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February 04, 2006



Hey Ben,
Congrats on winning the trophy--I knew u guys could pull it off!! I hope u guys make it to the superbowl again next year--it wont be the same without the bus!

Later----luv sarah


Oh Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy,
Not one to point fingers huh?? That's questionable. So the refs made some questionable calls, that may be true, however if you really want to get down to it, the pass int call, the touchdown call and whatever else you think was wrong were all supported by the NFl on the day following the superbowl. You're right we will not be the same team next year w/out Bettis. But don't sleep on Parker and Haynes, and the oft injured Duce. I just question how well your tema is going to function w/out your offensive catalyst Mr. Alexander. Nonetheless I thought Seattle played well for a team in their 1st SuperBowl EVER. I hope the Steelers and the Seahawks have a chance to face off again in the near future, so you can remember how efficient J Stevens is at not catching balls and what your offense produces once its one dimensional. Looking forward to the 06 season.

eleanor kassell

Ben and the Steelers,
Congradulations on winning the Super Bowl, there was no doubt in my mind who was going to win. I and my family and friends are all from the Pittsburgh area and we went to the parade, it was great the turnout of fans and Steeelers, together like that was awesome. The Steelers made us all so proud. We all prayed for one for the thumb and our prayers were answered, Praise Jesus. I just beat lung cancer in Jan.,2006 and in Feb.,2006, they did a c-t scan of my head and found a brain tumor. I just finished radiation to the whole brain and will be having a M.R.I. at the end of March,2006 and my doctors will decide if I will have to go to Presby Hospital for a proceder called a Gammaknife in April,2006. It has been a real challenge and trail but through the prayers of many I have been able to get though this, especially with the support of my husband,family and friends. I hope you don't mind me talking about my ordeal with cancer, I love the Steelers and pray for all of you. Again you are now the Super Steelers and your fans are all so very proud. Please feel free to e-mail me, anytime, I know how busy the Steelers and you are right now but perhaps you could find a moment and e-mail me, it would really make my day and year. Ellie

Jamal Mtshali

hey ben, when you gonna write another blog?!


Im praying for ya Ben!! I love ya and God Bless. Please everyone pray for Big Ben.


I was brain injured in 1988. I was not as fortunate as you were after the accident and I was wearing a helmet. I live north of you in n.y. and I belong to a group of head injury survivers here. I would thoroughly enjoy meeting you face to face and it would make me very happy if you would allow me to introduce you to my brain injury group.
Thank you

Sports Guy

Hey! Is this really Ben's blog?



You guys are doing better as time goes on, but think you just got off of an concussion and a motorcycle accident. Things take time to recover but you are still in the game you rock!!!Good luck on Sunday!!!


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