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February 04, 2006



hi ben! i am sooo excited that the steelers are going to the superbowl!! i hate the seahawks!! go steelers go go go!!!


Big B,
The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to make history this sunday.Good luck and have fun but focused.

Traci Wallace

Hey Ben from your biggest fan in Kansas!! Think alot of people here should have listend to me about you, as I was so right and look where you are!!! You were just what Pittsburg needed and I am so glad you gave them back life! This is one girl who hasn't missed watching you play one game since you have been there, and the happiest female fan you have will be watching you on Sunday! I wish you the best of luck!!! Hope you know that even us woman follow your career right along with the men, and here at my house there will be a bunch of us watching ya'll play!!! Get er done Ben!!!!!


Hey Ben-

Thanks for all the updates, it is great to hear what all is happening in Detroit. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team tomorrow! Take care and God bless.

Bethany Greene

We understand about the blogs being shorter. I was supprised at how long they were in the first place. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them. I'm glad that you are enjoying these last few days before the Super Bowl. I can't wait to see some of the pictures that you've been taking. You all are in my prayers. Just remember that even if the Steelers don't win that we will still love you all and just be happy that we made it in the first place.

How is Zeus doing? We would love to see some pictures of him.

Bethany Greene

1 Timothy 4:12

Mike Maloney

Hey Ben,

Good luck Sunday! I know your going to lead the Steelers in another victory. This is just the beginning for this team. The core will remain intact, but we'll miss the ones that move on.
Maybe someday when we have an "off" year, you can come party with us. It's going to be a fun one.
Big Ben...MVP

Javier Farrera

Hello Ben, greetings from Mexico City.
I write to wish you, and the team, the best of the lucks for this Sunday. In the games at indianapolis and denver, you were really amazing, therefore we not doubt that Sunday will be your best game. Remember here in Mexico the people have a big love to the Steelers and we will be earrings on what happens in Detroit. P.D. sorry, my english is bad.


so ben, what r u doing on Sunday?...probably something important i'll bet. lol GOOD LUCK THIS SUNDAY AND GREAT JOB THIS SEASON!!
im so excited about tomorrow i cant even think about it...i cant even imagine what you guys are going through lol.
its always sad after the Super Bowl though because then its like "oh man! there isnt any football for 6 whole months!!" but we will cope well.


wow i am soo excited for the superboul!! yeah! woo and i cant wait to see us win!!!XD. so how is things going with you? lol well yeah i would absoulty love and just about have a heatattach if you e-mailed me back! your friend and fan

Julie H.

We're getting ready for our NYC Super Bowl party tomorrow, complete with calls from our Pittsburgh friends and family on the breaks.

Win it for us Ben. Win it for all of us who had our hearts broken against the Cowboys ten years ago. Win it for the Bus!

Looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you so much for all the blog entries this week. :)


i cant wait for sunday!!!! i am so happy!! You are prob nervess but dont worry were gonna win!! the Steelers are a great team with great pepol on it!! and great fans supporting all of you!!! my lil sister (she is 8 years) cant wait till sunday and loves you and the the rest of the team so much she dous not no what the Super Bowl is yet but she is tring to learn! she never liked Foot Ball till you became QB!!! she always said Football was stupid and boring but now she LOVES it!!! she says you make it fun (and you do)!!!well ben I LOVE YOU and so dous my sis give Zeus a pat for me
I LOVE YOU God Bless you and the rest of the Steelers! Good Luck!!!!!
Love you
love Riki Steeler Gal
and my lil sis Gabrielle AKA. BL


Hi Ben...
Game time is nearing and I don't know if you will have time to read these posts or not, but Good Luck to you and team tomorrow...I will be watching the game.
Thank you for taking time to make posts to your blog, it's great to read and I know you have been having a great time in Detroit...if you get the chance I have a pic of my black cat all geared up in Steeler. I need a site to send you the pic...
Tell the Bus for me, would love to have him back again next year, he is awesome also...


Hey Ben

Tomorrow is the big day. I'll proudly be wearing the number 7 and rooting you and the rest of the Steelers on to victory. It's been a really great to be able to read you blog this week, I almost feel like I'm there in Detroit with you all. Good Luck Sunday, God Bless you all, and Go Steelers!


Marie :)

Hi Ben!!!
I can't wait for tomorrow! You guys are going to be sweet!! Good luck and take it to them!!! No one has earned this super bowl then you guys. I know you guys will beat the Seahawks!
I'll be with my Steelers Crazy Buddies, in our jeresys (I have yours) and terible towels, watching the game some where in the Burgh.
Good luck again and if Jerome should retire after this tell him thanks for everything.


Hey Ben,
You are my favorite football player of all time.I hope you and your team win the Superbowl.I have started stocking up for the Superbowl.I'm for the Steelers all the way.I hope you win.You are the best!


Hey Ben!

Just wanted to say that everyone in Canada is cheering for you! Hope you checked out Windsor.. awesome city in Canada! We cheer for you b/c only you Pittsburgh people can relate to the cold we suffer up here! My mom and I are watching so good luck again!


Hi Ben,
I have been following your career in the NFL after hearing the good things your fellow players said about you during your rookie year with the Steelers and how they were making an extra effort to protect you since being a rookie can be challenging for any newcomer. Wish you only the best in bringing home a Super Bowl win for all your fans!

Bob R.
West Haven, CT
(Giants Country but rooting for Steelers)


He Ben..hope you feel good..the bowl day comes nearer..i think you like it to have your family on your side..at your big day..i wish i can also on your side but in my thinkings are with you...you so great..i hope really that i have the luck to meet you sometime..thats my bigest wish and dream...make your game..win or lose..for me you are the winer..and you have a special place in my heart..i'm here in germany 6 houers earlyer..and i can't wait at the sunday...i wish your and the steelers good luck for the game...take care Ben..god bless you..and the team..beat the seahawks...gooo stellers..with all my love your karin


Well, Ive been watching nothing but sports center for the past week.. and these past few days have really comforted me.. it's good to hear that you guys are in favor to win.. seriously! I always get so stressed out when you guys play... but anyway, good luck Sunday- my friends and I will be watching (as always) and ruiting you on- especially against the seahawks!- though I do wish you would have been playing the Panthers.. because (living down south and being from the north) my friends and I cant stand them- and to see my favorite team beat them- would have been awesome! But good luck again, Kick some butt Ben! Much Love, Hayley (ps.. nice beard! haha j/k)


Good luck, Ben! Bring the trophy back to the 'Burgh!

Van Waldrop

Ben, Wow! tomorrow's the big day.
Listen,you play to your abillity,you earned the right to be here, no one gave you a free ticket, you're here because the Steelers are the best AFC team. and continue to play with the confindence you demostrated during the play-offs. Believe in your Team which have already proven they're the (Best by Test). You have a arsenal of weapons at your disposal, use them. I'm expecting the Bliz-Burg defence to cause alot of turn-overs so, you will have the opportunity to get-R-done! If Seattle does something, shake it off and keep doing what you do, Never forget that the Pittsburgh Steelers and coaches will find a way to win, no matter what, I know this, You know this! I can't wait to see you and the team lift the trophy, you have truly earned it. Play with all your heart Ben and with Gods speed.

Van Waldrop

* Erica

Aww hey Ben! I'm SO ready for Sunday!!! My friend is coming to my house and were having us a party! =] Gonna be great! I went shopping today for your jersey..I couldnt find one anywhere!!!! But thats ok! =D GO GET ONE FOR THE THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 as always, =]
* Erica <3


Good Luck Man!!!!!!!!!


Well, no big party here. Just family. Just got my daughters Jersey and onesie outta the dryer..all ready for tomorrow. Best of luck to you and the whole team. Waitin to see the "Jaw Jutt" on coach. LoL! Play with your heart and I know you'll kick some butt.


Hi Ben.


I'm sure you hear how great you are all the time--with good reason. But I want you to know what an inspiration you are to other people, not just about football, but about life. You really make it seem like dreams can come true.

And get this--because of your excitement for the game, and your incredible play, you've made it possible for me to convert my wife, who is from England, and never watched a game in her life, into an insane Steeler fan. We'll both be watching you and sending out our vibes to support and help you. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

But you know that already....

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