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February 01, 2006








andrew stayrook

I just wanted to congratulate you and your team mates on the becoming the world champions. I attended the parade today with my 4 year old son, thanks for the memory and making all this possible. Keep it going, we got another hand to fill, thanks again, we'll always believe in this team and you


All the fans were at the parade because none of them have a job in that lousy city! hahahaha!


tom-You have an awful lot of time on your hands there yourself. Are you sure you have a job? PS:


Ben, My grandson who is 7 just really discovered football this year, and he has enjoyed your whole season. We had to get him a Steeler coat for his birthday and take it to Virginia to him! We share alot of email and stats. Congratulations! Steelers are the best!

Jamie Gellock

WAY TO GO STEELERS!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am for ALL of you guys, it was a tough game, and you guys held on, just like the fans did..we never doubted any of you. I do have a question though, I have MYSPACE, and when I searched for your name there were a lot of profiles of people claiming to be you, which makes me angry...haha do you have a myspace account?


Nice game Uselessburger A 22 RATING hahahaha good thing the refs bailed you out!!!!! I wish you would have lost because I love seeing Heinz Ward cry like the baby he is Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!


Tom or should I say Terry,

Its Ok that your upset b/c the Steelers who you apparently don't like won the superbowl. But instead of entertaining yourself by making all of your pathetic comments, why not try and find something better to occupy your time. Maybe you should pick a team that you can watch and be a fan of rather than whining about other peoples teams winning. Go ahead and put some wwwaaaahhh comments up there or maybe even something about sh*tsburgh because it takes alot of heavy duty thinking to come up with some thing that cuts right to the bone of all us Steelers fans. Maybe you should go into stand up?? It would occupy your time


Hey Ben,

Congratulations on your Super Bowl win. You ROCK!!! I think your hot and I'm glad the beard is gone. You look better without it. I am a die-heart Steelers fan. But you know that all good things have to come to an end someday, but lets not let it end now. Now lets start working on the other hand! When I heard about The Bus retiring I cried. He will be missed dearly by everyone. Congrats again and good luck next year!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

God Bless,


Distressed Municipality need I say more or maybe you cant read those big words in *hitsburg


Hey Big Ben,

I think you are the best QB there is. I think its awesome when you run the ball in for a touchdown. If I could have one wish it would be to meet you, because your awesome. See 14 year old girls are fans of you. Including me! I hope next year is the same as the last! Now lets get that Super Bowl next year too!!

Your Friend from Indiana,


Hi Ben! I'm a HUGE fan of your's! One of my good high school friends lives in Findlay. I grew up in the Pittsburgh area, always cheering for the Black and Gold! Great job in the Super Bowl--and it was cool seeing you in the parade last Tuesday too! If you're ever in South Jersey, you should come visit--we have a PF Chang's here! Congrats again!

Delsie Wertz

you guys did an awesome job in the superbowl..even though some of the oficiating wsn't perfect..i don't care what anybody says the touchdown was there. i grew up in pittsburgh, just wanted to tell you, you got lots of fans in columbus ohio..congrats..im glad the bus finally got his


Good afternoon, just wanted to say congrats Ben, You did a great job, And how does it feel to be only 23 and win a superbowl? Many other quaterbacks A lot older have been tring to accomplish that goal for a long time now and here you are at only 23 wining your first superbowl, that's just amazing!!! So what's your next goal in life? Also Happy birthday on March 2nd, that's mine too I always wanted to ask Do u know what time u was born? I was born at 8:14 am that same day!!! Keep in Touch, in my prayers~Christina


Congratulations Ben! Don't worry at all about the passing game in the Super Bowl. You're the youngest QB ever to win the Super Bowl and the Steelers never would have gotten there without you. You did so much else well in the game (running plays, blocking, the pass to Hines Ward). I look forward to many more great years of watching you.


Whats up Ben?!!!!!! I've been a steelers fan since i was six...I am so happy that we won..I cried with tears of joy... I think your the hottest quarterback ever...Wish you were at the pro-bowl so i could see you...but anyway i dont wanna thing im carzy. but, anyway if u want hit me back you have my email address...I'm a great gurl if your in store for one...Peace n Love...kristina L..


Congrats!!! - We are huge Steeler's fans from Maryland.
I love, love, love the photos of you guys posing with the Lombardi trophy that aired before the Superbowl. I want to buy COPIES !!! I have been searching for them to no avail. I hope the reality of your victory is settling in now. God Bless you more and more.

Carrie Calhoun

Hey Ben!Congratulations from a HUGE Steelers fan in Wyoming(have lots of family in Pittsburg though!).I just wanted to say that you were awesome in the super bowl. The whole team was awesome. I wish I could've been there to cheer you guys on and help celebrate your victory. Let's do it again next year!!!!!!! I'll be there for the next Steeler super bowl win I promise

Lori Malone

Hey Ben I knew you guys was gonna win! I watched the game in Las Vegas, but not the same as watching at home. I finally got my Steelers Tatoo, I said when you win the super bowl I will get it. Thank you! your fan LORI!


To all the bitter Seattle fans on this Blog...

20 Reasons SeattleCan't Blame the Refs

For the Seattlecrybabies and other excuse makers...print this out and give it
to them,
no need to say anything.

1. The Refs didn't give up the longest run in SB history...Seattle's defense
2. The Refs didn't bite on a 43 yd trick play, Randle to Ward for a
defense did.
3. The Refs didn't allow Ben to scramble around on a 3rd and 28 and complete a
long pass
to the 2 yd. line...Seattle's defense did.
4. The Refs didn't miss two field goals, that was Seattle.
5. The Refs didn't fail to step out of bounds late in the 1st half to stop the
clock in
Pitt territory in a crunch time situation...Seattle's offense did.
6. The Refs didn't let the 1st half clock tick down from 48 seconds all the
way down to
13 seconds before finally running their next play at Pitt's 36 yd
offense did.
7. And on this play, 3rd down, 53 yds away from a FG, it wasn't the Refs who
tried and
failed to go deep for a TD rather than a safer 5-7 yd play and timeout setting
up a much
easier FG attempt....that, again, would be Seattle's offense.
8. The Refs didn't get confused by Pitt's zone defense and throw an INT...that
would be
Seattle's QB.
9. The Refs didn't let a little physical contact intimidate them from catching
4 very
catchable passes...that would be the Seattle TE Jerramy Stevens.
10. With approx. 20 seconds left in the game, knowing they need a TD and FG,
in no
particular order, and in easy FG range on 4th down, it wasn't the Refs who
ignored the FG
and elected to throw up a prayer trying for a TD...that AGAIN would be Seattle.

And Seattleif you're Steel salty and steel reaching for excuses...

11. The Refs didn't constantly punt deep into the end zone, repeatedly giving
Pitt the
ball at the 20 yd line...that of course was Seattle.
12. It wasn't the Refs who received a Christmas gift wrapped easy INT lobbed in
position to return deep into Pitt territory...the lucky beneficiary of that
break would
be Seattle.
13. It wasn't the Refs who got a break when a Steeler DB dropped an easy int
early in
the game...that too would be a break for Seattle.
14. It wasn't the Refs who caught a break when a Steeler WR dropped a very
catchable TD
pass...that break again would go to Seattle.
15. It wasn't the scapegoat Refs that received a break when a WR caught the
turned, stepped, was hit hard enough to cause a fumble, and then ruled
would be of course, another chance for Seattle.
(this was an interesting call considering that after Troy's famous overruled
Int, the
NFL stated that it WAS a catch. If so, then this definitely WAS a catch)
16. The Refs werent the ones who caught a break when at the conclusion of a 2nd
play, as a Pitt DE was walking away, the SeattleCenterblindsided the
defenseless player,
leveling him to the ground. This mysteriously unseen crime was again another
break for
17. It wasn't the Refs who got a break when Pitt QB Big Ben was blocked in the
back as
he pursued the DB who he'd tossed an int to...that again would go to Seattle.
18. It wasn't the Refs who stopped Seattle RB Alexander in a few key
situations. That
would be the Pittsburgh Steelers.
19. It wasn't the Refs who converted many of their 3rd downs yet stopped their
on 3rd down often...that would be the Pittsburgh Steelers.
20. And the very bottom line is this...On plays when there wasn't any
team made plays and one team didn't. The end result was the final
outcoached and outplayed.

Get over it Seattle, lose with a little dignity.

Congratulations to the World Champion PittsburghSteelers.WE STEEL BELIEVE!!


ben-- what a week you had !! congrats on the sbxl win. next time you're in the motor city take jerome to greektown's pegasus resturuant- they've got the bestest greek food there..

jay moore

Do you have a shirt that says" Drink like a champion today"??


Hey Big Ben, Great Playing All Season, And Congrats On The Big Super Bowl WIN!!!! I Can't Wait To See What You And The Team Can Do This Season. Hopefully I Can Come To A Game!!Keep Up The Good Work. We Love All Of You!!


hey ben,great game on feb.5th u guys won the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!
i was sooo happy i lost mi voice
oh and happy early b-day
i love u sooo much u r soo CUTE

your biggest fan ever i LOVE the STEELERS

Tanya Thomas

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks, Ben for coming back to Findlay so quickly after the superbowl to support your sister in her big game. (She's really good!) Thanks also for the nice "writeup" in the paper from you and your family. It meant a lot that you said you were brought up to "recognize teamwork over individual accomplishment." I am so happy that you were able to bring the BUS back home and feel a little sad you will not play ball with him anymore. I wish you many years of success and hope to see ya around town again.
Go Steelers! Go Trojans!
Tanya Thomas, Findlay, Ohio

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