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February 03, 2006



Ben it really sounds like you are relaxed and focused; yet also having fun! It's important to enjoy every moment of this great event! God Bless! Go Steelers!


Ben, outstanding season and thanks for all the moments! What an exciting playoff run for you all this year! No matter what the outcome this Sunday, you can be proud of your continued accomplishments. Thanks again for putting Pittsburgh on the map! Enjoy and have fun with the game! These will be memories that will last a lifetime!

Best of success! We will be cheering you on from our local hangout in Pittsburgh!


Hey Ben --
Don't worry about the blog -- just work hard, enjoy it, and win the game. Talk to us after it's over, either way -- and post some of those pictures! We're cheering and praying! Best to you and all of the Steelers and GOOD LUCK on Sunday.

Travis Miragliotta

Low Profile?...There's some pics of you at a party at deadspin.com. I wish I was you...I want Mrs. Bettis's food.

~*~ fmc ~*~

Hi Ben,
It's nice of you to share your Super Bowl experience with us. Don't worry about not blogging as much, although we love it, just practice, sleep, and prepare for Sunday.

Please tell the guys that I'm (we're) proud of them! Everyone's played so well and really earned the right to Super Bowl XL. I know you all are sick to death of "one for the thumb". Most of you weren't even born in the late seventies. How about let's start a new era. The New Dynasty. This is just the beginning, Baby!

Take Care, God Bless. Remember, You can do All things through Christ Who strengthens you! Phil 4:13. I know the thoughts I have towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace...to give a future and a hope. Jer.29:11
Your future is now, Ben. You're on course exactly as the Lord wants. Trust that. He'll show you, just follow Him.

As always, you're on my mind and in my prayers,


Hey Ben.....can you believe you have fans in Montana? We've the Steelers forever and a day and we are so proud of you. Do us proud. My three boys look up to you... even have the fathead in their room. Good Luck!


Love reading your blog Ben, great to hear that you are enjoying yourself but are also focused on winning the game, GOOD LUCK Sunday!!!!


Hey Ben,

It is nice that you are capable to keep us updated on your trip. I am so excited for the Superbowl because you and your team are going to win. Just go in there and try your hardest even if you are winning my a ton of points. Just remember to keep your head in the game. That is the key to a win. I think you are the HOTTEST guy on the team Ben. I look up to you for your attitude towards the game. That is wonderful and always keep it up. Get lots of rest and good luck on Sunday. GO STEELERS!!! GOOD JOB FOR MAKING IT TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! YOU CARRY THEM THE WHOLE WAY BEN!!!!


Hey Ben do me a favor and beat the Seahawks 2 friends of mine are going to be over my house,they are going to be cheering on the Seahawks,do me a favor&shut them up.I planned a superbowl party ALL STEELERS ALL DAY-also I have my terrible towel& my #7 jersey.GOOD LUCK TO MY AMAZING STEELERS!!!!!


Hey Ben,
i just wanted to say that Im so excited for you guys. I hope you win the Super Bowl. Well im very happy for you. Also I hope Troy Polamalus' ankle is OK. We need him in the Bowl.

Your Fan,
Age 10



GOOD LUCK!! I hope we win this one!! I also pray that Troy is all right! GOOD LUCK!



Ben, Good luck on Sunday. I'll be proudly sporting your jersey all weekend out here in Cali!

Seasons like this make me wish I were still back in the burgh. Your tackle was as amazing as Franco's catch!

Bring home that one for the thumb!



Hey Ben!

Good luck for the big game!! Everyone's on your bandwagon! Oh and by the way if you want to pull something on the guys what I like to do to my friends is take their car keys and put them in jelly! And not just some dinky pack.. im talking HUGE plate of jelly.. it takes so long to get them out! Oh trust me.. so funny! My friends and I want to say to Jerome that he rocks more than sliced bread! Anyways good luck and don't worry darling.. i know you will win!


Hey Ben,
It's really good to hear from you!! It's so cool that you take the time to do this for people that you don't even know!! I'm so excited for sunday!! We're having a huge party @ my gramps!! But i wish i could be in Detroit! Sounds like your having a lot of fun! Stay Healthy and safe! We need you for the big game! And tell Troy That all of us Steeler fans here in Brockway hope his ankle gets better soon! I wish you all the best Ben!
Elizabeth 14

Joe Buhler

Hi Ben,
Don't know if you'll read this before the big game, but I can assure you that every football fan (and I don't mean soccer) in Switzerland will root for you. Of course the sport is not as well known there as here but definitely more so than when I grew up there in the '60s and was probably the only young person who had any idea what American Football was. I'll always remember listening to the famous Ice Bowl on the radio.
A lot has happened since then and today there was a story about you in the leading Swiss newspaper.
Have a great game Sunday and win it for yourself, your team, family, and all of Switzerland. Hope they'll invite you to the Emmental - a great place with great food. Go Steelers!


Good Luck on Sunday! I wanted to tell you and Jerome that Windber Jr.High LOVES you guys and the whole Steeler team!!!Do awesome & I'll Have my #7 jersey& #36 jersey with me all day!
Love ya Black & Gold!
Maria age 14


Can't wait for the game!! I got my Ben- T-shirt, Jersey, and Banner so I am ready!! Good luck bennerz!! luv ya


Ben! There are hundreds of Steeler fans in Boston (deep in enemy territory)! We have been having a blast this year cheering you and the rest of the guys on to the Big Dance! Most of us meet at a "Steelers Bar" every week..we had @ 300 show up for the Championship, all decked out in Black and Gold. We will all be watching and screaming and cheering and praying for you all on Super Bowl Sunday.
As usual, you will make all of us in Steeler Nation proud!
Good luck, have fun and bring back that One for The Thumb!


I will be praying for you...and Our whole family rooting for you.


Hey Ben,
i wish you so much good luck this weekend. i prepared all week for this game, planning a party and everything, and i deicated it to you because your the one who made it all possible. I know you will do great on Sunday, i just want to say good luck any way. I know you will win, I have complete faith in you.
love you always, Alyssa


Hey Big Ben,

I just wanted tell you how truely amazing you are. Ben i'm always glad too read what you write on your BLOG.Ben you always touch my heart by what you write in your blog. Hey Ben this is a ritual i've been watching you when you were on the Jerome Bettis show before i go too sleep ever since you in Detroit. Ben you i taped the show. Ben i made a scrapbook of you and i wished you can see it durning off season. Ben i hope you and all the players have a great game on Sunday.Ben i saw you taking pictures some pictures of your teammates on the news and i thought you did a wonderful JOB.

good luck

love barbara


Hey Ben~
Just wanted to say that i have been a fan of yours since you started, and the steelers since i was born!! I grew up about 45 min from pittsburgh and i've loved the steelers since i can remember. I've always believed in you and the rest of the team through it all. My dad and i have bonded a lot through watching the steelers and its really cool...I absolutely love watching you play and i just know that you will do awesome on Sunday!!! Best of luck to you and the rest of the guys!!! And if you ever wanna talk just email me...i'll be around rooting you on!! Good~Luck,Hun!!

Amy, 20


Today was a great day every school here in my small town of new ken and arnold had a black and gold party..... it was amazing .... but you guys give it your all... play hard and play smart..... (meow)


P.S... keeping the hair sounds like a good ideal... FUNNY i just cut my hair to my shoulders ooo well more hair(smile)it will grow back many blessings...



You are such a great person. I love your blogs, it shows how real you are and most importantly humble. Stay that way forever!! Good luck on Sunday!! I believe in you guys!! We got this one in the bag!!

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