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February 01, 2006



Ben, glad your going to be okay "life-wise", though I'm a lil PISSED to say the least in your refusal to wear a helmet when "EVERYONE" counts on you when your ON THE FIELD.

Oh well...like I'm being told....he only lives once...don't pick on him...let him alone...yadda yadda yadda...still...your a lil immature still and you should have known better.

Prayers for you and your loved ones on a speedy health-wise recovery. If you make it back on-the-field, GREAT! But if not, that's okay too. We got one for the thumb and that cannot be taken away...



My thoughts and prayers are with you. Injuries heal. We are just glad to know you made it out alive. Life is precious, especially when in an instant it could be lost. Stay safe for your family and loved ones.


Hay Big Ben hope u recover from the wreck before the football season Im your biggest fan


Dear Ben,

I Heard about your accident and I hope you get better real soon !!

Your #1 Fan,



Hey Ben, Im interested in your bike for parts. Mainly for the ignition switch.

A Fan

Ben, Your statement released after leaving the hospital is a blessed one, and you are a blessed example...challenges are opportunities...at times God is knocking, and you answered the call fully! I am proud of you, thankful it wasn't a harder lesson, and so excited for your seizing this opportunity. Kudos Ben...and Prayers for a speedy recovery, for your peace of mind, and for your being better after this challenge than before, I know it will bless you richly. Your friend


Ben I just wish that I knew you a whole lot better because everyone on the other thread are really hurt ful people except for a few of them all they do is laugh and tease and make fun of and i don't like that at all

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