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January 31, 2006



Hi Ben- thanks so much for bringing my Steelers back to where they need to be! I'm a devoted fan who has only been able to attend one live Steeler game in my life so far, the one against Buffalo, in WNY in 2004, where Tommy played with the second string. Wish I could have watched you in person but it was exciting all the same. I am originally from PA where my family still resides and all of whom are devoted Steeler fans. I remember when I was a kid and getting excited when my dad yelled at the TV during football season when Pittsburgh rose above what the critics thought they couldn't do. Anyway, I live in Buffalo NY now and believe it or not, there are MANY steeler fans here. Thank God, WOO HOO. It's nice to feel like part of a team. Anyway, I have a favor to ask and not sure if this is the appropriate place to do so. I waited to buy a terrible towel until right before the SuperBowl and would love to have you sign it for me. I can mail it to you and and include return postage if you would be so kind to sign and return it. I don't think I'll ever have the chance to meet with you in person so...what's a girl to do? But hey, if you're ever near Buffalo or Niagara Falls, you need to let me know- my boyfriend and I would love to hang out with ya, have a few beers and chat. It would be our pleasure :)


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Congratulations on the big Super Bowl win! I am 23 years old and I’ve been waiting my whole life for the Steelers to win a Super Bowl! Thanks so much for bringing it home to us. We love our football so much in Pittsburgh, no one appreciates it more then we do.

I will never forget “the tackle” as long as I live. I was at a Steelers bar in Boston; yes there is a big following in New England Country! We are also a road team, a road team of fans in a city that has no tolerance for non-Boston fans. You can imagine the collection of crazy fans that were in this bar! They put on the Steelers polka celebrating a huge victory before the fumble. The entire bar was buying shots, waving towels, and dancing to the polka when all of a sudden we saw the fumble! We all thought the season was over, another season ending too soon. It was because of you that we got to continue on. So thank you saving the season, our hearts, and allowing me to wear my Big Ben 7 Hat around Boston with even more pride!


Hey Ben,
I know you ride Harleys and there is an event coming up at Z&M in greensburg. Its the camp cadet run and its ran through the state police. I know you came last year but didn't know about the run. Everyone that belongs to the local HOG chapter thinks it would be great if you came. IF you stop at Z&M they have flyers that give you more info. You don't have to pre register.
Thanks for resonding,


Ben I know that You do ride A harley but I've know sombody that has ridden one for years and he just passed away and he was a very good friend of my father's for year ever since I was a baby and they go way back to B&w when my dad first worked B&W this was a steel mill that never slept and would constainly run night and day I also never saw my dad when he worked and I also very seldom saw my mother when she was alway gone my grandmother had to take care of that was until I hit 18 then I stayed all by my self then my mother had 3 more of me and I was stuck taking Care of the rest of us that was pretty hard but I lived through everything and trying to comfort my self when I cried by my self


Hi Ben! Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting. I'm thinking about checking out Training Camp this season. Anyone know if final dates have been given for the 2006 camp? Not the Mini-camp but the actual one, usually in July? Anybody out there been to one? Any words of wisdom?

Thanks much! Go Steelers!!


Ben Please recover from your injuries very soon every one is praying for you please be ok Ben
we want to to be able to play football please come through the surgery for us we will all be praying for you we all love you very much please pull through this
as even we pray for seth as well


Ben Hi how are you today I'm ok I guess my father found out that I could very well have skin cancer because of my daughter's and nephew's dr and they both said the it's dermotoligest time and I'm very very very nervous about this I'm suspose to call on monday and make and appt.

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