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February 01, 2006



Hey Ben, watched some of the highlights of Media Day on NFL network - you did great! But if yesterday was Media day, what was today? Looked like more of the same! My family is ready for the game, the banner is hung, the songs are playing constantly and my 3 1/2 year old wants to be Big Ben, I couldn't be happier! Thanks for keeping your fans up to date! Best of luck to you and the team!


Keep on rocking!

* Erica

Hey again Ben..im first comment haha! Sounds like you had a very busy..media day. But sounds kinda like fun at the same time. =] I watched your interviews on the news..yea, haha a 14 yrd old girl watching the news...lol. Glad the beards goin after the game..no offense of course..the hair can stay. =D I will keep on checking this..I like reading about your day!!! See you on Sunday! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!! Who's watching Zeus?

<3 Always,
Erica ;-)

Cody "Q" Richardson

Ben, Me , my wife, and our 10 month old daughter are all going to wearing our steeler gear in Baltimore, MD watching the game sunday cheering you on. KEEP THE POISE! you are even better a QB than i thought. I have given you all the credit from DAY 1 but you have proved to me without a shadow of a doubt you are a hall of fame QB. Tell the guys to win one for Bussie! i hope you and jerome have the games of your life sunday! thank you for this blog ben it means alot! looking forward to the Cell phone pictures!


Why are you posting blogs after nine? You should be in bed! You need your sleep if you are going to be able to make it to Sunday.

L L Battist

Thanks for keeping us posted. Keep your eye on the prize!


Hey ben, good luck this week! i'm from sylvania, oh. my friends and i went to findlay when the steelers played the broncos and i've never had so much fun watching a game. your hometown really loves you and it was great to be in the middle of it. its kind of fun being a steelers fan and hanging out in the middle of your hometown and the superbowl! congrats on making it so far! so hope you play well and have fun! i'm sure i'll have fun watching you play (cause i'm going back down to findlay!)


Yo ben, good luck to you and your team. Im a die hard Bears fan and you can imagine my heartache after seeing them get this ass handed to them buy one WR. Even though you guys spanked my boys in the regular season, I will be rooting you guys on. I think you are an amazing QB and admire your poise for how young you are. Plus...I feel for the BUS...He needs this, he deserves it


Hi Ben,

I still cant belive that you guys are in the SuperBowl!
I've been so excited since the Broncos game. It would be so cool if you guys won the SuperBowl,and it would be in Jeromes hometown. Well good luck to you in the Bowl.

Your Fan,
Caitlin, Age 10


hey ben! thanks updating during freaking SUPER BOWL week!! its really awesome and it means a lot of all of us! thanks a bunch. Good Luck on Sunday too. (you've heard that probably 4893408934839 times im sure but i wanted to say it also.

You've been doing a great job for the city of Pittsburgh so THANKS A BUNCH!! its just hard to believe that this Sunday one of my life's goals could be met! (the goal being seeing the the Steelers win a Super Bowl...last time the Steelers were in the Super Bowl i was 8 so i didnt really understand the game or care for that matter) so great job so far...im sure you'll keep it up! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


Hey Ben! Thanks for the update. Your such an awesome QB, you've done so much for this team, and to keep your promise to the Bus that you'd get him to the Super Bowl this year!! About the beard, good idea about getting rid of it...but definitely keep the hair!! I'm also looking forward to those pictures from your cell phone! Go Steelers...Get that one for the thumb!! <3


Believe in yourself...believe in your team...believe in winning...enjoy these moments, whether win or lose you're in our prayers. Good luck on Sunday.


Hi Ben!! Sounds like you have so much going on, yet you take time out to inform us of your happenings, thank you..lol it kind of makes me feel like I'm there. Well take care, and I look forward to your next post.

P.S I agree, you've got nice hair, keep it


It must be so awesome to be able to meet some of your hero's and men you have admired most of your life. To finally (and actually) live out every (little) boys fantasy and play in the Super Bowl and only in your 2nd season!! That says a lot for what kind of leader you are.. Your a stand up guy too.. Thanks for being you!
Makin Ohio Proud!!!!
lots of love


Hey Ben

I can't believe that with such a busy schedule that you had time to post on your blog. I think that's it's great that you want to share your experiences with the fans. I'm sure everyone appreciates what you are doing, so I'm going to say thank you and good luck.




I know that things are really crazy right now, but from what I have seen you are handling the pressure beautifully. God is giving you an amazing opportunity and I know you will make the most of it. Good luck on Sunday! No matter what happens you all have made the City of Pittsburgh and all Steeler fans proud. You will be in my prayers. Take care.



Hey Ben,
I can't believe the game is only a couple days away. I am so excited. I got the coolest shirt today from a Finish Line store. It is black with your face outlined in gold. It is really cool. Get your rest the next couple days. You are a very talented QB and you have a strong team behind you. Good luck!! Bring one home for not only the Bus but you and your fans. WE LOVE THE STEELERS!!!
Best of Everything,

Lauren Spicher

hey Ben! as the Super Bowl gets closer and closer, i get more and more excited!!! I'm hanging signs all over my school, its awesome. and of course i'm wearing my lucky shirt on Sunday-my "Mrs. Roethlisberger" shirt :] well, i hope practice is going well. Don't get hurt!!!! i hate it when you get hurt. especially since i can relate to the frustration associated with it. Injuries took me out of gymnastics when i was at a high level....the frustration is terrible. Well, i can't wait until Sunday!!!!
have a great day!


Hi Ben,

I think short hair looks very nice on you.

It sounds like an incredible dream come true and you are one lucky man to be expereincing it.
And the envy of millions of men all over the world! :)

Enjoy every moment of it all, it is a gift. GO STEELERS!


As everyone is aware, no fans are better fans than Steeler Fans, but as Bradshaw will tell you, we can be a demanding bunch of Arm Chair Coaches and Quarterbacks. I'm not sure how the Team has managed to get this far without me on the sidlines. Everytime a play is called and it doesn't work, I always know which play should have been called. Just thought you should know this.
signed..."Your Typical Steeler Fan" And you all know what i'm talking about! GO BLACK AND GOLD!


Hi Ben,
I think I might be the only Steelers fan in the greater Dallas area! Good luck Sunday and GO STEELERS!



Hey Ben-
P.S. Your Miami education has served you well...in watching some excerpts from media day, you are very well spoken! I am impressed. Not always do you hear such eloquence around the NFL...
Thanks for the check-in.


Krista Diddle

Hey Ben -

I know it's probably sacreligious to pray for victory, so I've just been praying for you and the team in general! One for the thumb, baby, WE CAN DO IT!!!!
Best of luck Sunday! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!



Thanks for taking the time to post durning Super Bowl week. I hope you have a successful and healthy game. I'll be saying a prayer for you all do to your best and to stay healthy and on target.

Give TROY a hug from one of his fondest fans!


North East, PA



Thanks for taking the time to post durning Super Bowl week. I hope you have a successful and healthy game. I'll be saying a prayer for you all do to your best and to stay healthy and on target.

Give TROY a hug from one of his fondest fans!


North East, PA

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