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January 17, 2006



My son is a big fan of you, and the Steelers. Since my team lost, (I won't mention the name), please beat the broncos, and for my son, I sincerely hope you win the superbowl.

Kim in Ohio

That had to be the most exciting 5 minutes in Football History! (of course My neighbors didn't think so!) Keep it going..the team is rollin!


I must admit that I am a die-hard Colts fan, and I came here to see who the quarterback is who booted my team from the playoffs. Unfortunately, I find it impossible to hold a grudge because you are a totally decent guy. I must say that I nearly had a stroke watching the game because it was so intense!!! And I may be a colts fan, but I definitely believed that Polamalu caught that interception. I guess I will secretly have to root for you guys now. Anyway, I can't wait to see what you will have to say next...God Bless!



Thanks so much for all you do for us! You are an example to so many people: your team, us fans and the NFL organization. It must not be easy, but it's a good thing you're not doing it alone;) Thanks for staying focused this week on the right things and keeping the faith in your team when so many doubted. Lead on bro...and again, thanks for all you are doing!

Ansley Garnett

Hey Ben,
Good job against the Colts!!! Way to do what no on thought you would.
We are coming to Denver to see you and the rest of the Steelers play Denver. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Ansley Garnett
P.S. My cousin, who plays basketball for Minnesota, is becoming a fan!!! I knew we would convert him at some point!!!!


hey ben! ur a awsome quaterback and i will always love you! i would love to meet you some day! if we could beet indi which we did we can definatly beat denver! good luck boys!!!
<3 savannah


Hey Ben!
What an amazing game against the colts! Just remember that none of the true steeler fans thought you guys would lose!
Good luck in Denver and hopefully Detroit!


Hello Ben and Zeus

Good luck with Denver and that was a great game with the colts!! I am so glad that the steelers won!!!!!If you can tell the rest of the team good luck and good job.Thank you. I cant wait to wach the game Sunday!!!!!


Cody "Q" Richardson

great game ben, i know you are going to be a hall of fame guy. you are the most talented QB i have ever seen. i can not wait to play with you and the rest of the steelers in 2007-08 season!

Ken P NJ

How about that, just saw I share your dad's birthday, hopefully you don't just get him the "combo gift" like so many of us suffer from!!!
Speaking of gifts, I would like to thank you for extending the Bus's great career 1 more game by making an absolutely unexplainable tackle. While I did origianlly credit his significant other for slowing him down enough so you could make the play on him, I later realized thay you turned him inside, Great job. You guys seem to be just about clicking on all cylinders, keep it up.
Way to step up to the plate and put the ney-sayers in their place (you, as well as the entire team.)
Good luck, feel better, heal quickly, and as always, stay humble.
Continued success
(PS My family just expanded yesterday, and I need you to put in a good word with Coach LeBeau, Braden was born at 10 lbs 6 oz, and is 22 1/2 inches long. not sure How long Aaron Smith is considering playing, but I am thinking he will be a suitable replacement in 21 years!!!!)

NC Stiller

In the land of basketball(NC), you had no less than 75 people around a TV in the mall hanging onto the last seconds of that game! Good on ya for the tackle! I BLEED steel, and have never been more proud of my boys! If you are ever in need of some Duke or Carolina tickets, I will do what I can to work it out for you!

Ken McGuire

Dude, I watched that game on Saturday and that has to be one of the best tackles I've seen all season, a genuine game-saver! Here's hoping the Steeler's are lining out in Detroit in a few weeks time.

Michelle Samuelson

I just want to say...GREAT JOB on Sunday. You guys did an awesome job, even with some questionable calls! That's the game though...right?
I was on the edge of my seat most of the game. That was some EXCITING football. Nice tackle ;)

Sending you best wishes and prayers from Washington State!!!
Bring home that SUPERBOWL!!!

Ryan, Shell and Kael Samuelson :)
(The BIGGEST Steeler fans on the west coast!!)


Big Ben,

You are my favorite Steeler. I drew a picture of you throwing a football. You can see it at


I hope you win the Superbowl.

Clara (Age 4)

Chris W

I am a Miami grad and huge fan of yours. Though I am a Bengals fan, I was so proud of you for playing so well and making that tackle. I am rooting for you to go to the Super Bowl!


You are AMAZING! We were all cheering you on here in Findlay! Your mom is so proud..(I have her in Yoga)- but apparently she doesn't allow you to play defense! ha ha. Keep up! Detroit here we come!

Heather W.

Wow...what can I say about Sunday's game. You all played amazingly! And that tackle! What an awesome game save! It is good to see that the NFL made public their review of Polamalu's interception and stated that the referee made a mistake. Anyway, looking forward to this Sunday's game against Denver. Here we go Steelers, here we go!


Just want to say THANK YOU. You've done more for the fans than you could ever possibly know. Good luck and God Bless in Denver!






Ryan in Baltimore

After a long and fulfilling life, Peyton Manning dies
and goes to heaven.

God shows him around, and they come upon a cute little
3 bedroom ranch home.

It's painted blue and white, and has a Colts flag in
the window.

"This is for you, Peyton" God says.
"This is your house for all eternity. And I want you
to realize how special you are.
Not everyone gets their own home in heaven".

As they walk towards the front door, Peyton notices -
around the corner- a black and gold sidewalk leading
up to a huge
3 story brick mansion. There are terrible towels in
every window and a 50 foot flag pole with a Steelers
flag waving in the wind.

Peyton stops in his tracks and says
"Can I ask you a question God?"

"I lived a good life. I was one of the best
professional quarterbacks in the NFL, and I even made
it in to the NFL hall of fame".

"So why does Ben Roethlisberger get a better house
than me?"

"Oh" says God.

"That's not Ben's house...that's mine".

Lisa Smith

Two words--Immaculate tackle. I still fit in my number 7 game shirt at 5 months pregnant, and plan to wear it through the Super Bowl. From a displaced Pittsburgher in Tennessee, GO STEELERS!


Hi Ben,
Everybody is talking about the tackle you made at the end of the game. Dont get me wrong, that was awesome, but I want to say that you were amazing all through the game. Without you, we would have never had the lead. Good luck. Hopefully, when you finally get to read this, you are wearing your superbowl ring. Luv ya


Ben, I just want to say how awesome you played on Sunday. I hope that your arm/thumb is doing better. I know that was a tough hit you took. Good luck on Sunday and make us proud. Here We Go..Steelers...Here We Go....PITTSBURGH'S GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!


Hey Ben,
Just wanted to tell you awesome game on Sunday. You guys all played so great. I wish you the best of luck this coming Sunday against Denver even thou you don't really need it because Denver doesn't hold a candle to us. We are going all the way this year I can just feel it. Detroit here we come, best of luck with everything.



Its Jeff again. I still can't believe the game on Sunday. Right after the sack on Manning I took the dogs outside when my wife started screaming. Of course I went inside to see what was going on. Right at moment that I got back into the house I turned to see you make the game saving tackle. The wife was in shock and I couldn't get a word out of her about what happened. Not until I seen the replay did I realize and understand why you were making a tackle. At that point I realized that I left the dogs outside. I haven't seen them since. The wife thinks that I should put up reward signs but I figure we are better off without those dogs. To much work to take care of. I will keep you posted if we get the dogs back.

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