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November 02, 2005



Hey Ben! Thanks for sharing your photos. It's nice to see a small portion of what you see. You're in my thoughts a prayers. Keep up the good work!



Hey Ben, those are great pics from Cincinnati! It's awesome to get an inside look. Cant wait to see more pictures! I was at the game against jacksonville, my FIRST steeler game EVER and I had the time of my life! :D you guys are the best! Good luck with the rest of the season!

altoid ticklekitty

i was born and raised in pittsburgh and now live outside the united states. i cheer for you every sunday. keep healthy and bring another super bowl victory to your city ! by the way try the quick pass sequence to each sideline with no huddle. 4 plays should do it.


Nice pictures. Can't wait to see more...best of luck!


these are great pictures Ben. I watch your games every time that you play. I've been a Steelers fan ever since I was like 4. my whole room is decorated in Steelers and ur poster is on my wall!!!!!!


BB (Big Ben),
Thanks for sharing some of your photos. You need to put more up. Anyway.. Great game on Monday.. that game was so close! You guys are doing great this year. Keep it up!


Thanks for saring the pictures. Can't wait until Sunday, hope the knee is ok and that you are good to play. Keep up the good work.

Jack Constantine

Ben...You're a breath of fresh air for sure. I have been a BIG Steeler fan for many years, now living in Los Angeles, and you and Hinds Ward are making this Steeler era memorable. I wish you good luck and stay healthy.


Javé (a.k.a. Jill)

I see you have Lark and Jamie on your pics. Nice!


thanks for sharing the pics, youre a natural(photographer ;)). Glad to hear theres nothing major with your knee, take it easy hope to see you on the field to beat GB! tell Hines i said hello ;) and good luck to all the steelers!



Hey Big Ben,

I really like the pictures that you took fro your cell phone. That;s nice of you too share the photos with your fans. Ben i've been a steeler fan since i was younger. I used too go too the games but not anymore but i miss going too the games they were always fun.Ben I really enjoy watching you and the guys on tv. Ben it is hard or easy for you too have all the cameras on just you? Ben how do you deal with. I know your probably use too it. Ben i enjoy watching you when your being interviewed on tv.. I like too listen too what you have too say because you really know what your talking about. Ben i hope you put more pictures on site.

Love barbara if you can please sometime write too me becuase i would like too tell you more.


First of all, I have to admit that I have been a Bears fan for a lot longer than I have been a Steelers fan, but your game against Green Bay is coming up soon so I thought I'd leave you a comment encouraging you to kick some cheesy Wisconsin ass.
Secondly, I would like to say thank you. I have been betting on NFL games since I was eight years old and I've recently made a lot of money on you and your team, so thanks for that. Good luck with the rest of your season.



It is neat to see things from your perspective so please keep posting the pictures. I was glad to hear on the news that you were up and about today at practiceand the your knee is getting better. You're will to play through the game Monday night was truly amazing. You are a true leader and I do not doubt your teammates and our city respect you for every effort you show on and off the field. You are in my prayers (especially for your knee.) Good luck in Green Bay!



I like the pics, thats a cool idea! tell heath a fan said happy birthday!


wahts new in the steel mill... Oh, sorry mean to say National Football league ha ha lol loved your game last monday, don't remember much because i was just as blitzed as the ravens were when you stomped them! j/k if you ever feel the urge to come to alaska then holla backyoungin. I am not old or ugly- reallyquite attractive:)kick some cheesehead butt this weekend
(the "peace" is meant in the same context as kip on napoleon says it)



The shots from the cell phone REALLY add something to the web experience. Keep it up!!!!!



Thanks for sharing your cell phone pictures. I also wanted to take the time to thank you for signing my little boys jersey at training camp. He is so proud of it. The time you take with others is well appreciated and can never be forgotten, especially when its my special little boy. I've been a Steeler fan since I can remember (the 70's). I can recall when they played home games (I was only about 5 at the earliest memory) and I could actually hear the excitement from the stadium since we lived so close. Thanks for bringing that intensity back to the Burgh. I now can let my son experience that same feeling. We don't live close enough to hear the excitement but I do take him to the football games so he can be a part of the excitement. Keep up the great job!


Cool pictures from your cell. I take pictures all the time with mine, I took a few last week in the outer banks when the waves were kinda crazy from the winds from the outer bands of hurricane Wilma. Good luck in Sunday's game if your knees are feeling good enough for you to play. I'm still praying for both of them to heal.
- Jessica

P.S. If you haven't found a massage therapist yet, I've been babysitting for one for the past 6 years, and she's very good at what she does. My sister injured her shoulder this fall and she gave her a massage, and she really has a way of getting deep down into the muscles that are really knotted up or sore and making them feel good again, and she's extremely nice and professional to boot. If you wanted a reference, I imagine that you could call The Coury Financial Group and ask to speak to any of the Coury family, she does massages for all of them from what I understand. Her name is Tami. You could either get her phone number by asking them or by e-mailing me, I won't put it on here because she usually only takes referrals and I wouldn't want her to receive calls from people she doesn't know.


Nice pictures. That was a hard game to watch. I've lived in Cincinnati all my life, but I went to Miami. So I'm just looking forward to watching you and Carson duel it out for the next 10-12 years. Did any of Miami's team come to watch you play?


Great pictures Ben, hope to see more! Hope your knees get better play good on Sunday and tell the rest of the team to go get the packers!


Ahh, Paul Brown Stadium...something I see every day when I'm comin down the cut in the hill....Quite nice I think...Much better then the days of games at riverfront.


Ben, congrats on the win this week!

Hope your knees get to feeling better.

Marissa Reed Smith

Hi Ben and Zeus,
Those pictures from your phone were so much fun! I hope you continue to share more. I know you're very busy now, though. Well good luck Sunday. I'll be waving my Terrible Towel in Atlanta. You and the team are in my prayers. Go Steelers and God bless you!
Marissa Reed Smith :0)


Hey Ben,

Thanks for sharing the pics....hopefully you will have some from Green Bay this weekend!!! Also GOOD LUCK on Sunday!!!!!!!

~Betsy Bilger~

P.S. Tell Heath I said congrats on Rookie of the Month :)


Great Pictures! What kind of cell phone do you use, because my pictures never look that good!

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