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February 04, 2006



Hey Ben ur an awsome quarterback and my favorite player...Im so ready for the super bowl and ur goin get one for the thumb... Good Luck and be safe... well i have to go good luck...

love always


Dear Ben,
It is great that you have a blog, I have lung cancer and I hope you don't mind me writing you about my disease. I would love to get your autograph, I love all of the steelers and will be rooting the team on Sunday.

Mary Catherine Maher

Ben thank you so much for sharing the atmosphere in Detroit. My self and about half of my school is routing for the Steelers. Tomorrow go out there and kick some Seahawk butt!!!


This has been a wild ride for you and the team this year. I get goose bumps when I think of you all being in the Big Game tomorrow. I live in AZ so we are looking forward to you being here in 2008. God bless you and the Steelers!!!


Just wanted to wish you guys GOOD LUCK one more time before the big game!!! Have fun out there...I want to see those big smiles again...God Bless!


hello all you crazy Steeler fans, this is so fantastic. Back here in Canada (Toronto) are getting ready for the big game. i am also very excited today because this is my first time writing to you all. Anyway good luck Steelers, and Ben it has been an amazing ride watching you grow as a QB, and I am sooooo proud of you and so is the rest of Toronto. I am looking foward to watching this game, there is a different smell in the air around this time and it kick's ass.
Good Luck lots of love ElaineYiannoulakis


Hey Ben!

Your blogs this week have been great. Thanks for sharing this exciting week with all of us! This has been quite an interesting season and its been great to watch. My friends and I here in FL are all rooting for you!!


Hey Ben,

Thank you for taking time to write to us this week, but thank you most especially for the great season. You've had such a great year and I'm so happy that all your hard work is paying off.

I heard on PTI this week (Kornheiser said you'll demolish the Seahawks, hopefully that doesn't work against you like it did the Colts) that you have a hard time going out in public or meeting women in Pittsburgh and so I wanted to invite you to NYC this offseason. I sat next to Chris Noth (Mr Big from Sex and the City) at a bar a few weeks ago and no one bothered him at all. We're used to celebrities and I imagine you miss being able to just hang out like a normal person. If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail and I'd love to show you around for a night.

Good luck tomorrow - my friends and I are all cheering for you. But no matter what happens, win or lose, you're still the best quarterback Pittsburgh has had since Bradshaw.



Just heard on the news that Warren made the Hall of Fame... awesome news!!

Michelle - burberrygirl

Charger fan here. Before you guys torch me. I have say even though I'm not a Steelers fan I think you are a great QB and you guys had an amazing run. Can't wait until Sunday.



im really happy because tomorrow is the Super Bowl!!!!!!
its realle asome and i cant wait to see the game.
thats everything i want to say bye


i forgot say congratulations
you played very good all the season and post season.
see you
good luck
bxos= kisses

Ashia Eldridge



Hey! Good luck with the game tomorrow. I'm from Pittsburgh so of course I'll be screaming for the Steelers every minute of the game. In either situation you played an amazing season and you're one of my favorite players! Congrats for making it so far already...good job and I hope you do well tomorrow! Have fun!

jonathan buescher

Hey Ben,
Thanks for taking the time to write while you are in Detroit! It means alot to your fans here who are pulling for you and the team. I will proudly be wearing my new #7 Steeler Superbowl jersey and AFC Champ hat to watch the game at our local Steeler hangout. Here in Florida we have become a proud group cheering you on in our same booths for every game in season and especially through the playoffs!!!!! GO GET EM BIG BEN. I'm the proudest kid in my high school cause of you all!!!! You showed everyone how true champions are made!!!


***BEn **
I am so excited I cannot wait till tomarrow. I would have to say I am the biggest Pittsburgh fan here in Lynchburgh! I am stayign at home to watch it, but everyone is comign to my house. I warned them i will NOT be quiet and I will NOT sit still and I'm going to be stressed to the max! Till the game is over **** I love you! Good luck and thanks for writing. EMAIL ME DOBROWOLSKI24@MSN.COM****


Ok i knwo i just wrot ebut this is kinda cool : "That sting you felt was the snap of a Terrible Towel...
The black and blue brusies are from running into a steel curtin ..and no your team has never faced anything like pittsburgh...Our tactic is to crush anythign running in our way...and we will crush you...." Wow thats so true for us! Can I have an Amen from all the steelers fans!!!!! lol Love ya Ben

dont forget to email me!


Hey Ben. Im from washington, pa. I think u are a amazing athlete. My cousins daughter Mackenzie is 4 yrs old, she will be 5 this month. She is totally obsessed with you. Shes always blowing you kisses, saying shes going to marry you and nobody is allowed to touch you cuz you are hers! :) She says " My dreams are coming true " She is 4 yrs old mind you..ha ha, shes soo adorable. I would love to send u a picture of her, so please email me at wildncrazy04@hotmail.com and i will get back 2 u asap and send you her pic. I also mailed you a letter about sending her a letter, a photo-graph or something. She would really appreciate it. Im also a big fan, but i think it would be great for her to hear from you. Feel free to email me or check me out on myspace. Goodluck on sunday. We are gonna kick some butt!!!!


I'm so excited to be watching the game tomorrow, although we won't be hearing it in English (auf Deutsch in Germany!) I was wondering if you were considering having people send in photos of their super bowl parties. I know that our's will be AWESOME since most of us are Steelers fans. I know you did stuff for Halloween but would want you to consider adding pictures for SUPER SUNDAY!!! We're rooting for you from the U.S. Army in Germany!!!! God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know Detroit must be "AWESOME". But it is just as incredible back here in Pittsburgh. You cant pass a car without seeing a STEELERS bumpersticker, or flag. Buildings with giant banners hanging from them. Or tremendous crowds of fans waving terrible towels.This is truely the biggest tailgate party ever.Bring home the "ON FOR THE THUMB!!!" and Kick Their @ss

Eli Manning

Don't forget Ben, I still make more money than you.

Tanya Thomas

Greetings from Findlay, Ohio! We wish you the very best. We are ALL so proud of you. I used to watch you play for FHS b-ball, and was amazed at your multi talents then and continue to be amazed now. May God bless you, keep you safe, and lead you to Victory tomorrow!
The Thomas Family


Hey Ben!
I just wanted to tell u my Uncle Frank and Aunt Mia live in "Steeler" Pennsylvania and my uncle Frank sells 55-57 chevy items primarily, but he does have other parts to restore classic cars through the 70's. If Uncle Frank doesn't have teh part he will know someone who can help you find it. Thank you


Hey Ben! I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I have enjoyed hearing about how your week is going with the media and everything. I bet it was (or will be)nice to see your family. I am sure they are terrific support! Good luck Sunday! And bring it home! I will be chearing for you and the rest of the guys.
Love your number one Canton,Ohio fan!

Kolt Green

Hey Ben, always fun to read your updates and thoughts of the day... I know you're ready as well as the team being so as well! Keep focused, listen to Cowher (haha) and do what you do best! We all love and support ya, best of luck bro!

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