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September 23, 2005



Ben, what are the odds of Mr. Willie Parker being named the starter for the rest of the year. Don't get me wrong, I'm not selling Bettis or Staley out, but I think its time for the Steelers to start looking at who gives our beloved steelers the best chance to win. Bettis is great for a couple of yards, but lets be real, the Bus is running on fumes and gas prices are way to high. We havn't seen a running back like this since the days of Bam Morris or the greatest running back to ever lace them up, Barry Foster.


Ben, Love what you're doing with the steelers. I haven't seen a leader like you since Greg Lloyd was killin folks in the mid 90's. I do worry about one thing though. It seems the Steelers have a pension for making great players that were less than all stars comming out of college. Some of these players in turn sell their souls and look for the money and the lime-light somewhere else and end up mowing my yard. No offense Chad Brown. Don't let it happen to you Benjamin.


Good luck on Sunday Ben! I can't wait to see you play! I just know you'll do well! I think you'll be able to here me cheer from all the other here, in Ohio. Only everyone in my school knows I'm a Steelers fan. I can't wait for the time I'll be living back in Pittsburgh and able to see you play in person!


Nice to see you back on. I like the hair. I hope you beat the Pats. till next time GO STEELERS!!!


Hey Ben! I'm away at college now (University of Florida) and my grandparents from Pittsburgh send me the sports section from the Post Gazette every week! I have a nice picture of you with your finger to the sky after the win against Tennessee. Its on my refrigerator. Ahh it gives me goosebumps...the potential is so great! I am home for the weekend and looking forward to watching the Patriots game with my family. I know you guys will be amazing as usual. Keep up the great work and thanks for writing!


hey ben
i love u so much and you are one of my all time fav. steeler player. i really want to meet u some day bc i think that you are the greatest. well i think that is great that you get to start again in your second year. im looking forward to more wins by you and the steelers. GOOD LUCK AND GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is soo awesome that you take time to update this for us fans! I wish you much luck for Sunday's game! God be with you!



This is soo awesome that you take time to update this for us fans! I wish you much luck for Sunday's game! God be with you!


dumb butt

ben u rok! i promise 2 watch every game that is televised!


I like your hair long. Keep growing it. Maybe you'll catch up to Troy. :) No im kidding(even though troy does have great hair). But keep the shaggy look. It looks good.


Hey, Ben! Website looks great! Good luck on Sunday...I'm actually going to get to see you guys play, and I can't wait. (We don't get many Steelers games here in Ithaca, as you can probably tell). Go get `em!

Dan T.

What sophmore jinx? HAHAHA to all of u who predicted Bens downfall. THIS GUY IS 4 REAL!!!


Hey Ben!!! First time visitor, I love the website! I just wanted to say hey and good luck on Sunday. I'm down here in North Carolina, so the games aren't always televised down here, but I do get to see Sunday's game. I've been a Steelers fan for a number of years and I am glad to have you on our team! God bless!


Ben, you are so sexy, I understand why some men would want to impersonate you to meet women. Anyway, we all know that you will do great this entire season. We have such high expectations for you, because we know you are so talented and can perform up to those expectations. I love you guys so much that I am flying in from UCSB just see at least one game at Heinz Field this season!


Thnaks for updating again! I bet you'll have another great year. The first two games have been great. Finish up what the Panthers started last week and make the Patriot lose 2 in a row!

Lots of luck this weekend! I'll be cheering for you in the Carolinas!


Ben, Good luck tomorrow and with the rest of the season. I just discovered this blog and I love it!

Love, a lifelong Steelers fan and a Miami U. alum. :)


Go get em Ben



Thanks for posting. Good luck to you this Sunday. I can't imagine the pressure people put on you. I hope that you LOVE the game, because we LOVE watching you play. And the rest of the team as well. Most importantly.... have fun!



I am so glad you're back Ben! Not just your website & blog (love hearing from you) but also in the game! I wasn't worried during preseason because I knew you guys were trying out new stuff and I had faith that everything would work itself out by gameday, and I was right!! Kick some Patriot butt this weekend!!


As you know this is a HUGE game this week! The Patiots are good but I think you guys are better. Stay focused and take it to them!
Be safe and best of luck to you and the rest of the team.


What are you British? "Mourning"? Maybe you're mourning something. It's "morning" Big Biz.


Good luck to you and your team on this season, Ben.


Hi Ben, thanks for the update on your blog, it’s always nice hearing from you! Aww, no question this time around?? lol Good luck to you and the rest of the team tomorrow. Just do your best, that’s all you can do, and that’s all anyone can ever ask. Go out there have fun, be safe, and beat those Patriots!!



can't wait until sunday!! you're gonna do great and we're gonna beat them

Love ya,

Tiffany Blackburn

Hey Ben,
Glad to hear from you...I will definitely be watching you on sunday! I will be watching you while I'm at work on sunday. I'll be serving people drinks while I'm watching you win. I'm still waiting for an answer on your question that I asked you....but maybe you forgot. So I asked what your favorite meal is that you like someone to cook for you. I'm a pretty decent cook, so maybe I can make you dinner someday. Anyway...good luck on sunday! Talk to you soon!

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