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January 01, 2006



Happy New Year to you!! Hope all your dreams come true also!!! (Super Bowl?????)
And Happy Birthday Mr. Roethlisberger!!!

Missy Schollaert

Happy New Year Ben!!!
Greetings from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Thanks for taking the time to keep in touch with your fans; it really means a lot, even to ones, like me, that live outside of the US. I pray and hope this New Year brings you lots of joy, peace and love unfolding at each day of 2006. Here in Brazil there is a superstition about the New Year that says whatever you do on the first day of the year will be repeated many times over during this year. Even though I’m not a superstitious person I hope that it is true for you and the Steelers. May we win today defeating the Lions and may this victory repeat itself many times throughout this year! Have a great game, and please know that a fan very, very far away is cheering you on today and every day! Keep up the good work. LETS GO STEELERS!!!
You are in my thoughts and prayers,

Missy Schollaert


happy now year big ben i am 9 hope youwin today iamyour #1 fan.


Have a Happy New Year! Thank you Ben for such a great and thrilling 2005 year. 2006 will be amazing! God bless you and your family and of course our Pittsburgh Steelers! Bring home a win for the new year! Happy Birthday Mr. Roethlisberger! Today is my grandfathers birthday as well. He is not here to share it with us but he is here in spirit. I hope that all your dreams and wishes come
true in the new year. Go Steelers!


Hey Ben! That's a great blog right there! It just shows what a nice guy you are..go out there and get a win for your Dad! Happy Birthday to him and good luck to you!

Jen K

HAPPY NEW YEAR BEN!!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad! My mom's birthday is today also!! Also, GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!


Hey Big Ben,

You touch my heart with what you just wrote. Ben i want too wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and too the PITTSBURGH STEELERS too and your family too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ROETHLISBERGER. Ben it sure was an amazing 2005 and let's make 2006 a better year. Ben i have a special birthday it's on JULY 4th firecracker baby...... Happy New Year too the TROOPS . GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

love barbara


Happy New Year Ben!! And Happy birthday Mr. Roethlisberger from all of us steeler fans here in Brockway,PA!!! Thanks for an amazing 2005 season!! Hope 2006 will be even better!! Good luck today Ben. Go out there and show the lions what steeler football is all about!! I will be wearing your jersey and cheering on my steelers!! You and the rest of the team are in my thoughts and prayers!! Happy New Year! I wish you all the luck in the world today!! Love,


Hey Ben,

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, your family, friends and of course Zeus!!! Good luck today....I have my black and gold on :) Tell your dad I said happy b-day...my dad turns 50 this year too! We are celebrating his at a local sports bar with friends and family. Well, I hope you have a great 2006!!!!!!!

~Betsy Bilger~


He Ben..I wish your,Zeus and your family also a HAPPY NEW YEAR...and all my best wishes..i hope for 06 that my greatest wish come true..also happy birthday for your dad...and a great game on sunday..beat the lions...you so great big ben...stay how you are...take care baby...and go your way..good bless yaa...love yours karin..big kisses for zeus...



HAPPY NEW YEAR and Happy Birthday to your dad. Today is my grandmother and grandfather's birthdays. It seems that many great people are born on this day. The relationship between you and your dad sounds like mine and mom's relationship. She is my hero. We are truly blessed to have such great parents!

You have done such great things in 2005, both on and off the field, and I know you will do even greater things in 2006. I hope you have a happy and blessed new year. Good luck with today's game.



Happy New Year, Ben! Good luck today! :)

Victoria C.

Hey Ben,
Happy New Year to you!! Hope all your dreams come true. Also the Super Bowl? And Happy Birthday Mr. Roethlisberger!!! Good Luck today against the Detroit Lions. You have done such great things in 2005, both on and off the field, and I know you will do even greater things in 2006.
~Victoria C.


Happy New Year to you too! Did you celebrate like crazy?!?! :) Happy Birthday to your DAD too!



Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday to your dad. I hope you have a great game today...off to a good start!



Incredible game today Ben! Tell your dad that I said Happy Birthday!!!! I have almost completed a science fair project that I have been working on about the use of your throwing gloves. I would love to get in contact with you or one of your "people" to share the project results with you.
Happy New Year!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! i'm watching the game right now. keep it up!! thanks for the awesome 05` season. Bring 06` on babey!! Wish you the best of luck ( not like we need it or anything ) on the games to come!
your #1 fan,


Great Job today Ben!! Good Luck in those playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Brownlee

Hey ben it's Tyler from Santa Rosa C.A., I just finished watching the game against detroit and was very happy to know that the steelers are going to the playoffs. I have a feeling that this is the year to go all the way. Cincinatti will be tought in the first playoff game, buti know youguys can pull it together and get the win!

Big Fan,


Hey Ben, great game today!!!! You guys played awesome! Hopefully this won't be the last time we see the Bus running allover people at Heinz Field. Good luck in the playoffs! PLEASE stay healthy. We need to get us to Detroit & FINALLY win that One For The Thumb. Happy Birthday to your dad. Today also happens to be my birthday. With you guys winning, I got just what I asked for. Keep playing awesome & we'll DEFINITELY make it to Detroit!



Hey Ben nice game ya played aginst Detroit. Good luck aginst Cinncinati next week. I hope ya guys go to the Super Bowl, but ppl say the Seahawks and the colts are goin. Hey how was goin to Raw? Who is yer favorite wwe superstar. Well looks like i am outta here BYE


Happy New Years to you too. And happy birthday to your Dad too! Good Job on the win today and good luck playing the Bengals aka BUNGELS next week. One game at a time!

Ken McGuire

Happy New Year dude, good win on the field today, fair play!


and happy birthday to your dad! My Moms bday is thursday.
Great job today against the Lions! The Steelers are going to the playoffs. Jerome did an awesome job today and so did you and the rest of the team.
Good luck next week to the Bengals I know you guys can beat them


Chris Delozier

Hey Ben, great rush for TD today. Watching Bettis tie his career TD record today was awesome too and couldn't have happened to a greater guy. You all can win this, I've got faith in this team.

Much respect and love for the Steelers all the time,
Chris D.

P.S. Stay healthy and tell 'The Bus' he does have fans on the day after brutal games.

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