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February 03, 2006



Boy, can't believe the game is only two days away. We gotta win this game this Sunday, those Seahawks are getting a little too sassy!! You guys can do it!! I think it is safe to say the Steelers nation is praying for you guys!! Good Luck Ben!!
God Bless! :)


Boy, you definatly shouldnt be worrying about your Blog, you should be relaxin and gettin loose before the game. You can fill us in after ya play. Ya know, ya win, and Iriti may even name a road or somin after you. LMAO! "Roethlisberger Road...formally Tiffin Ave" Either way, we're proud of you here and we got faith in you. Weither you win or loose Ben, go out there and have fun...how often can someone actually say they were the starin QB of a superbowl game?


OMG!!!! 2 days!! aaaaaahhhhhhh! good for you!!! kick some Bootie!!!..I love the Pistons..I am soo jealous! you get to do all the fun stuff.....I have butterflies for ya in my stomach just thinkin about it!! OMG 2 days!!!!!! ok--
Kisses to you and Ryan!! haha

MIke (North Dakota)

I cannot recall any other quarterback in the NFL who's offered to share such an intimate and insider's perpsective of his life in the NFL. Wow. I also look up to you because of your faith, man. I know you totally believe in God (along with Troy Polamalu also!) and as an athlete and the person you are, it's unbelievable how thankful I am and the rest of Steeler Nation. Good luck in the Super Bowl. You have carried your fans through. You have taken each of us as though we were "inside your helmet" the whole way. You're in my prayers, and I know that when this life passes away, I will finally see you in Heaven.

God Bless


Hey Ben,

Less than 54 hours to kick off!!!!!!! So, don't worry about writing just focus on football and a victory :) I can't wait for Sunday to come...I am trying to keep busy so I do not think about it but it is a little challenging when every where you look there is black and gold!!! Wow how awesome was it being courtside the Pistons game?!? I was looking at pictures of you when you were taking them of everyone and it made me laugh...it looked like you guys are relaxed and having fun!!! GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY TO YOU AND THE REST OF THE TEAM!!!!!!!

~Betsy Bilger~


We're pulling for ya, Ben! Keep your eye on the prize!

Take it easy and rest up!



I can't wait to watch you guys beat Seattle on Sunday!!! I'd love to watch the game in my hometown, but I'll have to settle for being the biggest Steeler fan in Mid-Missouri!! Good luck and have a great time!


Dear Ben,

I know you may not get a chance to read this, but on behalf of Miami University I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. I'm a 2005 MU grad and now am an Admission Counselor for Miami. In fact, I'm the recruiter for Pittsburgh and I can't begin to tell you how much something as simple as your name helps our efforts. Also, I'll be in Pittsburgh in a few weeks if you want to help out. Just kidding.

But, I thought I would mention that today you were in an article in the Miami Student as well as Amusement, so you definitely have a lot of fans and support in Oxford. Again, best of luck.



Ephesians 6:12-13 says, "For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens. This is why you must take up the full armor of God, so that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having prepared everything, to take your stand." (HCSB)

May God Bless you Ben as you witness for Christ both on and off the field !


Hey Ben..It's good that you have also a bit time to relax and that you had fun at the dinner with jeromes family..i say it again i love your blog and i find it great what you do that you give us,the fans,me the chance to be a littel part of your live... it's so sweat that you say you can't write the blog how near come the super bowl..the big game..your game..and i think we understand it all.. sorry for my terrible english today...but i hope you understand it...you are so great a great man and a big quaterback..make your game baby and you and the steelers will win..but it's not so important that you win or lose..have fun make your game and relax..you'r the champ also in my heart...take care baby..god bless you and the team...goooooooooo steelers...love karin


We couldn't be prouder of you and the rest of the guys over here in Latrobe. Take a deep breath and just do your best. We love ya win or lose!

Nicole Ann

Hello Ben, well it sounds like your all having fun up there in Detroit & thats just what your supposed to do!! We seen here on Ch 2 KDKA all the food yin's had to eat at Jerome's mom's house, wish I was there with ya!! Have a great Friday!!


He..it's me again..i forget..i know i say it again..i love your hairs and your beard..maybe you don't shave your beard after the super bowle...karin

jenn borrelli

You guys are awesome!! Go kick some Seattle ass!! Bring it home baby!!



Go Big Ben!

Robin Ross

Go Big Ben. This from a Miami Alum who thinks you will win it Sunday. I am sure Miami U. has never had so much play. Robin


Hello Big Ben...
I'm a big Steeler fan from Chiapas, in the south of México, and I just want to wish you a great game in Detroit this weekend...

It's time for us the Steelers to wear XL



Hey Ben,
Just wanted to say good luck in Superbowl XL!!! kick some seahawk butt!! ive had my terrible towel up in the office all week getting ready for the big game! I have no worries man.. i know you guys are going to pick them apart like you did to Cincy, Indy and Denver! Take it easy and see you Sunday!!
O yeah.. so what does Troy think of the song that has been playin about him? haha. i love it!


get ready to win your first super bowl.


Big Ben,
Hey I just wanted to wish you good luck for the big game on sunday. Thank you so much for remembering your fans during this hectic time. Don't worry no matter the outcome on Sunday we'll all still love ya!
Dayton, Ohio

Brittani Taylor

Ben! You and the rest of the team are in my thoughts and prayers for this entire week!! Get out there on Sunday and bring it home!! I am going to be tailgating in Detroit on Sunday and cheering my favorite team on! I can't wait to see you guys on the field again!! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!


I must add just a few more wishes for you to have a great game on Sunday and for a fantastic celebration afterwards.

My previous post: Hello Ben, the amazing wonder that has baffled me last year and most definitely won me over this year. I'm fascinated by what you have accomplished! With the beard you look, as well as act, much older than, such as of now, your younger years. Your dream of a Super Bowl win, is that of all the rest of the Steeler team and the many fans around this country and the world. How proud, how good and let me say, how worthy of this honor you are.
Take the greatest things with you into all of your life as it will change you and you'll grow even more.
Ah, life, it has its ups, its downs and then you have to climb back up there and now you're standing at the top. You're ready for the greatest, most fantastic win that has ever happened. Go Ben!
On Sunday, you know, from everywhere, we're loving it!
Great job, you've not only impressed me, you've not only taken me on an unforgettable journey of a rookie quarterback's shaky ups and downs to the finest example of a professional that I can think of in such a short time, but you've set a shining example of a good person and you show respect to people, to the world and to the game of football. Carry on, you're on your way to even greater accomplishments!
There's more work to be done after the win of the Super Bowl, you'll win, you'll do even greater things.

Go Ben, and thanks, its been an honor to watch this year and you and your teammates are why!

From: A great fan of the Steelers, always. We're loving it!

Posted by: Tracey | February 03, 2006



Just wanted to pass on my best wishes for the big game. Hope you stay cool and the atmosphere and occasion does not overwhelm you.

Although I'm a UK Patriots fan I have been so impressed by the way you and the Steelers have handled yourselves in the playoff games. The team has really pulled it together at the right time of the year.

So go on and win another one for the AFC on Sunday!!! And most importantly savour the moment.


Saw you guys at our Pistons game! Nice to see you in a Chauncey jersey! He's the man! Lets hope you guys can beat up on the Seahawks like they did on the Timberwolves! GOOD LUCK BEN!! And GO STEELERS!


Hey there Ben! Good luck to you and all of the amazing players this Sunday. I will be there in Detroit rooting home a win. It's been an amazing ride this year! I actually have season tickets and go to every game with my mom (she's 64). After the Indy game I had the pleasure to meet you, Starks, Farrior, Hines, Ike, Rian, Haggans and others at the Locker Room. Everyone was so nice (you seemed a bit tired - wonder why... Champion ;) The whole experience encouraged me to buy tickets to the Denver game and we actually got our sign on TV, in the paper - all over the place... it was the one with Art Rooney - BELIEVE - if you saw it. I'll also have it in Detroit, so I hope the Rooneys don't mind :) I'm a Carlynton graduate like good old Bill "The Chin" Cowher... so this victory will be sweet as ever. The Steelers mean so much to this town and you guys look like you are having a great time... enjoy every moment and make Bussie and the Rooneys proud! GO STEELERS! BELIEVE!

ps - I have a pic of us holding the sign right behind you at the pep rally - it's pretty cool!

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