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October 27, 2005



Hey Ben! Zeus is such a cutie! Thanks for the picture. How old is he now??

Good luck Monday, by the way!


Awww... that is so cute! hey.. great to see that you're better and back in the game.. we all missed ya. Good luck in Mondays night game... I am sure you guys will do GREAT as always. Love ya Ben!


Your dog is awesome. I love Rottweilers. I like the pumpkin!!!


Ben, Thanks to you and the guys for a great game on sunday!Seems like I have been a Steeler fan forever....I have been to one game a year for the past 10yrs... I have watched Terry, clift(stout remember him?)Kordell and Tommy qb for the team...and now at last on November 13th I will be able to see you qb......I'm so excited!! I Live in Chesapeake Va (Darren's home town)I just want you to know how thankful we are to have you as our qb! You know things happen for a reason.......I think most of the Steeler Fans were praying for a good qb anddddddd we got our answer when the Giant's took Rivers in the 4th round:)Ok Ok I have talked your ear off......see you November 13th May God Bless


Hey Ben!
This is my first time posting a comment. Zeus is awesome! I love dogs. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Steelers' win over the Bengals this past week. I grew up about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, but have been living in Cincinnati for the past 7 years. All of my friends know that I'm a big Steelers fan and let me tell you, I was on the receiving end of so much "smack-talk" for the whole week leading up to the game. But I just smiled and said "we'll see." Monday and Tuesday were great because I didn't have to say a word. They just all knew they were eating crow. It was fantastic!
I also have a great story about a local kid here who won the "Take an NFL player to school" contest, but I'll save it for my next post because it's a little long.
I don't know if you ever have time to write individual emails to us, but feel free.
Last thing is, thank you so much for playing football for all the right reasons.
God Bless.


I've never known a dog that could carve his own name into a pumpkin. How did it take to train him to do that? lol.


I've never known a dog that could carve his own name into a pumpkin. How did it take to train him to do that?


Sweet dog!

I've got a Rott (Goliath)--he'll be 5 this December. Does Zeus enjoy this time of year? My dog likes the change in the weather--he tears around the yard like mad.
Good luck on Monday!


Hi Ben!
Great pic of Zeus, and nice pumpkin! I'm debating if I should dress my dog Heidi up again this year lol. She was a witch last year, and hated it lol. I don't think I'll humiliate her again like that. She's a 9 year old Cairn Terrier. Anywho, happy halloween, and good luck for Monday night football (all of London, Ontario is cheering for you guys!).
God Bless ~Jamie~


What a goregous dog! The Rottweiler is one of the best breeds. I am pretty sure of this because I have owned 2. They are great companions and are very loving. Good luck with Zeus, because though are amazing dogs they are full of energy and can give you a run for your money. Also, good luck against the Ravens, I have not doubt that you will lead us to a victory!


sarah s

Did you carve the pumpkin?Last weeks game was thrilling to watch as usual!! Zues is a handsome boy, and wow do you get alot of girls on your website,ha, but what else would I expect. have a great year god bless,sarah

Katelyn Christina

i must say it sure is good to have you back... you looked great against the Bengals! i watched ya'll in Houston, even though ya'll beat my home team, it was fun!!! can't wait for ya'll to come back...
I just bought a Rott he is so fat but has so much energy, there great dogs, yours just has the talent to carve his own pumpkin LOL
my High School team is on the way to the State Championship and ya'll are on you way to the SUPER BOWL!!! good luck on monday and in the future


hey, i love the picture of zeus its so cute! and the pumpkin is great too. i have 2 dogs but they dont have pumpkins. Good luck on monday and happy halloween ... thanks for the picture


Hey Ben,
I'm glad to see you doing so well in the bigs. Doesn't look to me as if your knee is going to be a problem for you. That is a good thing. I enjoy watching you play in the NFL as much as I liked seeing you play at Yager. I do have a request however. I help coach the 6th grade bantam football team here in Oxford (Talawanda) and am wondering if you could send some encouraging words to the boys that I might be able to read to them before the game on Saturday. We've done ok this year (3-5), and the boys are struggling a bit with pushing forward. I know you've been there too. If you don't have time I understand, but it would mean a great deal to some young boys on the football field. Good luck in all that you do.


PS If you get some time check out the url I posted. It has pictures of my kids playing there respective sports.

Marie :)

Awwww! That's such a cute picture! How old is Zeus? He's a cutie! lol.
Good luck on Monday! Go Steelers!!


Hey Ben,
Just wanted to know if you and that one golfer are still together. Good Luck on Monday.

Ariel Huang

That's a really great picture of your dog, is he a rottweiler? The pumpkin's a great touch too, good luck from Rochester Hills, MI!


hey ben!
i carved a 7 and a steelers logo in my pumpkin last week. Your pumpkin reminded me! ur dog is so cute i cant wait to watch u monday nite! good luck! i know u and the guys will do great! much love from ohio


Dude there are chicks all over your site!! You are one lucky man chopper... oh and good luck on Monday against the Ravens, I'll be watching with several other Steeler fans up here in Nova Scotia!!



Hey Ben great picture. Zeus is really cute and it is neat how you did the pumpkin. Hope you have a happy halloween, good luck in the game.

Samantha C.

Hey Ben! Zeus is so adorable! I like the pumpkin also! Thank you for sharing that with us! I love rottweilers, I used to have one, they are awesome dogs! You have good taste. lol! Good luck on Monday! GO STEELERS!

Love ya,
Samantha C.

Autumn Gaston




Nice pic. Big dogs are the best. I have a 9 month old St. Bernard. I never used to watch alot of football, but I do now. My 4 year old daughter thinks you are great, she blows you kisses everytime she sees you on TV. Good Luck this week!!!!!!!


Great picture of Zeus. Hope you have better luck keeping him under control then I do with mine. He's a rotty, boxer, lab mix, 5 yrs old and has a much energy as he did when he was a puppy. Good luck Monday night.

Alicia Marie

Oh my gosh is that so cute!!! Are you gonna try to dress him up for halloween?? lol! I have a yorkish terrier named lacey that I dress up every year and she sits with me while I hand out candy. Good luck on monday night and keep posting cute pics like this one!!

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