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February 06, 2006



congrats bro! you get my infinte salutes!

Sue Boarts

I am a teacher in the Armstrong School District. We are so proud of you and the team on the Super Bowl win. We were a little worried at first, but we knew you had the confidence and would pull us through to a victory. Thank you!



Me and everyone at Giant Eagle in New Kensington are so proud of you and the guys. The whole place is like black & gold. We knew you guys could win the game yesterday. We are really proud of you guys! Take Care!


Mmmmmmmmm... PF Changs. Yum. :)


I am bleary-eyed today after staying up till the early hours to watch the Superbowl, but boy was it worth it!
I wish i could have been there, but its just to far.
You and the rest of the team made me a happy gal!
Enjoy it, rest and look after yourself.

Take care



CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys are all about T E A M and it shows. I am so proud to be a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan.


I'm glad you had some unrecognizable time out and about... something tells me though you won't have much of that anymore. =( Hopefully you will though.
We appreciate you and Ryan keeping us updated. You are one of a kind!


My husband and I have waited 10 years for this. Thank you so much. My only regret is that I will never see Jerome play IN Pittsburgh.... Thanks for the win! Go Steelers!


Ben, CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for that one for the thumb! Yesterday must have been so nerve-racking for you! You and the team did it! We of the Steeler Nation are SO PROUD of you and so blessed to have you as a part of a team we have loved for so many years. You know you are a part of something very special. We love our Steelers! As a life-long fan, I promise you, when we say the Steelers are the "heart and soul" of our town, it isn't just a slogan. Ben, we've waited a very long time for a QB like you and we appreciate you! Now you've made history and you will make even more history. Your talent, humility and leadership are signs of great things to come. Have a happy and relaxing off-season. (Are you going to Disneyworld?) We look forward to the 2006 season and maybe another one for the other hand! (How will we fit that into "Here We Go"? Haha) All the best to you, your family and friends who know and love you! God bless you and may He keep you healthy!! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO YOU AND ALL THE STEELERS PLAYERS, COACHES AND STAFF--and to all the fans who support you, win, lose or die!

Wendy - #1 Fan


Hey Ben,

I loved reading about your week leading up to the big game!!! It sounds like you will have sooo many memories about not only this week but all season! I just want to thank you for making it one that I will not be able to forget; all the way from women's training camp (which I can not wait for this year) to last night when the clock hit 0:00!!! Thanks for everything!

~Betsy Bilger~


WOW! What a wonderful game. It has truely been a great year. I am fortunate that I was able to see The Bus play at home this year. I grew up in Pittsburgh so watching the Steelers was a must with the family. I now live in Northern Virginia and keep the tradition going. I think that we have the best team, coaches, players. I love my Steelers and hopefully life will allow me to keep being able to buy tickets to come home and watch you play.
Always a Steeler fan!!!!!!


I can't thank you and the rest of the guys enough for that game last night. Unfortunately I had to watch it in DC, but there were hundreds of Steeler fans at the place so it just goes to serve as an example of the reaches of the Steeler nation. It's been a fnatastic season, I have been waiting 26 years for this! Congratulations to you and all the guys, can't wait for next year. Oh...and now I can finally wash my jersey.


GO STEELERS! GREAT JOB on the ONE FOR THE THUMB! We couldn't have done it without you BEN!


Congratulations to you and the entire team! Heard a reporter mention that you left for the locker room after the game despondent b/c of low stats for a game. WHO CARE ABOUT STATS! You showed up and played with heart and tenacity when it mattered the most! You made the big plays at the right times and THAT is what makes you a true CHAMPION, a LEADER ....one of the greatest of the greats! Best of luck for the future and God Bless!



I enjoyed reading about your week thank you for sharing it with us!! You had an awesome season that took you to every boys dream!!! And you did that for your entire team! :) PF Changs hmm.. ?? They have the best Changs Spicy Chicken. Cant wait to see you on Letterman tonight when you shave the beard...even though I like it..
Enjoy your triumph!!!And keep in touch with your fans in your "down" time :)
Love to Zeus!

Clarissa Gillespie

Hi Ben,

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!You and the team really played a game in Detriot.I am so happy.You played great all you and deserve to be the Pittsgurgh Champs.I watched the news and saw your interviews.A 14 year old watching the news...lol.You are a great QB.I adore you so much.Who watches zeus?..I am one of your biggest fan!GO STEELERS!!We're the Champions!!


Emily Monahan

Congrats to you and the whole Steeler team! I watched this game all the way from Davenport, Iowa where everyone here are Chicago fans. My family is from Pittsburgh and we follow you each week. You did a great job of leading the team despite what people are saying about your stats. Screw the stats you were great when you needed to be and contributed to each of the game changing plays, awesome td run in the second quarter! You guys played with your hearts and with passion. Good luck next year!!


I have tried to get into ur forum to write u fan mail but it wont let me. u did a great job at the superbowl! My brothers in Irac so it was the first superbowl I didnt get 2 watch w him so it was hard but u made it a little easier. Thanks! If there is any way u could email me and help me get into ur forum so I can write u more that would be great! I work at a little italian place called armstrongs in moon township and we have all been so supportive of u guys the whole year and we just want 2 says great job and good luck! Thanks
Stephanie Age 23
Ambridge Pa


Hi Ben!
Congratulations to you and the entire Steelers' organization. Our Steelers' football group including Justin, Elyse, Riley and Bryce and the rest of the Keller family watched the Super Bowl (as well as every Steelers' game you've played in for the past two seasons). We will all go through football "withdrawal" until you and the Steelers begin playing again in August. Thanks, again for another awesome season!
You are the best !!!

"Aunt" Kandy

* Erica

Haha, Hey again Ben. It's * Erica <3..I told you you'd be seeing more comments from me. I think that is SO cool you actually read them. Theres hundreds so maybe now that the season is over you'll have more time to do so. =] Maybe you *might* even come across mine sometime! Ha, yea like I'd know. That would be so awesome though. I cant wait for school to be over so I can go to training camp. My dream is to meet you, and Im gonna do everything I can do make my dream come true.

Yours came true on Sunday and for that congratulations!!!

* Erica <3


Ben, Congratulations on a great season. You deserve it. I love the way you kept yoru composure this week, I think you act very mature for your age, it is good to know that your heart and mind were in the right place at the right time.
Love your #1 Canton, Ohio fan!


Congratulations. Don't know why I'm writing this as the chances of you reading this are between slim and none, and the chances of a response are about as likely as my skating a long program at Torino....anyway....I really admire the way you and the entire team has conducted themselves this entire season. You have every right to be proud of everything you have done and have accomplished. You have showed everyone what Pennsylvania can do. I have enjoyed the season thoroughly as have my parents. (My mom still likes to tell the story of you having to take your sister and her date to a dance.)

Again, congratulations on a great season and a great win.


Hi Ben,
I just wanted to thank you for being such a great leader for the Steelers on and off the field. You've done wonderful things for this city and the Steelers franchise. Today (Feb. 6) is my 22nd birthday and all I wanted was a Super Bowl victory. Thanks and congratulations! You deserve it!

Mandy McQuillis

I just love that you have a blog,I think that is just so cool!
I read in the paper how emotional this was for you,I can just imagine,I wish i could give ya a {{hug}} i know first hand what it`s like to accomplish something and wish the people you love were still here to see it.I do photography and have been in a few magazines and when i had my first publication i was so proud but i wish i had my uncle and gram around to share it with,So i know how you must be feeling.Just know that your mom and grandpap were smiling down on you as they are your guardian angels.I can also only imagine how excited and proud you guys must be right now.I prayed so hard for you guys last night.Congratulations again you guys all deserve it so much.You are all such an amazing team.

Missy Schollaert

Hey Ben,
You said you read some of these comments, so I hope you do end up reading this one, so please read on.
Congratulations on the big win! Thank you for allowing us to be apart of that special week with you, it means a lot to all your fans that you take time to keep us posted. Thank you for opeing up a window and letting us "in" your life. Because of your blogs, I personally feel like you are one of my friends. Now the millions of miles that separte us (seeing I live in Brazil) kind of make it impossible to have a deep friendship, but nevertheless we do have some type of friendship. So thank you for extending out your hand of friendship to me and to all of your fans out there.
Since you have been rather candid about a few things here on your site, from what I can tell about your personallity you probably didn't enjoy the championship win as you should have. Honestly, Ben, don't let yourself get robbed!!! So it wans't the ultimate best game of your life, but there were however some pretty amazing plays you did, some amazing passes and a few runs that kept things alive that were absolutly amazing. If there is a voice anywhere - in your head or anywhere else - telling you the team could have done it without you tell that voice to shut up! There is NO WAY this team could have made it to the Super Bowl without you and there is no way they could have won the game without you either!!! You were a team player this game - as you always are - and in the end it took the WHOLE team to win this one, but isn't that how it is suposed to be afterall?!
So Ben, enjoy your victory, rejoice in what this team has done, for the Bus, for Cowher, for the Rooney's and for yourselves. This was a great season and of course we expect the next one to be even better!!!
No matter what, please know this one thing Ben, you have true fans - some may unfortunetly live very far away - that LOVE you in the truest meaning of the word, and that WILL ALWAYS be your fans and support you!

Have a great off season!!!

Your friend,

Missy Schollaert

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