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November 02, 2005


Christine Batiste

Just Heard That You Won't Be Able To Play This Sunday Do To Knee Surgery. Ben Hope Everything Go Wells On The Knee Surgery.

P.S. Would It Possible For You To Send Me A Autograph Picture Of You. Also Do You Update You're Photos Because I Haven't Seen Any New Photos.

Christine Batiste
9770 E. Creek St.
Tucson, AZ 85730
E-mail: christine_24batiste@hotmail.com


Hey Ben,
We all think you are the greatest.
My 7 year old son's name is Ben and we all call him Big Ben now. You are in our thoughts and prayers while recovering from your surgery. Listen to the Dr. and take it easy, we need you in the playoffs and superbowl. We loved the photos from your cell phone. Take Care.

miami parent

Just heard about your knee surgery. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way. Take care and get back real soon!!!

Miami Parent


Hey Ben! I love the pics.. You gotta get more up there of Zeus.. Hey, I heard you had to get surgery and will be out for two weeks! I wish you the best.. everyone's gonna miss you out there!!
XoXoXo Ribeka

Jonathan Whalen

Dear Big Ben, I was watching the Monday night football game against the Ravens, when you got hurt, I was devestated (especially after what happened with Jacksonville)But anyway, I really hope you feel better,and please tell Tommy that everthings alright. I Know the newspapers can be cruel. Get well soon!


Take care of the knee you'll need it for the wonderful career that you are embarking on. It's a good feelling to know that Pittsburgh will be having you around for a while. Looking forward to watching many memorable games. It's also good to see you making contact with the fans and having such a positive influence. Keep on keeping it real!


Hey Ben,
Heard about the surgery today...obviously its for the better. I'll pray for a quick full recovery. We will miss you on the field on Sunday.
Take care Ben :)


ben, isaw you at home depot where i work on monday before the game. you signed my apron. thanks. i am so sad to her about your knee. i will miss not seeing you for a couple weeks. get well. my prayers and thoughts are with you and i know the team will not let you down and get the wins. god bless luv ya dotty


Hi Ben, Hope the knee is feeling better! I'm bummed about the surgery since I have tix for the Browns game and we don't know if you're playing...so get better soon & get back out on the field!! Good luck and God bless, Meghan

PS: Nice pics! Keep em coming!

Javé (a.k.a. Jill)

Hey since I live right down the street, let me know if you need anything and ill pop right over. I can take Zeus for a walk if you need me to. As you know he does love me to pieces!

Jacquie aka Action Jackson

Hey Ben,

I just wanted to wish you well on your speedy recovery from your surgery! As we speak, the 4 yr. old girl I babysit is making you a get well card!

Take Care and Rest up Tough Guy!


he Ben..nice pic's...i will take me also a cellphone that i can make pic's..but i love my old one..i wish your all the best for your knee..it's so bad..i'm with you..and i hope the doc's make a good job...stay healty and get well soon..i think on you all the time..take care baby...see yaaa..love karin


Hey Ben,

I'm a huge fan! I went to my first Steeler game on Monday night and got to see you work your magic. Unfortunately, the officiating was sad, but I still had the time of my life!

I just heard about the knee surgery and I wanted to let you know that I'll be praying for a speedy recovery! The team needs you and Pittsburgh fans everywhere count on you. We'll miss you - but hope to see you back on the field soon.

Take care!

Nicole Stasik

Ben I just heard about the knee surgery! I hope that you rest up and get better quickly. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Go Steelers!

Andrea D.

Hey Ben,
Nice pictures! I hope you put more up. I just wanted to say that I hope your knee gets better very soon...I know your team can't afford to be without you on the field! I'll miss watching you this weekend, but I'll still be cheering loudly for the rest of the Steelers! :)


Hey Ben..

My 9 year old son came home today in a panic about "Big Ben's" knee surgery, which was the first time I'd heard of it.. He came in begging to let him write to Ben so for him, I'm leaving a Get Better Soon because his football games won't be the same until Big Ben returns to the field. Between he and his grandfather I'm not sure who is more concerned but you definately captured his attention and he makes sure to keep updated on Ben and his daily happenings!


Just a little note to say "get well soon!" You are in my prayers. I'm sure all of your fans would visit you while you were recovering if they could to tell you how wonderful you are. Keep up the great work and the awesome pics.


Praises on the successful surgery, Prayers on a full recovery. I am glad that you were able to get this taken care of now. We can only speculate what might have been if you played Sunday. Well, Chaz will get his win this week and mabye next. Continued wishes on a successful season. Measure Success by your own standards and not on any one elses! Don't rush the comback.
In Christ,

tom ellis

cool pics ben! good to have you back in ohio for a little while! we were wondering just how close you were to going to Ohio State out of HS? I have heard it was close, would have been sweet!...go Steelers!!!!

Katie and Kayla

We think that you should go on 96.1 "Kiss FM" and sing the Pittsburgh Steeler Time song with Mikey and Big Bob. I heard them on the radio complaining about none of the steelers comin in to sing the song. It's our favorite song and we sing every game.
Can't wait to hear you sing it on the radio.
Katie and Kayla


I just heard that you underwent knee sugery and I really hope you feel better soon! I'm disapponted that you wont get to play agaist Green Bay and hope that you will play @ clevland but I dont want you to play unless you are healthy and I know that you will push through the pain if you want but I hate seeing you play in pain!

Samantha C.

Hey Ben!

Thanks for sharing! I think its an awesome idea! I just heard about your knee this morning! I hope you get better...I'll miss ya this sunday! But rest up, your a tough guy! Get well soon Ben!

Love ya,

~*~ fmc ~*~

Hi Ben,

What can I say that hasn't been said? We've fallen in love with you. You've given the 'Burgh an opportunity to regain glory, yes, but you also sound like a level-headed, down-to-earth guy who's willing to put up with all of us crazy fans.

First, thanks for your blog (love hearing from you); second, keep the pics coming (it'll be like we're all there with ya).

So sorry to hear about about your knee injury. We were horrified when your left knee was hyperextended. The Lord handled it. The tear to the meniscus on the right knee will be fine, too. The doctors cleaned it up, the Lord will do the rest.

I'm sorry if we put pressure on you to play "no matter what". To hear that your knee's been in pain all season is crushing. The bottom line is we love you. We love to watch you play. We love to see you lead our team.

Please take care of yourself. Do we want you back on the field? YES! Do we want you to lead this team to victory for years to come? YOU BETCHA!

You're on my mind and in my prayers!


Hi Ben.
I was reading on the Steelers site that you had surgery today. I just want you to know that you're in my prayers. I hope you're feeling better, and that you recover quickly (you must be dreading the fact that you can't play against Greenbay). Well, this is just a temporary glitch, you did the right thing, and you'll be back and feeling great in no time!! :) And don't say that you've let the fans down, because you haven't. These things happen. Take care of yourself, get lots of rest, and drink a lot of beer lol. God bless.
PS Thanks for the pics from Cincinnatti. They were great.

Becky C

Fun pics! Thanks for your part in the MNF win... I was there, and it was definitely my birthday! I do believe this year, being in Heinz Field, and seeing ya'll defeat the Ravens on my birthday was the best birthday I've ever had. Hands down. Though, ya'll ended the Pats' 21-game win streak on my 21st birthday last year... so I'm glad I could bring the birthday mojo. :) I hope the surgery went well, and that you have a very speedy recovery... my prayers are with you. No matter how selfishly we Steeler fans want you out there on Sunday, take it easy, and nurse that knee. We know you'll be back when you're ready. :)

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