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February 04, 2006


Richard Hill

Hey mate,
I'm from the UK but go to school out here but know a little, I have follwed you since youe Miami days and want to just say Congrats, Its great what you have done. The magnitude of what you and your team mates have accomplished can only be measured in the future.... when you consider you all have helped a Legend, a hero and a gentleman in #36 into the hall(he was going anyway) and for Coach as well, It is unbelievable to think that at your age you have already surpassed the achievements(superbowl wise) of Marino,Moon and Manning that you can remain as grounded as you appear...Ben I must say just say Thanks, It was a lot of fun and I hope it goes as well next year and in the future.

Mandy McQuillis

Hi Ben,
I just wanted to tell you Congratulations on your Super Bowl win!You guys SO deserved it.
I was never a sports type girl but i watched the Steelers every Sunday with my uncle,He was like my dad,He passed away last year so it was really hard for me to watch any sports especially the Steelers,I just starting watching again this year for him,He would have been on cloud nine right now and i have to say since last night i have had heart palpatations...lol Honestly,I was so nervous so i can imagine how you must have felt.I enjoyed watching you guys all week,You all seem so down to earth and so funny.I know your grandfather would be so proud of you right now and is problably smiling down on you with great pride.Congratulations again!


Hi Ben! I am very proud of you!You didn't play your best game. But you played well. And made several big plays. Don't worry about mistakes. YOU ARE A CHAMPION! Ignore all comments about your touchdown as well. NEVER FORGET -EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. You and your team deserve the title of world champions. Congratulations!! Go Steelers!! I hope to see you and the team in miami next year!
--Rebecca pittsburgh,pa

PS. Did Zeus get to watch the superbowl? :)



Congratulations. You deserve it. I'm not going to have a voice tomorrow due to cheering so loud! Don't let anyone talking trash about your TD get to you. If you freeze-frame while you were in the air, you can see that part of the ball crossed the goal line. Awesome play. I live in NE PA, Eagles country, and take a lot of heat for being a Steeler's fan. Especially when I wear your jersey. Now they can all eat their words. Not only did you win the Super Bowl, but you added at least one more broken record to your resume. Congratulations again, Ben. Feel free to make this 26 year old female happy with wins in seasons to come. :) Have a good offseason, you earned it!


Dear lord. I wish I was out a little bit longer on thursday night to support my friend at leopards and to see the excitement you brought to the stage.


Way To Go Steelers!!!!!!!! Where have you been Big Ben? We have needed you for a long time! Thank God, we have you now! We love you and all the Steelers, the Roonies and the coaches! Faithful fans for years and years! Thick and thin....you guys are Always the best! Way to go!! Take a rest and lets do it again next year! "One for the other hand".
One of your biggest fans out there! Kimberly XO

~*~ fmc ~*~

CONGRATULATIONS, BEN, the youngest QB to win the Super Bowl! I'm so proud of you guys! If I could hug and high five all of you, I would!

I knew it was your year! The Lord brought you to it...The Lord brought you through it...better, stronger...tough, Pittsburgh Steel!

I love you, boys! THANKS FOR A "SUPER" SEASON. Can't wait to begin the next one! HERE WE GO, STEELERS,HERE WE GO!

Bussy, we'll miss you! We've loved every minute of watching you, laughing with you, learning from you. Good luck, and Godspeed. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS WILL KEEP ROLLING ON!

Congratulations, Ben, to you and your family. This is just the beginning...see you in a few months!

As always, you're on my mind, in my heart, and in my prayers,


Loved your touchdown. I watched the game in a sports bar here in NC. The place was packed with Steelers fan. I'm so happy. So proud of you and the rest of the Steelers team!! You did an amazing job! :)

~your biggest fan in NC ~

Bobbi Lynn

It's past game day and you guys won! Congratulations on an amazing game, Ben!

SUPERBOWL XL CHAMPS! Thanks for helping bring the title back home to our town!!


Thank you! Thank all your teammates. Thank Coach Cowher.
Thank you.


CONGRADULATIONS BEN!!! You and the rest of the team have made everyone very proud! I am a Seattle native but my family lives in Pittsburgh and so I've been a fan since birth. All the boo's and bad looks I recieved the past couple weeks here in Seattle for wearing my black and gold gear didn't phase me, just like the hawks didn't phase you. Thank you for the updates this week, they were truly cool insights into what was going on with you guys. Thank you for being "real" Ben. I have a couple Seahawk fan friends who lost bets with me and will be wearing yours and Troys' jerseys for the next week. Awe priceless! :o) Again, Great job Ben. Now go soak it up, party your arse off, get some rest with Zeus and work on that soon to be hot car of yours. ;o)

Seatown fan, Cheyenne

Brian Hwang

Ben props dude on an awesome game...WAY TO RUN!!!!...our steelers werent scared of ne "ghosts" ( alexander) today!!!! Steels have won 2 in a row in every appearance in a SB...so lets go get it again next year!!! GO STEELS!!!


great job today!! I'm from baldwin-whitehall and haven't missed a steelers game since I moved to florida. I bartend and I've converted my bar to a steelers bars.... and trust me we've had one happy customer too many if that gives you any idea how it goes down........ down here!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO happy 2 see my boys get the one for the thumb.... love all you guys and so proud of you. you deserve it. Check out my site....


Ben... CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SUPER BOWL WIN! Being from Washington State, I am very proud of you guys and even more proud to be a Steelers fan. You did great! You're an amazing player and awesome job on getting Jerome home and winning one for him, Cowher, Rooney, yourself and the team, and for not just the City of Pittsburgh, but all us fans out there! It was by far the best 21st birthday present... and it's okay that it was a week late! Totally worth the wait.




Well, today is the "Day after" and I feel like I am in some sort of dream.....you did it! I was almost in tears seeing Couch Bill C. up there with Rooney. You did a great job out there Ben, even though I have a hunch you may not think so.
You are one hell of an athlete and a very humble individual, I must say. Which is very refreshing to see.
I have much more I could say and may write later, but I am off to Massillon for a funeral (3 hour drive) I work for the Ohio State Highway patrol and our Capt. lost his Dad.
Take care and be Proud of what you have accomplished. I am. :-)


Amazing job and if you don't mind me saying so, you looked danm sexy doin it too.


Amazing job and if you don't mind me saying so, you looked danm sexy doin it too.

Jodi D

GREAT JOB BEN!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and the entire team... A reason for Pittsburgh to be Proud!!!


Congrats to all of you on your big win!!! How's it feel to be a Super Bowl Champion? Not to mention you all made a new record with being the first 6th seed in history to win the Super Bowl =) Great job, you all never seize to amaze me ;)

I hope I'll see you in Findlay this summer!

jonathan buescher

Congratulations Ben!!!!!!
Super Bowl Champions!!!!!
World Champions!!!!!!!
You are the best!!!!!!!
You made us all proud.

Allyson C.

Hey Ben!
Congrats on your first Super bowl victory! Thank you so much for that hard-earned win and let me tell you, you guys deserved it. Great game and tell the team awesome job!!! Are you shaving the beard...? (I hope that's a no. It looks awesome.)

Thanks a ton! And I can't wait until next year!




Congrats on the win!


congratulations on the great victory.i am the president of the RED LION PA STEELERS NATION FAN CLUB we all want to say what a great job you did in the Super Bowl.all the ladies of the club love your hair and also like the beard.i figure you need to do with your beard what you want.also if ever in the area we would love to meet you,and have you talk to our children,our high school colors are also black and gold so we truly bleed black and gold.you are a true inspiration to our young football players.it would be a true experience for them to meet you and listen to your story.the fans of york county are truly your best fans and red lion is the biggest fans of the county. once again congratulations and i hope to hear from you sometime

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