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November 02, 2005



Ben, cool pictures! It's nice that you like to share a small part of your world with your fans! I know your knee isn't serious, however take it easy...I know you want to be out there for your team & fans but make sure it's the right choice. We dont want you hurt or out the rest of the season. I know you will make the right decision! You are in my prayers.... God Bless-BIG BIG BEN FAN in Akron, Oh.

kayleigh ann

cool pictures, hope to see more when you have time. you guys did great on monday, keep it up. hope all is well and cant wait to watch on sunday. good luck to you and the team.
much love,
kayleigh ann


Hey Ben, Thanks for the pics from your cell phone. It's neat to see things from you perspective. Tell Zeus I said hi. I hope he is doing good. I went to my first game at Heinz Field this past monday and it was awesome. I respect that you played through the pain of your knee, but please don't jeopardize your health. If you do play in Green Bay good luck and stay safe. Hope to see more pictures soon. Heather


Nice seein the pics, but it would be nicer if you showed more of you!


First, prayers are with you for post surgery recovery and take your time in healing, please. Second, thank you for sharing pictures, that is so generous of you. God bless you, Ben.


My prayers are with you in your recovery from surgery! Gell well soon! Zeus will take good care of you!


Ben, sorry about the knee! That sucks! Don't worry I had 60% of my meniscus removed a few years back from running track at IUP. Your knee will feel like it will give out and it will for a little bit but just do what the PTs tell you and you will be tearing up the field in a few Sundays! And thanks for that win against B-More. I live down here in Baltimore and the Ravens are thugs and their fans suck, they hate the Steelers and their fans because we are AWESOME!!! haha Plus at the games there are thousands of STEELER fans taking over their stadium. Thanks for all the hard work! Know that we are all behind you all the way! - "D.Taiani #22" what it says on my own Steeler jersey.


The pictures are a fantastic idea.


Thanks for the pictures, funny..my cell has pics of you at a high school game about a month ago, I was behind you in the stands but I have Zoom on my cell:)It was too funny,the fans went nuts, I had a great view:)
Wishing you Gods-speed on your knee...

Stephanie B

Nice pics. I'm looking forward to more : )


Ben - Great Pics. Happy Halloween to you and Zeus. Give him a sritchy on his tummy for me. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers as you recover from your surgery. Hope you're doing well and you'll be back on your feet soon. Take advantage of the opportunity to relax and heal. God bless.


I just wanted to wish you well and I hope that you heal quickly from your surgery, the team definately needs you.


Hi Ben,

I just wanted to wish you a very speedy recovery from your surgery. All activity in my office came to an immediate halt when someone looked up on the TV and saw the phrase "Ben has knee surgery." I swear to God you could have heard a pin drop! Anyway, I know the whole city is going to want you back for the Cleveland game (I do too, becuase I'm going!), but take as much time as you need to heal. We need to have you at 100 percent for the Super Bowl! Take care. You'll be in my prayers!


Hey Ben, good lookin out on the pics...nice relaxed dinner atmosphere...anyway I just read the news on the knee..hope the recovery is speedy...wish you the best...


Thanks for the pictures, I think it is an awesome idea for you to put pictures from your phone on here. I am so glad you are such a down to earth guy to share your life with the fans. I will be praying for you to get better from you knee surgery quickly and without and set backs. I can't wait to have you back on the field, but don't risk further injury. Take care!



I just came across this blog and think its great that you do it for your fans. There are plenty of people out there who love hearing about your dog! He is a cutie. One thing Ive always liked about Pittsburgh's football teams is that they are dedicated to fans. Not at all snotty about doing charity work or devoting time to kids in need. That to me, just means alot. When Barry Bonds was with the Pirates, he came through the drive through at Burger King (where I used to work when I was like, 17) and he was the rudest "celebrity" I had ever met. Thank god you guys aren't like that :) So anyway, Ive had orthroscopic knee surgery before and its not that bad ;) I also had a complete ACL repair, and that was PAINFUL! I would rather give birth than have knee surgery. I hear Coach sayin you are a pretty tough guy though, so I know you'll be just fine :) Anyway, take care of that knee and good luck. Don't worry about not playing this weekend, and I agree with one of the other women that posted it on here, put up some new pics with the longer hair. You so totally rock. :)

Lisa Bocook

hi Big Ben
The pics are great. Thanks. Take it easy on the knee and recover quickly. We'll be waiting for ya....


Great idea with the pictures. Really shows the personal side of the team. Hope your feeling good after surgery, we fans can be a pain in the butt, but our prayers are with you.


I just heard about the surgury hope you are feeling good and have a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see you back in uniform!!


I hope you are feeling better today after your knee sugery. Don't try and do too much! We need you healthy for the super bowl!

Take care and best wishes!


Don't think that you're letting the city down by not playing this Sunday. If anything, we should thank you... I live in Philly and I know a lot of people here are mad at Donovan for "playing through the pain" bc it's affecting his performance and their Super Bowl hopes. You did the right thing by getting surgery and saving long-term damage. You've brought new life back to Steel City football and we need you in the LONGRUN! You are in many thoughts and prayers, including mine. Wishing you a quick recovery. Give us ONE FOR THE THUMB this year!!!

Mrs. Builder

Hey Ben,
great pics, looks like you are really enjoying yourself. Just heard about the surgery. Sorry you had to go through that, but better now than later when there could be much moe damage. Take care of yourself. We will all be waiting for your return. Hope Zeus knows how to fetch so he can help you out for a few days.


Whats up Ben? I just read you're gonna be out for the Packers game and possibly the Cleveland game. Hopefully we can win those games without you in there but the main thing is you getting healthy. You are the "franchise". Get well soon and I cant wait to see you back out there. Go Steelers


Hi, Ben!

Do you actually read all of these posts?

Best wishes for a quick knee recovery!!! I just heard about the surgery. My husband has a similar knee surgery a few years back, and he was out playing golf within 5 days. (Okay, not that being an NFL QB comes close to playing a round of golf!)

I'll be back in Pittsburgh to go to the Browns game - hope you're ready to go by then!


Dear Ben,
I am really worried about you and your knee injury. You need to let it heal and not play on it!! You looked like you were in alot of pain on Monday night against the Ravens..but you played a good game. But please take care of yourself so you can be there in the playoffs and take us to the superbowl!!!

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