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November 06, 2005


Tyson, Tiggers, and Truffles

Hey we live in sunny Orlando, FL and anytime you are in the area (with or without our fellow canine friend Zeus) you are welcome at this dog-friendly house. My owners were recently visiting family in Pgh and caught a tv interview with you and Zeus. we make great friends, as you said we don't hold a grudge and are always happy to see you. Well time to dig in the yard or play ball. take care and "woof, woof" to Zeus.




Hey Ben!!
I hope your feeling better today! I know that we will have you back in no time because you are so strong and you're going to work through this!! I hope you have a great weekend...GO STEELERS!!! luv ya!
Delphos, OH


Hey Ben my kids were sooooooo excited to see themselves on your website my son thinks it is awesome that you looked at his picture. They are on the full page of pictures all the way at the bottom in the middle. Hope the knee is feeling better we are praying for a full and speedy recovery. It is amazing how much more exciting it is to watch the game when you are in!!! Hope you and Zeus are doing well.
Mandy H.
Kettering, Ohio


Hey Ben! Sorry you can't play in the brown's game and I'm sorry you couldn't play in the GB game I'm really prayin for you to get well soon! I can't wait for you to come back but your health & strength is way important. Get you rest and come back soon.


Hey Big Ben,

First of all i want too know how your LITTLE MAN [ZEUS] is doing. Ben i hope your knee is feeling better soon.Ben it must of been hard for you too watch your teammates play at Greenbay. Ben you probably wanted too be out their with them but Ben your health and you taking great care of your knee is very inpotant to us fans. Ben i told you this before i dislocated my kneecap last december and i had too use crutches and a walker and in February i to do some physical therapy. Ben i know what your going through now. Ben i know your not playing in the cleveland brown game but i hope i get too see you on the sidelines . I'll be watching the game on tv.Ben by the way i like the Halloween pictures especially the little kids pictures. Ben i was glad too see you talking too the media on wednesday about how your knee is doing and talking about the fans. Ben i just wanted too let you know that i think about you all the time . Ben i like you so much..
love barbara


Hey Ben,
I hope u r getting better and I hope to see u playin next week!!! Nobody likes to see u on the side lines ! How has practice been goin? good I hope. Tell Charlie and the rest of the guys good luck this Sunday !! I am in Phoenix Az on vaca and there is alot of bars around here with alot of Steelers fans!!! So thats where we will be watchin the game from one of them anyway!!! Good Luck and I hope u are doin good!!!


Hey Big Ben,

You Give,Love,Live

Ben i like how you [Give] all you have on and off the field.

Ben I like hoe you [Love] what you do for your Fans and Teammates and Zeus.

Ben I like how you Live your life as you see it.

Love barbara

Hey Ben if you have time please write me.

Katie and Kayla

My Dad's friend, Ed "BIG HEAD" JOYNER, told him that he kicks your BUTT in Play Station football all the time. When your done playing football, they're going to recruit you into the State Police. So get ready.
Katie and Kayla


Hello Ben,

I was glad to read on the Steelers home page that you got a [bit] excited during the Packers game. I’m that way every time you guys play. For [you] and for the team I hope you are back in the game next week against the Ravens. We can’t let the Bengals get ahead of us; it’s my opinion they are playing more easy teams giving them the advantage. They are playing well for once in 15 years I’ll give them that much. I hope all the Steelers were watching the Colts/Patriots game – With Manning at the helm those Colts are fast, accurate and hot. I sure hope all of you are in top form and health so we can give them a better game then the Patriots.

Here now is the real reason for writing you. I am a 100% disabled veteran of some thirty plus years, in that time I have spent a total of three years in the VA Hospital. When someone comes to visit on Veterans Day, celebrity or volunteer, it touches the heart intensely. So please give my utmost thanks and respect to Kimo von Oelhoffen, Willie Williams, Casey Hampton and Andre Frazier. It was a good thing they did.







Gods Speed! We miss you.


Hey Ben, just wanted to say that's it's not the same not seeing you on the field, but please get better soon...I had that same surgery 2 years in a row and it sucked watching my teammates play without me so i know what you are going through. Get better soon and i can't wait to watch ya out there again tearin' it up.

Heather Lamar

BEN!! COME BACK AND PLAY!! I bought my husband an autographed football with your signature for his birthday. It is an honor to have something in my home that was once in your hands!! Remember what it was like to throw the football? Try it! It's STILL fun!! (Don't come back too soon though - Get better, dad gum it!!)





Hey Ben,
I hope you feel better and have a fast recovery, Miss seeing you out on the field. Your dog Zeus is awesome and too cute =0)


Hello Ben!! First things first, I must tell you that I grew up in Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati so I am a Bengals fan at heart, but I support both teams until they play each other, then I am torn!! Anyway...I watched the game tonight against the Browns and I am so sad to see you on the sidelines. I play basketball and I know how you feel being forced to watch, it completely eats me up when I am injured. Hopefully you will be back real soon!! Also, tell Heinz congratulations on his career receptions, that's amazing!! P.S...Zeus is so freaking cute!!! Take care, and GET WELL SOON (I miss watching ya!) ;o)


hey ben, Ok here we go!!!!!! i actually went to your game tonight you know that i was so far up in the stands but i still could spot you without looking at the screen. you seem to be walking great so does that mean that you will definately be playing next week. please say yes. you don't seem to understand that i am like your biggest fan. i mean i am not a psycho or anything but i love the way you play. and to actually go to the game tonight was the best day of my life.... i really need to know what happened to charlie's hand. anyway if you actually read this, tell ward and randel el that was an excellent play them two did together. definately loved it. anyway congrats on being in first place. i knew ya'll could do it. i am so proud of the whole team. take care of that knee we need you next week. talk later.
lots of love,

Tiffany Michelle

Hey Ben....
Just wanted to say congrats on the victory sunday night! I watched the game while I was working at my bar. I wish you were playing but I just want you to get healthy. By the way....you looked so gorgeous with your hat turned backwards! I would so marry you any day lol! Anyways...best of luck for a quick return and know that I'm so proud of the Steelers!


Hen Ben, Whats good? That game last night was soo great for Steelers fans! I'm sorry that you couldn't have had a bigger part of it, I saw you on the side lines havin fun, so that was good. But our hometown boy Batch did his thing, it sucks that he got hurt! Anyway tell Hines CONGRATS! I almost cried cause I was so happy for him. The Black and Gold really stepped up their game last night and play some true Steelers football! Tell polamalu that Brandy said he was lookin too fine on the cover of SI, and great game last night. Thanks Ben, talk to you later.

Marie : )

Hey Ben its Marie again!
I saw you on the sidelines cheering on your teammates during the Browns game. It didn't look like your knee was much of a problem to you but don't you think you should be standing on it without crutches yet? Some of us (some steelers fans and some not) think you might be pushing your self a little too much on the recovery.

Take care of your self Ben,

P.s. Tell Tommy Maddox that there's still a lot of people who believe in him whether he thinks so or not. We know he can win if your not back and Batch is unable to play as well.

Greg Mac

Big Ben tell the jaw coach of your that you are not a pussy like he was when he played for the BROWNS(ha ha ha ha )clevland you got done by to sorry ass quaterbacks and one former quarterback.BIG BEN will lead the steelers to the bowl and COWHER POWER will get hsi first ring.Your going down PEYTON and going down hard. Steelers all the way

Greg Mac

Big Ben tell the jaw coach of your that you are not a pussy like he was when he played for the BROWNS(ha ha ha ha )clevland you got done by to sorry ass quaterbacks and one former quarterback.BIG BEN will lead the steelers to the bowl and COWHER POWER will get hsi first ring.Your going down PEYTON and going down hard. Steelers all the way


Hey Ben,
This is my first time posting a comment.... Im from Minnesota but I am a HUGE fan of yours, I hope your better by Dec. 18th when you travel here to MN to beat the VIKINGS!!! It will be my first STEELERS game and will be awesome to see you win!
Love ya!!!

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