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October 24, 2005



Hey Ben,
Well the Monday Night Game was definitely an exciting nailbiter and was definitely worth me freezing my butt off out there. You did a good job. I knew you were hurt when I saw you limping out there on a few plays. I'm glad its not serious! Rest this week and get yourself ready for Sunday vs Green Bay! Steeler fans are counting on you everywhere. Don't let us down!!! Get better!!

Love ya,


P.S. Post some pics of your new look. Its definitely hot!!!

Lori Wegner Hunt

Hello Ben,

I have been a Steeler fan(atic) for many years now and I am so happy that I can talk to you (and your teammates and coaches) through your website! Thank you so much for having one and THANK YOU SO MUCH for becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler! I think its great that you love seeing those 60,000 terrible towels in the crowd, because I really love seeing you out there on that field!

I live in Michigan, but watch every game faithfully(NFL Sunday Ticket--great idea!!) and have been to a couple games. My brother and I went to the AFC Championship game in January this year. We were a couple of those terrible towels cheering you guys on! Did you see us? I was in the black #7 jersey, my brother in black #43. lol

It was sad when we lost, but it was so great just to be there and to be surrounded by so many people who still love their team--win or lose. And I do love you guys. What a season! Awesome job!!

It's hard to pick favorite players on such a talented team, where you all have team spirit, but you are my favorite QB in the NFL--I've think you've even replaced TB--that comment he made about Dallas and Superbowl XXX put him on my bad list for a couple years...

I think it's great that you guys love your fans as much as we love you! Yes, you do have fans all over the country and we try to be at all the games we can be. My brother, hubby, and I will be at the game in Cleveland on Christmas Eve and I can't wait to see you guys that day! We're about as high in the stands as we can be, but I'll be there jumping and yelling and cheering for you. (Just like I am at home on every other game day!)

I was so happy to see Heath catch a couple TD's on Monday's game. He's a great player and his TD's are just as exciting to me even if he doesn't have a dance yet--please tell him that for me? 6 points is 6 points :) Also, I love the Bus and wish I lived in Pittsburgh so I could have seen more than just one of his shows--or even have been to one!

I also love Troy and Jerame (Wolverine, you know) and Larry and Alan and, and, and all of you guys. Ben, you're awesome and thanks so much for being down to earth and letting us chat with you.

I'm going to tear myself away now, and I hope you really do get a chance to read all these comments. If you can't because you need to study the game, then I understand completely! Study! Win! Go Steelers! See you next Sunday! Go easy on Brett--he's a great guy--just don't let him score more points than us!!


Hi Ben,

just wanted to say Hi again and wish you well for sundays game in GB....I am a married woman but I had a dream after mondays game that you and I were playing a game of football together!!! You are to hot...Big Ben # 7 is NO 1!!!!

George Darr

How's your leg healing? Are you going to play GreenBay? I would like to have an autographed Picture of you, how do I go about getting one? thanks


Ben, <3 I'm prolly the BIGGEST Steelers fan ever and I pretty much know everything there is to know about the Steelers ( past and present) I feel so lucky to be able to talk to you!! Wow, You are so wonderful and ofcourse the whole team is as well :) I live in Lancaster, PA but I want to go to University of Pitt and then live there after I graduate so I can come to EVERY game!! I'm on the waiting list for season tickets :)YOU ARE THE BEST! I would just die if I could ever meet you, I'm coming to the game Nov. 20th at Baltimore and i'm so excited to see you guys kick their butt. (Especially Terrell Suggs!) I hope your knee gets better and the surgery goes well!
I have the biggest crush on you EVER...I read that you and your girlfriend broke up =) is that true?

Love, Valerie

Barb Garner

Dear Ben, Must tell you a funny story...my grandson is 2 1/2 and loves all sports, especially football. We were in Pizza Hut and the piped in music came on with a live song...started with cheering. As soon as he heard the cheering his hands went up in the air and he yelled, "TOUCHDOWN!" Love the Steelers and the wonderful job you are doing for the team. Sincerely hope your knee surgery recovery goes well. I have a very pretty, fun, intelligent daughter who is 22 and if you would like me to send a picture of her, let me know! Take care of yourself! Barb


Hey Ben,
Its a real honor to watch you play. I've been a steelers fan for 20 years and in that time we haven't had a real true leader at QB. You mean so much to the team and your gutsy play motivates them and it shows. Hopefully the team will pull together and back up Charlie this week. YOU are the heart and soul of the Steeler Nation and I'll continue to pull for you and wear my #7 jersey each Sunday. Get well soon bro because we'll need you when we play in Detroit for SuperBowl XL!



Ben (and the Steelers in general),
My family and I are never as close as we are during Steelers' football season. My parents still live in the 'burgh but my sister and I are now living in West Virginia and New Jersey respectively. My Mom is a COMPLETE Steelers fanatic (not psycho....but just a die hard fan) and my Dad just sits there and laughs at her enthusiasm.
I talk to my parents often throughout the year,....but NEVER as much as I do on Sundays and Mondays during football season. I can always count on at least three phone calls from Mom during a game (with various chants like "Go BUS!", or "YEAH BIG BEN!"....emanating from the phone).
It's an amazing energy that you guys create and an even more amazing connection that you help to create between family, friends & even strangers.
My whole family loves you and wishes you a speedy recovery from your surgery. For now, we expect to see you smiling and screaming from the sidelines....because we're going to be screaming just as loud as usual ...over the phone. Keep doing what you do! Thanks for playing for us and helping to bring our family closer! (and tell Bettis to take care of himself b/c we LOVE to see him smile too and we need him to be healthy!) GO STEELERS!!!!



Hey Ben! Just wanted to wish you a fast recovery from your surgery! I'll be at the game in Baltimore on November 20th and I can't wait to see you out on the field!


I had the same surgery 10 years ago. Recovery will be a breeze!

Joanna Albaugh

Ben, thanks so much for the pics from Bengal land. I always feel like I am at the away games and the pics really helped. I get to most of the games and usuallly sit in the bleachers in the end zone. I have been following the steelers a long time. I really believe we have a very special team. I think you made the right decision with your knee, it is better to be out a couple of games rather than the whole season. I also think it is a great chance for charlie. IF he can have 2 good games that really gives you a chance to heal. You have brought such life to this team and I thank you for that. I live and breathe steeler football. That monday night game was great, but I do not know how many more nailbiters I can take! I had to go to work on 3 hours sleep, but it was worth it. Your are in my thoughts and prayers. Go Steelers! Take Care, Joanna


Dear Ben, I just recently read about your knee surgery and I know how painful it can be. Over the summer I had both of my inner growth plates stapled on the inner part of my knees, ever since i was in 5th grade I have had knee problems. Everytime I would try to run or do an activity my knee caps would dislocate. Now that im 14 they were able to do a major knee surgery so it wont happen anymore. I hope you feel better very soon and I hope to see you on the feild in very soon.
Sincerly Amanda Felix

P.S. I think Zeus is very very cute!

cayla vanhoose

hey, you're the coolest guy ever! and you are my favorite player in the world.


hi, i just found this by checking the pgh webbloggers. truthfully, i know next to nothing about football, but i was curious and when i clicked on i saw your dog. that did it for me. i like all the rotties i've ever met and yours looks like a doll. me, i have boxers. i hope your leg heals. my kid's a phyical therapist and so i know how you have to work to get better. hope you do well.

Amanda Ward

GRRRRRR-EAT WIN OVER GREEN BAY!!!! I am sorry you did not get to play but we still LOVE YOU!! I was a bit worried about batch. but he pulled it off!!

Ben Lamont

Nice name Ben,


Donna Chopcinski

Ben, I became a Steelers fan when the Browns left Cleveland and you all offered to let us become your fans till we got a team back. I never went back!! I did, however, marry a Browns fan. We get alot of looks when we wear our jerseys and are out and about! But its all in good fun. I had knee surgery myself last yr and I know its not fun! Take your time! Hope to see you train at camp next yr. My kids are fans too!! Take care, honey. xoxo Donna

Jim King

Hey Ben,I hope you are the one to throw the pass to Hines Ward to break the record,and put Hines in with the great Steeler receivers.


Thanks for making me so popular as a teacher. Kids go nuts when they find out I went to Miami---home of Big Ben!!

Moose Pierce

Great to hear you're listening to Trainers and Dr's there... Can't wait until you're back on the field with re-match of Ravens next week. Your Leadership, your field presence, and your positive energy is needed. Welcome Back.

Jennifer R.

Hey,Ben! I'm looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the guys play at Heinz Field. The opportunity hasn't presented itself yet, but I'm working on it. :) Take care!


I hope that you are feeling better and will be back in the game soon! Take care! Your # 1 fan in North Carolina!

Jim M

Hey Ben!

First of all, thanks for being a Steeler, and giving 110% each week. Also thanks for this Blog! Great idea! This is my first time writing. Hope your injury heals and you get to play this week vs. the Ravens. I almost depise the Ravens as much as the Brownies!

I've been recovering from a fairly bad central spinal cord injury from a self-inflicted car accident, for about 8 months now, so just remember, things could always be worse. Hope you learned something from this experience. These difficult times when you're injured and can't get in the game, will make you that much better when you do get back in there. You'll make us proud Ben! We know you can do it! Help return an old (middle-aged) Steeler fan re-live glory days again!

Ijahni (class color?)

keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp upppppp the great work!!!!!! and u rocked the bengels!!!!!!!!!!

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