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February 01, 2006


Donna Kramer

Ben & Company -
Do what you know to do on Sunday and remember what the Book of Daniel says: "They entered the lion's den and were not harmed"
God bless all of you, good luck and have fun.


Well Ben, you're all over the courier...and the browns backers are having a fit cause Iriti asked everyone in the paper to support you... lol.. Just wanted to wish you good luck..like all the boards here in town say "good luck big ben...dreams do come true" (they're all over town...Iriti's doing?) I'll be watching Sunday. So will my 3 1/2 month old..wearing her #7 jersey...We're defiantly proud here!

(Cold Pizza was here on the 30th..Interviewed Tony...was supposed to air Tuesday...hmm..never saw it...misprint in the paper maybe?)

You can do it! Play with your heart!


Hi Ben,

My family and I are wishing you and the team the best game ever! My girls love you, they are 4 and 5, well Josie(4 yr old) likes Jerome better but Kaitlyn loves to yell your name! Im sure she will be yelling for you on Sunday! Best of luck!

Renee and Tim

Danielle D.

Hey Ben,
How awesome it has been to watch your career evolve! I remember seeing you and the rest of the Miami team crush my Zips and Charlie Frye not so long ago. (I have to admit I wasn't your biggest fan that day but I knew you were going to be great). Then came the announcement that you would be joining the Steelers. Then you got your Rookie start and now look where the MAC star has ended up - Super Bowl 40. It just goes to show that all good things come out of Universities in Ohio! lol
Enjoy the time you spend with your teamates and soak in every moment of being in Detroit at the Supper Bowl! I'll be cheering for ya on Sunday, #7 jersey, terrible towel and all straight from the heart of NYC!

In Him,
Danielle D.
University of Akron '05


Just viewed your NFL draft video. What fun it is to watch that now knowing what we know now.As a mother of two young adults I know how proud your parents must be. I hope the very best for you and your family during your NFL career. And may it always be in Pittsburgh. Blessings and good luck Sunday.


Hey Ben!
I just want to say have fun on sunday! Ill be watching you and wishing you and the team the best.
Do it for Jerome baby!lol. Hope everything is well!!
"There were lots of questions about my family and Findlay and things that I enjoy talking about."
-what is a findlay?
just want to know.does anyone know what it is??
much love,




sorry,its late and im like half asleep.
thx for that!

David Shultz

I would like to say that it is great that you have this blog, and keep up with it. You don't see that a lot, and it's the first I've seen ever. I live about 45 mins southwest of the burgh and ofcourse, am a Steeler fan. You are what Pittsburgh football is all about. You've made us all proud, and I wish you luck in all of your playing days. Even if you were to ever leave us.


Good luck Ben. I can't wait until Sunday.


The Lee Family from Bakersfield, CA

Nicole Ann

I just wanted to say Good Luck to you & your teammates on Sunday!! I know Kimo's massage therapist John & I'm consistently asking how you guys are, I'm just so excited yin's finally made it!! I know the whole team is to thank but YOU really helped us get there. I can't wait till you get your 1st Superbowl ring, I'm sure it wont be your last!! Good Luck & Take Care!! Pittsburgh misses you!


Hey Big Ben,

It's sounds like your enjoying yourself up in Detroit. Ben you did an amazing job at Media day.Ben i'm glad your HAIR will stay the same after the game becuase i think you look so cute with you HAIR like that.Ben i think you look cute with the BEARD and without it.Ben i saw on the news you and all the players and coach cowher got too eat dinner at Jerome's MOM and DAD's. Ben i think that was nice of them too do that for you all. Ben did you and Hines and Jerome and coach cowher and some other players enjoy the PISTON game last night. Ben i've been enjoying watching everything about you and all the players in Detroit.Ben it makes me happy when i get too see you and the other players on tv because i miss you all even though i don't see you when your here in PITTSBURGH. Ben someday i wished i could meet you and show you my scapbook.

Love barbara

Jill Zundell

Good luck on Sunday, Ben! Fairmont, WV (1 1/2 from Pittsburgh) will be cheering you on. . . GO STEELERS!!! Thanks for mentioning your website/blog in an interview--this is my first time it, & it's great!

Jill Zundell

Good luck on Sunday, Ben! Fairmont, WV (1 1/2 from Pittsburgh) will be cheering you on. . . GO STEELERS!!! Thanks for mentioning your website/blog in an interview--this is my first time it, & it's great!


The video of you trying to get pictures at media day that was on the Post-Gazette website is priceless. How does someone your size and, uh, famous-ness sneak around relatively unnoticed?
Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to be unbearable, obnoxious, Steelers fans with a lot to back it up.

Nicole Ann

I got this from a friend, you might have already heard it, but it can't hurt to hear it again....

Our Father, who Art in Pittsburgh
football be thy name
Thy Kingdom come, 4 Super Bowls won,
On Earth as it is in Heinz Field.
Give us this day a playoff victory,
and forgive us our penalties,
as we defeat those who play against us
And lead us into a victory, and
Deliver us to Detroit.

Big Ben


Hi, is very interesting the story about of your live now. This is your time, enjoy it. You and the team work very hard for this and deserve all good things of today.
God bless to you and Jerome. GOOD LUCK for the Sunday!!! you are a winner :)


Hey Ben, just wanted to drop in and say the city of Pittsburgh is behind you and the black 'n gold ALL THE WAY! Glad to hear you are doing well as is the team and that you are getting focused on what's at hand come Superbowl Sunday!! You are truly a poised pro and I wish you the best of luck on the field, stay safe and God bless to you and the team and it's coaches!

The Sports Meshugenuh

I was down at radio row on Tuesday and got to meet some sweet athletes. I hope to meet you this weekend and get a picture for my sports blog. Good luck on Sunday and yes I will be in the crowd cheering for you, since you are my favorite player.
Make sure when you get home to check out my blog and try to link up to it as well.
Go Steelers!
The Sports Meshugenuh


Hey Ben!

Best of luck to you and the rest of the Steelers as you get ready to kick some Seahawk butt on Sunday! I am very confident that you guys are going to be victorious on Sunday, just like Penn State was in the Orange Bowl this year! Tried to get to Detroit to see the game in person, but was unable to find tickets!! Maybe next time!! I'll be praying to the Steeler Gods for you guys!!



Hey Ben!
I'm glad you are going to shave the beard. The hair is hot though.
Good luck with the game. Everyone I know is rooting for you, including people I know in Findlay. (My boyfriend actually was a couple years behind you in high school there.)
Anyway, have a great Super Bowl week and keep your eyes on the prize!

Best of Luck!



Sounds like you are having a great--although busy--time up there in Detroit. I know the week must be flying by.

I had to laugh that one of the commenters here asked, "What is a Findlay?" Heehee. I guess it would sound strange to someone from out of the area, but it made me smile for sure.

Thanks for the updates, and enjoy yourself. Hope practice went well.

Good luck from B.G.!!

Terri from E. Pgh

Ben, good luck to you and the boys on Sunday! We were in Denver and you blew us away! Awesome! Remember, composure, you have tons!

In big Ben we trust!



Well, thank you so much for posting at this hectic time!
I watched the media day on the internet as we don't get the channel in the UK. Glad to see everyone is not letting the hype get to them! Its nice to read your thoughts etc during this time, and gives us just a slight insight into what actually goes on.
Keep as grounded as ever and my thoughts are with you and that fanatastic team of people around you.
The UK will be watching!!!

PS, what about keeping a little bit of stubble? just for me!! rofl

J. P.


Good luck to you guys in Detroit. The Steelers have played wonderfully this year and you guys are truly deserving of a Super Bowl win. By the way, it's nice to see you take the time to "entertain" us fans by giving us a glimpse into your world. I guess I just wanted to let you know that yet another person believes you are awe-inspiring.

J.P. in Fresno, CA
hoping for XL to go to Philly

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