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January 17, 2006


A Middle Aged Madwoman

I'm old enough to be your mother. And yet, after that tackle you executed on Sunday....:::sigh::: you will always be my hero!!!


Big Ben,

I wanted to say you did an excellent job on the opening drives showing the NFL we are a passing threat and you are capable of dicing up even the baddest of defenses.
Nice way to salt the game over and heckuva Block.

Steeler faithful in Georgia!
Tell Hines we're pulling for him



I'm old enough to be your mother, too, but that's beside the point. You are an incredibly gifted and talented athlete and the Steelers and we fans are blessed to have you on the team. I had a good feeling about that Colts game, nevermind the officiating! Remember we are all cheering you on, especially at those road games! ON TO DENVER! Hear us ROAR! GO STEELERS! Looking for another amazing game. I LOVE YOU ALL.


Way to make that tackle, Ben! You helped make this weekend very very enjoyable for my household and I couldn't be more proud of the way that you've been playing the game.

Much love to you and all the Steelers. Get 'em in Denver!


You are all incredibly gifted and talented athletes, and I love the whole team, but you just stand out Ben. At your age and the short time you've been in the NFL, you are showing unbelievable potential. STAY HEALTHY! The Steelers and we fans are blessed to have you on the team. I had a good feeling about that Colts game, nevermind the officiating! Remember we are all cheering you on always, especially at those road games! ON TO DENVER! Hear us ROAR! GO STEELERS! Looking for another amazing game.


Great game in Indianapolis, Ben! Made my heart stop a few times, though. Good luck Sunday in Denver. You're the best. God Bless!


Hi, Ben!

Excellent save on Sunday! You guys played your hearts out!

Keep up the excellent work and focus on Sunday!!!! My family room full of Steelers fans in Harrisburg will be pulling for your and the guys!!!

p.s. - My 3 y.o. will be proudly wearing his #7 jersey again. He likes being "Big Ben" with it on. :) You are his hero. He actually lays in bed at night by himself in the dark and chants "Here we go Steelers, here we go" before drifting off to sleep.

(Oh, and you have a standing open invite to drop by our house for a beer anytime you are in Central PA!)



Congratulations on a great game, Ben!!! You continue to make the most amazing plays for us. Good luck this week in Denver! And hang on to that "us against the world" mentality- it seems to be working so far! Take care!



Hey Ben,

Guess what. I'm predicting your going for your first trip to the SUPER BOWL!!! By the time you read this, you'll be wearing a ring.

Nice job by the way making it to two AFC championship games in your first 2 years.



The game against Indy was amazing! Lets just say I have NO voice from all the yelling I did! I watched the game at Primantis and it was a blast! Cant wait to do it again next week!!! You guys are going all the way!

Keirsten and Rachel

Hey Ben, we just wanted to say that we are huge steelers fans (and Big Ben fans too). Great game against the Colts. Great job on saving the game. We also love your dog. It's sooo cute! Good luck against the Bronco's. E-mail us some time. Love ya'!!!


I know you hear it all the time, but great game! You are absolutely adorable!! Oh yeah, and very gifted as a quarterback!


Ben, GREAT JOB IN INDY!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!! Best/scariest game EVER!! all of Pittsburgh was FREAKING OUT, i cant even imagine what you guys were thinking. Good luck this week in Denver! I heard some sports reporter refer to this game as "The Great Beard-Off" with you and Plummer. That made me laugh. anyways, if you guys play like you did against Indy, PITTSBURGH'S GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! Denver is good...but you guys are better! HERE WE GO!!!


Hey Steelers! Just wanted you all to know, that ALL TRUE STEELER FANS know that you guys can and will go all the way. Before the season ever started my husband, who is a Browns fan by the way, so that it would be the STEELERS and Carolina going to the SUPERBOWL this season. Well I hope he is right. He said that the STEELERS were the best team all around in the NFL as long as they play with the same edge they have played with these last couple of weeks. We are praying everyone stays healthy and focused. Go play STEELERS football on Sunday, everyone will be cheering for you in COLUMBUS.



AWESOME job against Indy!!!! We all lost our voices, and had a great time seeing the Steelers beat a first class football team. We have our Steelers flags flying high today in Mentor, Ohio!!! We luv ya!!!! Here we go Steelers, Here we go!!!


Hey Ben,
AWESOME game on Sunday. It was an extremely exciting game to watch, especially the 4th quarter...way to tackle. Good Luck on Sunday against Denver.


* Temi *

Ben!!! omg, I can't say enough about that tackle! that was such an awesome play, YOU SAVED THE SEASON!!! You guys played a great game so keep it up next week against the broncos. Your only one step away from sending Jerome off in his hometown. GOOD LUCK NEXT WEEK, although you don't need it. I'm sure you'll do great. :)


We know that everybody's against you, and all we have is us," Roethlisberger said. "That's what makes this team so strong." - CNN

No worries man youll drop them down!~

Casey Woods (INDIANA)

Hey Ben. I knew the whole time that you would win but in the 4th it didn't look like the refs. were going to let you. I agree with Porter but what can you do. Tell Polamalu that was an interception and he is amazing. Also tell Porter that the sack at the end of the 4th was awesome. He looked like a lion stalking his prey. And as for you well you are Fantastic. I think you'll be the next Elway. By the way, nice tackle. The whole team had a great game and in the end the BETTER team won. Maybe Elway will be at the game to watch you were his number and win the game. Good Luck at the SuperBowl hopefully.


Hi Ben,

Greetings from Van Wert, Ohio! Good luck in Denver! We are rooting for you!

Julie H.

I almost had a couple of heart attacks on Sunday, but the ending was worth it. I'm enjoying actually being able to see you guys play instead of having to spend my Sundays tracking the play-by-play on the internet (I live in NYC).

Keep up the good work and show Denver that the STEELERS are the team to beat. Steelers Nation is behind you guys 100%!


Awesome game. to say the least. I have NO fingernails left!!!

The team played as a team and the whole game was great! Keep it up in Denver and there will be no question as to who is going to Detroit! Play some "SMASH-MOUTH" FOOTBALL this week!!!

A Steeler Fan in North Carolina!


Román P.

Hey Man....Excellent game at Indy...remember that we have to give a tribute to Jerome bring him to the SB and win it....I am so proud to be a steelers fan...here in México a lot but a lot of people are with you....but the most important think is that your mom are with you and i think that she is with a terrible towel and with a 7 steelers yersey...cheering LETS GO SON...




Hey Ben,
Great game!! I was 10 minutes late to work because I just couldn't leave til the end. But everyone at my job were good about it, they know I am a HUGE STEELERS FAN. They respect the love and dedication I have for the Steelers. But with their team (Carolina Panthers) one game away too, they understand the excitement I have. I already have my schedule worked out for Sunday so I can watch the game. So Good Luck next week and take care.


Emily W (Texas)

So, that game was pretty much the most amazing I've witnessed in professional football...at least since I started watching addictively. That refs call on the incomplete pass??? HORRIBLE!! Tryin to let the ponies win it. It's over for Pay Pay!! It's time for BEN!!

Go Steelers!!!

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