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November 06, 2005



He Ben..i hope i can send a pic next year..it's nice that you do that for your fans...i think it's hard for you that you can't play in green bay..i saw the game here in germany and i miss you..really..but i know you come back strong and healty..i think on you all the time..get well soon..and i wane see you play but i want that you play whitout pains and hurt..love karin..and big kisses for zeus..and don't forget my application as your dog sitter for zeus..


I wanted to send you some get well wishes. I can figure that it was difficult for you not to play today, but trust me we are all behind you when you return to field. Please know that you are in my prayers for quick recovery. I know Zeus will take good care of you.



I hope to send a picture next year, would have this year but didn't receive any info!


PFFFT I didn't know there was a contest!


So I'm a GB fan, but regardless, getting the inside scoop direct from a player is officially awesome.


You get better Ben from your surgery. We need you for Nov. 28 so much! At least Batch was decent, but it's still not you....good luck



I hope to get to send pictures nect year, I didn't get any info this year. Anyways, hope your knee is getting better, Im sure it was very difficult to be at home watching the game, eventhough we won. Hope you have a quick recovery and are able to come back soon to playing without hurting yourself in the process. Take care of yourself and that cute dog of yours! My and my son's prayers are w/ you. We both had your jersey on today, to support our favorite player. And yes, he still believes he is you when he has your jersey on. It's quite cute really.


Hi, Ben! I'm such a huge fan and I just found out about this website through the exclusive interview with Sally Wiggin in Pittsburgh! I watched the Steelers win today, but it wasn't the same without you out there. Every time I see you, you get cuter and more awesome! Please, please, please get better soon! I miss seeing you out on the field. Give Zeus a big hug and kiss for me. Get better soon and I miss you!
Sarah7 (in your honor!)


HI Ben! I also would have sent some pics. If I would have signed up sooner maybe I would have known about the contest.. Oh well there's next year! I know it was no fun watching the game today and not being able to play. At least you are getting better so you can go out and kick some major butt!! I screamed at the tv loud enough for both of us!!
Get well soon! My love to Zeus and you.


Did Zeus dress up for Halloween?! Where's his #7 jersey???


Just a quick question Ben...When you were growing up in Finley Ohio were you a Steelers Fan or a Cleveland Browns fan???



Hi Ben and gang!
I just wanted to tell everyone that the pics are great, and so funny! Mine are also on there (JamieBabe), so take a look lol. Well Ben, I hope you're recovering well, and that you're not feeling down about not playing today. We need you back when you're good and ready, so rest up. We're looking forward to your return. Well, keep smiling everyone, and God bless.


We missed you today! But we made it and hopefully your recovery is going well. Hope to see you back on the field as soon as possible!! It was weird not cheering for you today during the game, my roommate and i love watching the games and screaming like crazy. Good Luck.

Jamie <3


Hey Ben. We really missed you today! It's just not the same without you. I hope your knee is healing well so you can play next week. Not to be negative or anything, but please, please, please make sure your knee is totally better before going out there. I had that surgery on my shoulder a few years ago and before it was completely healed they had me in physical therapy and I tore it up even worse and had to have another, more extensive surgery done. Like I said, I don't mean to be negative or anything, but I'd rather you make sure your knee is totally healed and not see you play for two weeks, than have you go out there too early and hurt it all over again like I did. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Love in Christ,


Hey, I'm glad I made it to your website! I'm the blonde with the jersey on with my chin up lookin like I'm tough :)

Anyway, good game today, even though you weren't there, but I know you'll do awesome when you come back.

Feel better baby!


Great pictures! The kids look so adorable.


Correction! All the pictures are great.......the ones with the kids and the dogs are my favorites. I love the baby ones. They are so adorable. Little Bens. LOL Great pictures! :)


I stumbled across your blog, thanks to Typepad, and fell in love with your dog, Zeus. I have a soft spot for dogs & puppies so I thought I'd send you a note to let you know that yours brightened my day.

You need to find a digital camera to take more Zeus pics... especially with the holidays just 'round the corner. No better time to pop a santa hat on the pooch and take horribly silly, yet memorable, photos. Thanks, again. Cheers.


Hey Ben, how is everything goin? I hope you are feeling better. The game at Green Bay was great! I missed seeing you out on the feild and on the side line. Oh and do me a favor and tell Batch that he did great! I know a lot of people are gonna give him a hard time but I personally think he did great. Anyway I didn't hear about the contest but I hope you have it next year...so now I have time to get ready for it..lol. Anyway I'm praying that you will be able to play next week against the Browns cause this is a big rival game but if not that is fine just take as much time as you need to get better. Take care and tell Polamalu that Brandy still thinks he is fine...lol and tell him nice touch down against Green Bay! Later Ben.

Jen Rohde :)

Hey BEN!

I wish i would've know about your halloween contest. I dressed my dog up as you and she was sooo cute. She even won the contest at the animal shelter. I'll def. send it next year! I hope everything is going well w/ you knee surgery! Can't wait to watch you play again! :) GOOD LUCK!

Joan Milius

Thanks for putting on the Ben4Halloween contest! I am PUMPED to have my picture in it. I hope you recover from your knee surgery, we have a tough time without you on the field. I'm going to Pittsburgh to visit family for thanksgiving. Can't wait until you can play again!

ps-I'm so pumped about being on your website for the Ben4Halloween! i called the fam in Pittsburgh to tell um'.

John--An Original Fan!! Not A Bandwagoner!!

Its great to see the team doing well. Heres to hoping that you are recovering great and can get out there as soon as possible and wrap up the division. If everybody's at 100%, I don't see how we can be stopped in the playoffs. Good luck in the coming weeks, and dont come back before youre ready.


I'm so excited that my son Blake is on the front page for the Ben4Halloween contest!!!!!!!! It's under clkdehlinger. I hope you get well soon Ben. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!
Lori, Cale, Kaylee and Blake


Hey Big Ben,
I hope all is well with you after your surgery. I can't wait til you are better so you can play again. you really are my favorite player. my job gets all dressed up for your games. we are the wonderful world of giant eagle. anyway when you get back tell the rest of the team good job yesterday and tell troy i loved his touchdown. that was the best play yesterday. anyway i hope that you recover completely without any problems. we miss you yesterday. ok gotta go get ready for work give zeus a great big hug.

Samuel Whalen

Hi Ben:

I hope you feel better with your strained knee. I hope you get back soon. I like to watch the Steelers play at my Granma's house on Sundays.


Samuel Whalen (8 years old)

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