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February 03, 2006


Mary Ahaus

I guess i shouldn't be as suprised as I am that there are more female postings than male. I guess I am not the only one that is pulled into that I LOVE BEN circle. Obviously you are a great all around guy and alot of people including me wish you nothing but the best. I am rooting for you all the way, even though I am from INDY and catching alot of slack from all at work and family. Maybe one day I will have the chance to meet you as some of these lucky people have. Look me up if you are in Indy again.
( I'm sure you will ) .
HAVE A GREAT TIME ON SUNDAY AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT. We have got this one in the bag. Congrats on being a SuperBowl Champ ( early )
Mary :)

chris easley

HI Ben,good like for the big game.im a die hard STEELERS fan.Your the best QB ever.im your number one fan.My mom went to high school with Jim Kelly.I would do anything for your autoghraph. If i send you a card would you sign it?

your friend Chris

Melissa Bruso

Being just minutes away from the Big Game is pretty awesome. I've been doing volunteer work for the some of the happenings in the area and I must say that this town has turned into "Steel Town".(Not that the Lions had a chance, but, anyways!) Good luck and I'm hoping and praying that you guys win one for the thumb! Oh, in the off season when you start working on your GTO, let me know if you need parts. I have some friends who do that stuff for a living. Good luck babe!



Big B,
Don't worry about blogging,just focused on the super bowl. Once everything is said and done, relax and share pic with us.


Good Luck on the big game!!


I am not sure who you are or for that matter a big football fan. however,I had a very odd dream last night and you were in it. I remember it so clearly and so I woke up to see if you and your name really do exist, and you do.I find this a little weird. I grew up in findlay and now live in fargo,nd. I am an art teacher out here. I hear your a big time qb with the steelers. the city does rock i lived there for a year a few years ago. Anywho, in the dream we were at Donell Stadium and sitting in the bleachers and you were wrearing a steeler jersey. we were talking about the town and high school and all that jazz. Although, u seemed a bit concerned about something, and i didnt know what it was so i just told you just to breathe and smile.
Anywho, good luck in all that jazz.


Thank you SO much for thinking about all your fans during one of the most pivotal weeks of your life. I'm pretty sure there's no other QB in the NFL that cares about his fans as much as you do.

After Sunday, I'd love to see pics of your new ring!

Take Care and Go Steelers!


Hi Ben....
I just wanted to wish you and the rest of the team the best of luck. I know you guys have the heart to go all the way. I can't wait to hear how the rest of the week/weekend goes. I think you are truly great for the town of Pittsburgh. Keep up the great work!GOOD LUCK =) Love your number one Ohio fan, Sam

Mitch Wile

Good luck Ben from my son Jack and I to you and the team, from all the Steeler fans in Nova Scotia. Jack is my 7 year old son has been asking about the Super Bowl since the Denver game. He doesn't understand why it wasn't played last week. The "TERRIBLE TOWELL" is alive and well!!!!!!!!!

Bran Dorazio

It doesn't get any better then this for you i bet. You have made the Steelers a contender once again! I have never seen growth in a QB so fast in their first two years. It is your shoulders we will ride to the victory on February 5th! If you play the game like you know how and maintain your composure, nobody stands a chance at getting in your way.

-Big Bens Boyz President

Victoria Chambers

Heya Ben,
Good job winning the AFC title. It's been awhile writing here so just bare with me. I hope you guys win Sunday against Seattle. Most people want the Seahawks to win but maybe only a hundred people want the Steelers to win. And I want the Steeler to win. Just concentrate on the Superbowl and do it for the team and Bettis.
Victoria Chambers


I have a running joke with my niece, She lives in Cincinatti, and thinks she's going to be your wife... I tell her you are already my boyfriend,..

I'm justGrateful you are on our team. What a Blessing Thank God, and God Bless.. Dan...


Hey Ben!!
I wish you all the very best Sunday... and hope that you all have a wonderful time the rest of the weekend. We're all cheering for you in Punxsutawney,PA!!!!
Oh and incase you didn't know and were wondering PHIL seen his shadow!! :( (six more weeks of winter it is)
Good Luck Guyz--GO STEELERS!!!! :)

Kylee Mattern

Dear Ben -

First thing, you're awesome! Second, I am a teacher and we have been playing "Here We Go" over the intercom all week at school! Kids love you! We're all ready for the Steeler victory Sunday. On the board today I wrote: Steelers = SUPER BOWL XL Champs! Go #7!

Stay healthy and safe out there!
Kylee Mattern
McVeytown, PA


Ben, I think ur an awesome player. I saw ya on christmas eve here in cleveland! Thanks for help taking Jerome back to Detroit! I know my part of Cleveland (OH) is cheering for u guys to win!! I go for the steelers anytime!


I think you guys have did an awesome job. All of Pittsburgh is behind you guys, win or lose, you have brought unity to a steeler nation! I pray that God watches over you guys during the big game! God Bless! Go Big Ben!

RJ Jacobs

Ben, I wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to have someone with such a level head on his shoulders as the QB of the Steelers. I wish you nothing but the best and hope you never have any contriversy in your career. Like if they found out you killed a hobo or something.


Hey ben
thank you for teeling us about what you do in your life we all injoy reading about it and i cant wait to see the pics. when you get home give Zeus a pat for me!
tell the rest of the team GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a great day!!!
love Riki Steeler Gal
CAGE THE SEAHALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ben, We Steelers Fans are truly Blessed to have you, and the rest of the team!!! Today is my 38th Birthday, I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful I feel, knowing you n the guys are out there in Detroit, doing what you love!!!! Crush the Seahawks. What more could a Gal ask for!!! The entire team is in my thoughts and prayers, HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!! Love From Lancaster, Kathy


God Bless You Ben
GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lOVE Riki Steeler Gal


Go Steelers!I want to wish you and all of your teamates the best of luck.Go out and beat the Seattle Seahawks.GO BIG BEN AND THE BUS AND THE REAT OF THE STEELERS!!!!


Ben, good luck Sunday....watch the back side rush:) Let me be the first to say congratulation on winning your first Super Bowl, that's right there is no doubt the Steelers will win Super Bowl XL. Thanks for a great year and God Bless!!!!!


I'm from Seattle and just stumbled upon your blog. Congradulations on reaching the Super Bowl! Seattle fans have lots of respect for the Steelers, the current team, their fans and the franchise. But boy we sure want a win!

It's going to be a great game regardless with two classy, excellent teams from great cities matched up. Thanks for taking the time to share with your fans!


I just wanted to say thanks. All the Steelers have really brought unity to Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. You really gave everyone something to believe in. I go to Indiana University of PA (about 70 miles from Pittsburgh) and the entire town is painted black and gold. From storefronts to personal attire, everyone has Steeler fever! So again, THANKS and GOOD LUCK!! GO STEELERS!!!!


Hey Ben, Whats good? You had me weak when you were talking about putting the microphone in Joey's face. I'm glad you guys have so much fun together! I'm praying for you all and I know you guys will go out there and do your best! No matter what happens you guys are amazing and just the fact that ya'll made your way to the SuperBowl just proves that even more. Tell The boys Brandy sends her love! So relax and get ready for Sunday hun. Later Ben, talk to you later.


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