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February 06, 2006


Brittany Lewton

Good job last nite!!!!!! I was so happy for you and all your teammates and coaches! You deserved it! Yayyy you are world champs!!!! love ya :}

Bryan Shultz

Great job Ben. I am totally amazed at the way you guys turned it up in the second half. I have been a true Steelers fan as long as I can remember. Last night was one Super Bowl I'll never forget. I don't think the organization in Pittsburgh could've gotten a more classier guy than you. I remember reading articles about you in College magazines when you were in Miami (OH). Congratulations to you and the team for a well deserved win, and a great year that will never be forgotten by Steeler fans.!!!

Howie and Cheryl Baskin

Why weren't you interviewed after the game? In fact we never saw you after the game. You are a very important piece of the puzzle and we missed seeing you interviewed!



CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Super Bowl. You got the job done. That's what counts. You have to be so proud on how you played thoughout the year along with your teammates playing as hard. I truly believe you will be there again.


Hey Ben,
Awesome game! You guy's really took my breath away on some of those play's. Thanks so much for making it a very interesting game. It really was on of those games that hold's you to the last minute! (And those are always the best) BTW if your ever looking for a girl who’s down to earth, pretty and has a good head on her shoulders my best friend is defiantly it! She’s a Pittsburgh Girl but she goes to school with me down here at the University of Tennessee. She's actually was the one who got me into the Steelers! Well she's a great person and single! And if you ever want of meet her just give me an e-mail and I can make it happen! Ok Sweetie I hope you have a safe trip back! Enjoy your break! o and also btw were having a Rafting Trip in Ohiopyle, PA this summer probably at the end of July or the beginning of August its only for a weekend you should see if you can come! Its good people, fun and amazing and I really do mean amazing food!


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! WOW... that's all I can say. You guys pulled through when no one but the fans thought you could do it. No one 8 weeks ago would have believed the Pittsburgh Steelers would be Superbowl Champs. Now look, Superbowl XL CHAMPS!! I can't imagine the emotions going through everyone's head right now. I know I am having a mixture of excitement and sadness,due to Jerome announcing his retirement. But what a way for him to go out. You came through on your promise Ben. You told him to stay this year and you would get him a ring. Well you did that. No, the STEELERS did that for him, themselves, coach Cowher, the Rooney's, and the FANS! Just an amazing job. I am so excited. I want to get to Pittsbrugh this week sometime. That would be amazing! It would be totally worth it! Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS again, especially for being the youngest quarterback EVER to win a superbowl!! =] Man, what great things lay in store for you and the Steelers! ~GOD BLESS~


I had been dreaming of Sunday for a long time, kept thinking THE STEELERS HAVE TO WIN. It's too much of a fairy-tale ending for Jerome. The victory still hasn't sunk in; I can't believe we made it through the journey. I was so impressed that you did everything in your power to keep your promise to the Bus. Not too many people like that. At the end of it all, it felt weird, like the kind of Christmas morning where you've opened all of your gifts, and your happy for all of them, but it didn't quite play out like you had dreamed about. And I'm guessing that you and many of the other Steelers may feel the same way. You all are champions, and rightfully so (a Superbowl win in your second year!!!!). But in the games leading up to the playoffs, and all they way down the road to Detroit, you played like champions. And I think that is the greater victory. I know you guys will make it to the big game again because I'm sure that deep down you want to live up to the game you played over and over in your head, your secret wish for glory. Clash of the Titans. And I have no doubt that you will do it. I was at Jerome's last home game and screamed my bloody heart out for all that he has done. It's the end of an era...and the beginning of a new one! Here we go Steelers!!


Ben you did it!!! You guys got us the one for the thumb and I, being a lifelong Steelers fan, thank you for coming to this establishment and blessing us with your ability to add and make this great team even greater! You helped get Cowher, Bettis and the rest of those deserving men a Championship ring. I am so excited for all of you and cannot wait to celebrate with you tomorrow back in the black and gold town PITTSBURGH! I love you guys!

Al Roethlisberger

Contratulations Ben!

I spent my youth living in Pittsburgh, and grew up with Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Green, Franco Harris, and Lynn Swan leading the Steelers to some of their greatest glories in the history of the franchise.

We moved out of Pennsylvania just about the same time as the winning combination that was the 1970s powerhouse also started to go their separate ways, and the team moved into new incarnations.

But I have continued to follow the Steelers over the years, and it is with great excitement that I congratulate you and the entire team for their win last night that returns the Lombardi trophy to Pittsburgh.

As Dan Marino advised, take this all in and enjoy the moment, as this is one of those times in your life you will always remember.

Congratulations again, and good luck next season!

Al Roethlisberger



being from ny and never being a football fan i have to say you have changed all that. I think you have managed to convert a random ny'er to a steelers fan. who knew? Great job yesterday and awesome touchdown.


Oh and to add on to my last comment She has the best laugh in the WORLD!


THANK YOU BEN!!!!!! it was a great game we here at the NATION are so proud of all you guys.
i think we all should say from now on BIG BEN STRUCK ONE!!!!! at the STEELER BOWL!!!!!! so now that you won the STEELER BOWL! where you going next?
I got an idea how about canton OHIO i feel you and the BUS both belong there so heres to you BUS and BEN!!!!!!!!!! congratssssssssss BOYSSSSS

Mustang basketball

Congrats Big Ben your first Super Bowl ring! How does it feel? I am so proud of you and the whole team and Hines to!I Love You!

It's been a great ride Bus!!!!


Way to go!!! You guys are the World Champs!!!! You guys made history on the way!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and the rest of the team!!! I can't wait to see your pictures from the Super Bowl! Congrats on being the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl too! It's been an awesome season and you proved everyone wrong who said you guys couldnt do it. WAY TO GO!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! God Bless you and the whole team ~Amber~

Liz Garrett

Congrats Steelers!! Being from PA and having a PA team win the Super Bowl makes me ecstatic. Keep up the good work and lets get ready for next season!


Hey Ben,

I think yesterday was the most TV I have ever watching in a 24 hour span.....well March Madness is up there to. I was seriously glued to the TV all day....watching every thing about the game. It was so, kool watching my team in the Big Game....b/c last year I was in Philly at school and I saw how the Eagles going to the Super Bowl brought everyone in the city together.....you guys def. did that this year!!! I just want to thank you for getting the city of Pittsburgh and the Steeler Nation ONE FOR THE THUMB!!! I have really enjoyed reading each entry this week...hopefully you will be putting up some pics form the Super Bowl in your free time!!! oh and you can't forget to put up some of Zeus too.....we all love him :) Well, enjoy everything and I can not wait to hear from you again! YAY WE WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!

~Betsy Bilger~

John Sloas


Jana & Joe

Thank you so much for all you did this year. You are a true Champion. As life long Steeler fans, who have lived all over this great country, we can honestly say: THE STEELER NATION LOVES YOU. If we had a son, we would want him to be like you. No doubt.

Much love to all the rest of the team and to our beloved Bus. We surely will miss him, but are so very happy for him.

Congrats on being the WORLD CHAMPIONS! Thank you for giving us one for the thumb!

Our dog, Bailey, says to tell Zeus "arf" and "what is with these crazy football humans anyway?"

God Bless!
Jana & Joe, Fort Myers


Hail to the 'BIG GUY'!!!! My ONE and ONLY complaint is that you are not the NFL MVP for superbowl XL! I thought you had it for sure. At one time, during the highlights, my hub and I were like....o my god, did you see that...he looked like SUPERMAN...You ran, planted, threw, cape was almost visible. I bet you know what play I'm talking about. FYI MY HUB IS A PATS FAN AND STILL REFERRED TO YOU AS SUPERMAN....COOOOL. I never knew this blog existed, I just sat down & googled 'big ben steeler' and here you are and I'll be back. CONGRATULATIONS....I LOVE YOU SUPERSTEELER!!!! WVU GIRL.

John in KC

Ben, You are a true blessing to all Steeler Fans everywhere - don't let those interceptions bother you too much. Bringing home the Lombardi trophy covers a multitude of mistakes. You are already a beloved icon in Pittsburgh and the Steeler Nation. ...And you haven't had much time to be inexperienced or young or a rookie in this league - and, in fact, you've set some marks that I doubt any other QB will ever come near to touching. Keep working like you are and improving. I'm looking forward to watching your phenominal career. God Bless you.


I sit here at work, staring at my computer wondering why today is not a National Holiday? I have no voice and probably the worst hangover in years! Still trying to piece everything together, after the game. Not sure how the Patrone bag "freebie" ended up in my truck. Needless to say, I feel like crap and it's all because.... WE WON BABY! It's the best hangover anyone could ever have!!! Thanks you!
Laura - Jackson, WY Steeler Nation


BEN...that game was awesome!! What a way to have Busse go out. I know that you made a promise to him last season that if he came back u would take him to the S.B. and get him a ring....and u did! My dad always told me that a man is meaured by his word...and u proved him right..I know that the win is alot to sink in..just don't let the celebrity that comes with it get to you, and change who u are. It is hard to do! I used to date a minor league baseball player, and he went pro to the MLB and he changed....I don't want to see that happen to you, remember who u are, and why u are there...This is all a blessing that could be taken away in an instant...not that I have to remind u, but all of this has already been written...ENJOY your win and finally being able to relax and spend some time with friends and family, and of course Zeus:-) I had so much fun following u and the team this yr. I can't wait til next season. BTW, my whole family was crying at the end of the game, I don't know if u know how much watching u guys bust your butts means to people. I hope that one day I will run into you and get to shake your hand, and tell you thank you and how much I appreciate you...
God Bless,


I am a paramedic and have not had the time to come to a game. I watch every game at work. I think your great! You played a great game. Don't ever leave us!! Congrats.

Cathy Collins

Congratulations, Ben!! You guys were awesome.

Eleasah Burroughs

YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Ben, you and the city of Pittsburgh deserved to win. Please don't shave!

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