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February 04, 2006


no.1 big ben fan

Number won big ben fan here again. Dinner was fantastic, dessert was excellent but Steelers winning the Super Bowl was icing on the cake! CONGRATULATIONS! Hines must be flossing regularly because his smile was looking EXTRA good last night. THANK YOU FOR AN EXCITING SEASON WITH A DREAM ENDING! Give the Bus a big bear hug and kiss for me!


You are way overrated and the Steelers are a bunch of THUGS !!!!!


CONGRATS, Ben! You did the Steel City proud!

My 2 dogs, Ginger and Darcy, though, say they'd like to take on Zeus in a doggie football match anytime!!! They think you're great, but they think they can take Zeus! :)

Enjoy your success!


Hey benny,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That was awesome. Hard work finally paid off. Out of all the superbowl i have watched, this is probably going to be the most exciting and most memorable game. I thank you and coach Cowher and everyone else for an awesome season and i cant wait till next season.
luv ya

ps - I will see you tonight on the letterman show when u finally shave your beard.


Hey Ben,

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The city went crazy last night. Thank you so much, my birthday is Wednesday and this week couldn't have been any better! I wasn't around for when the Steelers last won a Super Bowl, but now I got the chance to see them win one. I'm sure you're beyond excited, and so is the rest of the city. Thanks Ben!


Big Ben,
What a game, what a game. You got off to a slow start, but you slowly regained your composure, and took care of what needed to be done. Sorry that you didn't get MVP, but I honestly think that Hines deserved it. What a pass on third and long, it was a little short, but who cares? It wasn't picked off. Hope that you have fun when you get back to home, I will look forward to sending you something. And if I'm not mistaken, I believe that one of your aunts lives across the field from me, but that doesn't matter. If you want you can email me at LucasSchroederr@hotmail.com, if not I understand. Way to get one for the thumb! GO BEN!
~Lucas §chroeder~



At the beginning of the season, I predicted that the team would go 12-4. You all went 11-5. I also predicted that you would go to the Superbowl and win it all. Guess I was right!! I am so PROUD to be a Steelers fan. The entire team played like just that, a team. No one man stood out, in my opinion, you ALL stood out. When a team comes together and becomes a family, then what you accomplished last night is the result. The Steelers aren't just a team in the NFL, they are a FAMILY. And we are gonna miss the BIG BROTHER of the family. Bus, we love you!! GOOD LUCK in your future. And Coach....it would be a good idea to bring Jerome back as linebackers coach. *HINT HINT*

All my love, Ben...to you and the whole FAMILY,



Congratulations!!!! I am so proud of you guys. I am very happy for the entire team and wow what an accopmlishment for you. I knew you could do it. You are a champion in every aspect. I have to tell you hello from my 7 year old, Lauren, she adores you and was cheering for you all day. Again, congrats, now rest up, you deserve it.


What an emotional and wonderful win last night! The Steeler nation here in Baltimore was jumping and screaming and yelling - supporting you guys all the way. I literally had tears in my eyes after you all won- with Cowher, Bettis, Ward and your personal accomplishments (as well as many other teammates great sportsmanship).

You & your team have certainly won the heart of Pittsburgh (and of many fans across the US, including your truly).

Enjoy your well-deserved rest.


Hey...what a game!!! Congratulations! This Pittsburgh team is something else.


Hi Ben. Congratulations. You guys did it! this is so sweet! Have a great offseason. You are the quarterback of the world champions. How does it feel?
I feel great. Something to always remember.

Wade Bloggs

Ben, learn to freaking spell, will you?

Laura Lee

What a game!!!! I know this comment is late, but that was a great game.. Sure there might have been some mistakes, but the goal was insight the whole time... The Trohpy!!!! Well thats all I wanted to say... Job well done and thanks for taking us there with you... Well me atleat, not physically, but you know... in spirit, hahaha... ok enough Good Job and God bless... Enjoy your "time off" if any... Ciao

The steelers newest fan
Laura Lee =)

Alana Brooks

I know you probably get this a lot, but you are incredible...in looks and on the field! Keep it up and...Can't wait to see you with your shaved beard. God bless!

Shea Gordon

You played an incredible game and you made me and the rest of the fans SO proud. Thanks for making my football season complete and also for giving me vindication against all of the Bengals fans here that I've battled all year! Congratulations again to you and the rest of your team. This is what you've been working for! Take some time off for yourself. You deserve it!

--Your Cincinnati Devotee

Peter Braidy

Ok Steeler fans you won one now get back in those mines we need coal. No not here in the NW we have clean power. Oh and fish you can eat and yes they don't glow.

Doug McNulty

Ben you really capped of an amazing season with a Superbowl title. Since I was a child I have dreamt about seeing an NFL championship. I am 21 years old and play baseball for the University of Akron. You are really representing the MAC conference like no other. My father has seen all the Superbowls and never has he been so happy to see the Steelers win one. You are the greatest symbol for the future of Pittsburgh. Enjoy the big win, and give Findlay my regards!!!

Joe Daddy

Ben, you must be proud to have played your worst game ever, but still able to get a ring and a trophy. The 'homer' above that said you played an incredible game has just checked in for re-hab, don't expect to hear from him soon...

Mark Kenes

You didnt play your best game, and it was by far not your worst. But the main thing is you got the job done and made the plays that counted. The team as a whole did what they had to do to win. So no matter what the sports writers and everyone else say's, the Steelers got the job done and are now WORLD CHAMPS. So you and your team mates enjoy the (WORLD CHAMP) title and all of you guys be safe in the off seson.


Hey Ben.. i came to the prade yesterday.. yea i skiped shcool just to see u and it was worhtit... It was a once in a life time thing.. Yea Im sending u a message from school casue im bord.. But great job at the super Bowl... :p if u have Aol u can IM me if u want.. @ xChelsieLynn15X

From ur #1 fan...


hey i have a coors light neon that says when and where the superbowl xl limmted i have pics of it i am looking to sell if you or anyone would like it please email me back or call 217 898-8938 thanks

Ashlee Platek

Hi Ben!
You played great on Sunday at the Superbowl! you are my favorite steeler!

Your # 1 Fan

Matthew Hallenbeck

Great Game Ben... My mom and I styed up until 5 in the morning watching you... i was lucky and got the next day off from school, my mom said it was a holiday (haha).. I hope you do a USO tour here this summer..
Your fan in Italy


CONGRATULATIONS!! My 8 year-old son is the biggest "Ben Roethlisberger" fan (Steeler fan for that matter). He has all his lucky charms and rituals before every game and obsesses about every little detail. We were so thrilled to see the Steelers become the CHAMPIONS!! Way to go guys!!



How does it feel to have a Lombardi Trophy in your possesion that you didnt earn?? I mean yeah, you guys earned your spot in the BIG Game, But do you really feel the best team that day on the field won?? I am a seahawks Fan and it was cool to see them in the Super Bowl, But i honestly feel like the calls were just so BAD!! I am not one to point fingers, but hey, we all know both teams didnt play the type of game they had been playin all season, RIGHT?? WHy did you guys not honestly tell the refs that they were makin bad calls?? BEcause in the end if your team STILL won after that, wouldnt you feel better about your so called victory?? Beacuse it is all about Karma!! We will be back even stronger next season because of all this, but my question to the steelers is......Will You?? I dont think so, Because your BIG
"Bettis" Who ran for a big 43 yards, wont be back and if you get any bigger you wont be able to lift your throwing arm huh?? I mean you cant run, and your passer rating was what? "22" WOW, BIG BEN!! ANd oh yeah, 2 interceptions!! jeese, I wonder how the heck you guys won that game?? Hmmmmmmm, Must be the REFS!! HUH!! Well Im sure you dont have to hear anymore of this, becuase in your heart you already know who really should have won the Game!! Later

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