would go out and see him, oh well. I'm sure he will tell you all about it. Look forward to hearing more on how you are doing! You know who to get at for the official Myrtle Beach VIP hook-up!!! There are thousands of people down here that would love to see you...and a lil bar called Oscars that has a cold IC Light and some Mancini's bread ready just for you!
-Jessica Rhodes & Chad Gunion


He ben it me again..i forget to say my special thinkings and best wishes for your teammate alan faneca and his family..we had a great day here very hot and sunny..tonight i go in the club for to meet the galaxy the last time and you so right don't drink and drive..i will think on this...have a great weekend..my thinkings with you..oh and have you finde a new masseuse ? i come in september..yours karin


Aloha, from Hawaii.... Thanks for sharing bits of your life with your many fans out here....

Last season was fantastic (except for the last game) and this coming season will be even better... I am looking forward to seeing you play in the ProBowl next year, and in many future ProBowls down the road....

I would like to add my voice re: the helmet issue..... Please wear one when you are on the open road.... I know that you can handle, but you have to worry about the other boneheads that are out there on the highway with you... Just a grandma's opinion, but I have seen too many bad results from even bicycle accidents with unprotected heads....

And I think that you wear Size 14 shoes...



Hey Ben..
you may recall that i have written to you before about not caring about what people say about wearing your helmet when you ride your bike.
That changed today.
I guess Karma caught up with me.
My dad was killed in a motorcyle accident. He hit a bump in the road and lost control.
He died on impact.
He wasnt wearing a helmet...and so we cant even have an open casket.
I will never get to see my fathers face again and that hurts like you wouldnt believe. I dont know why i m telling you this...just want you to know that it can happen in the blink of an eye. And coming from someone that supported you and told you to listen to your heart...like my dad did....i hope this means more to you than others judging you.
I am sorry to beat an old issue up..and i am sure you are tired of hearing it. Just want you to know that if anything does happen - it will be your family left to live with the decision you made, not you. I wonder how i could let him ride without a helmet...maybe he would still be here... I think that if I would have asked him to put it on- he would of- and i know that. But i cant ask him..so I am asking you.


whats up ben. football will be back soon. im starting to get the fevor. it would be great to have another season like last year. its amazing to think of all the acomplishments the team has made over the years. im a cower believer and one of these days you will stick the superbowl trophie over your head. i can feel it. well just a few words and keep that cower power in your heart. i believe in you all. God bless , stay safe . mike graziosi.

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