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February 06, 2006


Annabeth Blue

Congratuations!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!! Thank you so much to you and the team! Steelers are the champions!!!!

My birthday was Friday the 3rd...this is the most amazing birthday present ever! Thank you guys!

vince palamara

Ben, God Bless you, buddy!! You make us so proud--not just as an athlete, but as a human being...in fact, all the Steelers are great...but you are THE reason we got to the Superbowl...enjoy the win!!!! YOU'VE MADE MILLIONS WORLD-WIDE SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!
vince palamara
die-hard fan since 1975 (age: 9)


Great Job and Congratulations..


I have never, ever been so proud to say I'm from Pittsburgh!


Congrats Ben on your super bowl victory! I watched with a bunch of friends. I must say though, you didn't look yourself out there, I wouldn't blame you....it's the Super Bowl!lol When you threw that second pick, I was looking for you to make the tackle! But the illegal push from behind stop that theory! lol I am so thrilled you brought the Steelers a 5th Championship! Thank you again for all your hard work. And looking forward to next year! After all we have 5 more fingers to work on :)

Go Steelers!


Congratulations on such wonderful accomplishments this year. You are truly an outstanding young man. Dont let the negative naysaying sportswriters get you down. Youre the best and you are supported and loved by all of us in Steel Nation - all across the US.



Ben - Composure under fire...

You showed it man...I watched one play in particular the big pass on 3rd and 28 to Hines Ward..

On TV you could see you turn look at the defender plant your feet and pass knowing he was coming..Classic Bro..

Go party get some rest..enjoy it man you have earned it...Id probably say go an have some personal time first though!

Give Hines a whats up and high five from the UGA and GA fans he done us proud!



I posted under Wednesday's post too.... :D..................

I KNEW the Steelers were gonna win!! And here's why...not only am I a HUGE fan...(have been since I was a little girl)...but there was a karma brewing. Bus was finally in the BIG GAME at home. His # is 36, it was the 36th day of 2006 and when my hubby ordered his hot wings for the game, is order # was, yup, you guessed it....#36!!! Congrats to all of you once again!!

Tess...bleedin' BLACK & GOLD


You had lots of prayers all week - and throughout the entire game from me... I just kept praying for clarity, focus and calming thoughts. You all did really well. You guys really did deserve this win.



Do you have any idea how many grown men you and the rest of the guys reduced to tears on Sunday night? hehe

To see you and the rest of the team win the bowl was a dream come true to millions of us everywhere.

I have NEVER been so moved by a sporting event in my life. I think I can speak for many of your fans when we felt every play that happened in that game... we always share your highs and lows in games, but this was something special to all of us... I am 31 years old and have been a Steeler fan since I was 2 years old!

I don't mind addmitting that when I saw 0.03 left on the clock and saw the tears in Cowher's eyes, I broke down also - many of us did.

You have a lot to be proud of Ben, your achievments are one, but maybe even more importantly is the fact that you done it all with honor, faith and teamwork.
This is why you are Pittsburgh's favourite son - because you apitomize everything that is good and hard working in today's society.

You, Jerome, Hines and many others deserve this - enjoy it my friend because you have brought inspiration to millions of us!


Hi Ben: Thank you and the Steelers for winning the Super Bowl. I had spinal surgery this summer which left me without much use of right leg. Your remarkable season end run has brought a smile back to my face which I have not had for a long time. Thank you again.


Big ups Ben!!! You should be so proud of yourself! You and the team really stuck it out and ended up playing an awesome game! Just think, you made this happen! The Steelers would not have made it this far if it hadn't been for you!! As a lifelong Steelers fan, I want to congratulate you and the rest of the team! You are a true Steeler now! Time to rest up for next season!


Congrats on being the YOUNGEST QB to EVER win a Superbowl!! You still have everything ahead of you and a whole city supporting you. Go Steelers!!




CONGRATULATIONS BEN!! You guys played a great game and definitely deserve to be WORLD CHAMPIONS! I'm so happy for you, Jerome, Hines, and all of the guys on the team. You guys worked so hard and there was no team that deserved it more than you! CONGRATULATIONS again. Can't wait for next season. See you at training camp!


Congrats on the Super Bowl win! What an amazing game! Can't wait to see your pics from Detroit!


First off I want to say congratulations on winning Super Bowl XL!!!!! It's the day after the game and it's my b-day!!! Because of you guys this is one of the best birthdays i've ever had!!!! I never doubted you guys and i always knew that if you were at QB that we could go the distance. Your an awesome player and person, Ben. I know i've said it before but i can't wait until the day that I get to meet you in person!! I loved reading your blogs all last week because it made me feel so close to you and the team!!! I'm hoping to come to training camp during the summer and hopefully i'll get an autograph from you!!! That would make my day!!! Once again thank you so much for the memorable season and for bringing so much joy to the lives of all the steeler's fans. Now, i get to finish my scrapbook of the year that we got the one for the thumb!!!

All my love,


Way to go Big Ben and the Steelers!
You have made this Miamian and many others very proud of you and your teammates :)
Have a fantastic offseason and I look forward to another great season out of you guys!




Ben -

If I know you, you are probably having mixed emotions about the win. You won a Super Bowl, but you probably aren't totally satisfied with you performance. It was good enough to win and YOU got the team to the big game - that's what matters. You can redeem yourself by playing even better in NEXT year's Super Bowl! ;)

Hugs to you - enjoy your win! You and the team have made the year for Steelers fans across the nation.

Drop me an e-mail if you get a chance - I'll be in the Burgh for work a few times in the next month. I'd love to meet you on the South Side for a beer and a hug.


Well, for anyone who wasn't sure, we now all KNOW that you are Superman. When you can't quite find the rhythm with your arm, you find other ways to win the game. Several GREAT runs - touchdown & KEY late 1st down. And, the excellent block thrown during the flea-flicker score ! Add that to your now-famous, season-saving tackle against Indy, and we are now convinced Pgh. has a QB who could actually play just about any position, if need be. Now that I think about it, I remember a couple of "pooch" kicks during the season, as well !! What a complete package ! Congrats, Ben - and a great big thank you for letting us tag along & watch all the fun. ENJOY !


Great job leading the Steelers to the Super Bowl. And even though you didn't play your best in the game itself, you were THE reason the Steelers made this game! Awesome work Ben!!

Fans from Johnstown, PA

Congratulations on your Super Bowl victory! Be proud of yourself and your teammates. And don't beat yourself up about being nervous...Who wouldn't be?? You had some terrific plays! Best wishes to you, have fun, and enjoy these moments. It's amazing how you found the time to post updates for your fans...we all appreciate it.

Loyal fans in New Jersey

Congratulations to Ben and the entire Pittsburgh Steeler Team!!
Great game, great win, great tradition!!!!!!!!

Brittany Lewton

Good job last nite!!!!!! I was so happy for you and all your teammates and coaches! You deserved it! Yayyy you are world champs!!!! love ya :}

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