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November 27, 2005



Brown's fans can shut the hell up but the only way thats going to happen is if Ben and the steelers kick the crap out of them!!! Everyone knows that the steelers can and will win this game. I want all Brown's fans to know that WHEN the Brown's LOOSE to Big Ben and then we get into the playoff and the browns are loosing miserably that all steelers fans on this sit will look back on this one guy's message andd laugh because we are so much better then them!!!

Tiffany H.

Brownsfan needs to learn how to talk before running at the mouth. Good luck Sunday!!

Shanae- Tarentum,PA

I think Ben is a great quarterback. He definetly looks good in his uniform. I love you Ben!!

Maire :)

Hey Kevin, at least the Steelers get into the playoffs.

Good luck tomorrow Ben! We all know you can beat them! We all know you guy can and will be 11-5 going to in the playoffs.



Dear Ben,

People are starting to say that we are going rusty. YOU and EVERYONE ELSE need to prove them wrong and get back on track. You played a good passing game with 300+ yards but 3 INTS didn't cut it. Also when all those yards weren't putting points on the board like we need to in order to win the game.Bu tjust shake it off and get your confidence back. OK? I know YOU and EVERYONE ELSE CAN (AND WILL) DO IT!! So God Bless (you and the Steelers)!! COME ON!! Good luck!!



WTF are you talking about Maire, i`m a Steelers fan. Just because I agreed with a Browns fan, doesnt make me one. Fuck Cleveland.



Hey Ben,

I'm sure this is going to sound really stupid and hopfully someone on here can answer this qestion so u don't have 2 but there has been something on my mind lately. I always love seeing a steeler give thanks to God and profess his faith after a big play, like whenever u point to the sky after scoring a touchdown. It inspires me so much to never be ashame to express what I believe in. Anyway lately I've been wondering why u've been lifting ur pinky finger up as well as ur first finger when u raise ur hand in the air after throwing a touchdown? I always thought that just meant DEVIL horns or sumthin lol. But I know ur a christian and that there has to be another meaning for that. I'd really appreciate it if u or someone could answer my question as soon as u can. Good luck tomorrow and GO STEELERS!!!!!


Just wanted to send out good luck wishes today!! I have all the faith in the world in you and the guys!!! GOOD LUCK!


seems like some browns fan just stuck their foot in their mouth after that win......


I love your BBQ sause it's AWESOME!!!!!!Whats BBQ backwords??

Shirley Amato

Just to let you know we are rooting for you here in Columbus Ohio. I was very much surprised to find out how many steeler fans are here. I wave my steeler flag proudly. Now take us to the super bowl.

Shirley Amato

Tell Hines Ward to get a website like yours. He is the cutest thing. He always has a smile. I would like to know more about him.


Dear Big Ben,

The Steelers are the team of teams, as we all know.

I am writing becasue I am trying to help my sick friend Danny Swaja (pronounced "Sway") come to terms with his true identity. He was born in Pittsburgh to good, god-fearing, Steeler-loving parents. He has a great Steeler-loving brother & best friend (who actually have the same birthday -- Jan 2nd). He hates the Steelers.

I am the friend.

My American family is from Pittsburgh, but the tragedy of my life is that I was born in Indy & I grew up in Knoxville. So, as you can see, I have had to love my Steelers amidst a sea of Peyton Manning nonsense, and general Manning nonsense for a long time.

Having spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh and watching their last Super Bowl victory as a new born with my Steeler loving Mom has locked me in as a true fan for life. Had I been born 6 moths later I would have been born in the Burg.

I know people that know Eli, & we've hung out, he's a cool guy. Once I tried to phone my friend (at Eli's house in New Orleans) and I spoke with Peyton over the phone for a few seconds. At that moment I became the idol of your average idiot from Knoxville. In fact, it was on my 21st birthday. Whatever, it was no big deal. I got really trashed later that night, and I was supposed to meet up with my friends and Eli later to turn the day over to his birthday (I'm Jan 2). It never happened. I was trying to hook up with this girl who later turned out to be a lesbian.

The funny thing here is that my best friend is a NY Giants fan. We went to the game in NY which WE won 33-30 or something like that. We got pretty loaded that day too. Later we all got mohawks / haircuts at some stupid bar in NYC (I live there now).

None of that really matters, I am just trying to build up a solid case for what I am about to propose...

... Anyway, in an effort to help bring young Daniel to the right side of the force I ask that YOU & any STEELER (team member, not fan) would be up for PRANK CALLING him at odd hours. Simply state that you are a Steeler, or don't...

... If he starts getting random pranks then I will know who it is. Say really disgusting things, or talk about how great being a part of the Steeler family is. I don't care...

... The thing is that he and I are major asswipes. We prank a lot of people and each other. We're very good at it. I am convinced that he will turn & learn to respect the Steeler Family if we together show him that we are fun people capable of jackass things.

His number is 706-254-9532. He is going to go to England for his last semester of law school on Jan. 5, so you can e-mail him all the good stuff at swajadb@yahoo.com...

... You could e-mail him picutes of naked people doing stupid things (ex. www.lemonparty.org --sorry kids), or pictures of The Bus scoring touchdowns...

...If you could get your hands on pics of THE BUS after he bowled his perfect game I am sure he would turn into a Steeler fan instantly.

My secondary e-mail is jn472@nyu.edu. I can be consulted if need be.

I mentioned that he is in Law School. Don't worry. He won't try to get you in trouble. We are really good sports regarding pranks so long as they are original. The only consequence is that the number you call from may [will] get some prank calls in return.

That's all dude. I hope this works.




It's The Ninja again...

You can use *67 before you call to block your phone number. Sorry, I just assume everyone knows that.

Smell Ya,

The Ninja

Mack Williams

Dear Ben,
I think this Ninja character might be on to something. I am sure a phone call from you would turn Danny McGiantsFan from the Douche Master General into a true Steelers Fan. Also, I had not heard about the Bus's perfect bowling game. Did he polish his ball with a terrible towel?



Ben -

You rock! Though Air-Ron Brooks rocks too. I like this ninja character. I've gone ahead and Pranked this Dan kid, but made no progress on the pressing conversion. I think it would be great if you or your team mates could join the cause. Maybe get some press as the season closes. Support the Ninja!!! -


Danny McGiants Fan Swaja

My main problem with the steelers is that they have a quarterback who makes excuses for throwing interceptions in big games because of a nagging thumb injury. What kind of sissy injury is that anyway? That is an injury doctors make up for players they can't find real injuries for. The Ninja has a hard time accepting that he applied to the University of Tennessee because he truly is a Petyon Fan. And he was born in Indianapolis showing his "true blood" as a colts fan. He is a bandwagon who only likes teams that are winning. Why don't we all ask him how good of a Steelers fan he was when you guys were no better than the Browns 2 years ago. As I recall he was rooting for the Patriots. By the way, he used to have Barry Bonds memorabillia all over his room, now claims he hates him. So watch out Big Ben, he may turn on you if your head gets as big as Barry. By the way, your head is already abnormally large. The ninja sucks, you sucks and the steelers are going to be one and done in the playoffs. Eli will be Superbowl MVP.

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