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February 06, 2006



Look, we all have one buring question. When will you blog again? If anyone knows, you can email me by clicking my name at the bottom of this message where it says posted by Jon.


I think that Ben forgot about us!!!!

Eddie Shore

Bloggers, Ben will not forget about us.

You just get well. Football can wait if need be.

Adversity is part of life; just know I'm behind you come what may.



Ben, no need to worry about blogging, just worry about getting better so we can see you kick bootie on the football field!!!!

By the way, are you enjoying the picture we took together?????

Love ya!!!!!!!!!


please ben please dont be doing thins to me again wear a friggin helmet next time, or how about you dont ride at all. Wait till the career is over.Good luck, get well and win the championship again this year



I just wanted too say i hope you have a wonderful INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!! Ben your recovery is going well. Ben take all the time you need. Ben i care so much about you.

love barbara


Hey Big Ben ,

I just wanted you too know that my Birthday is tomorrow yes on the FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!Everybody Celebrates my birthday....

love barbara

Julie Legg

Dear Ben,

Do you know – really know – how fortunate you are to not only be alive, but to have suffered NO life long ailments from your motorcycle accident? My son, Kris, was riding home from work on September 4, 2004 when a person with a BAC of .217 turned left in front of him. Kris was wearing all of his protective gear, including his helmet, titanium reinforced gloves, and reinforced jacket. According to both the police report and a crash re-enactment professional, Kris was traveling below the posted speed limit. He still couldn’t avoid the car. As a result of the crash, Kris suffered major head trauma and died 2 days later.

I’m not totally sure of why I felt the need to share all of this with you except to do all that I can to emphasize the importance of wearing safety gear. No, it didn’t help Kris, but coming up against someone with a BAC of .217 is an event with few survivors.

Kris was twenty-three years old, and as a Senior Airman in the Air Force, he served in Iraq from January – May 2004. He was willing to return if it meant that a person with a family wouldn’t have to go. Kris joined the Air Force so his life would make a difference. I want to do all that I can to carry out his wish.

You can help by encouraging motorcyclists to be as safe as possible – that includes wearing protective gear. You can also spread the word, “Don’t drink and drive.”

I wish you well in the upcoming season, and safe driving throughout your life.


Julie Legg


Congratulations! I was raised on watching Steelers football, since I was a tyke. I look forward to more Super Bowls featuring my team: the Pittsbugh Steelers. Once again Congratulations (I kno this is a lot late, just found the blog.)

Also, Mr. Roethlisberger take care of yourself & God Bless.

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