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July 04, 2006




I'm pretty much speechless! Great Work, u and the whole team!! This weekend the Falcons (watch out they are rebounding) will be a test but as I said before I'm not worried just don't crush them like KC, actually demolish them, the defense needs to rip M Vick's head off. See u in the next game!!!

Ben's stats looking great in the last game but this game: 21/25, 192 yds, 10 rushing (show a lil of ur rushing skills to M Vick, haha), 2TD.

Great Luck!! Claim the Georgia Dome and 1 road win.

AFC North is looking a little banged up its perfect time to make a move for the top and cap it off in Cincinatti. U will get ur rematch with San Diego!!!

"The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel, are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur." - VL



Danielle Marie White

Sorry Danielle, I didn't realize there was another Danielle on here, should have looked closer ;)
I'll be sure to put my full name from now on, lol. :D

To Ben,
Keep your chin up and don't worry about what anyone says about you. Just Have Fun!!! and remember that you and the Steelers have tons of REAL fans backin ya. Oh, and again, if your ever in the Champion area stop by Helens @ Seven Springs, EVERYONE that works there is a Steelers fan and would love to have ya anyday!


It doesn't matter what people here are saying...what does matter that they do not realize how many children read this. Please for the sake of the kids don't use the language that I have been reading its very unappropriate for this blog. If you feel you must do this find antoher way to voice your anger and frustration. To all of you putting Ben down, I would like to see you go through what he has and bounce back 100% in such a short time. We love our steelers win or loose so get over it and stop being so childish. My email is posted unlike some people here so feel free to curse me out just dont do it here.

Danielle =]

lol, its ok Danielle.

Congrats for being number 1 youngest quarterback.
you deserve it.

Good luck Mr.
later Alligator =]

ps: remember to breath once you throw the ball. =]
have fun.
be risky.


Ben, Sweet Ben,
You guys are clicking...you're doing it!! You guys were really looking good this last game! You were hitting receivers, they were catching..you guys were just DOING IT!!! :D I look forward to the next game, and the next, etc. You guys are the BEST! I totally believe in my team and know you are capable of GREATNESS!! I love ya guys and remain a true fan forever and ever!
Love and Kisses from California!!!



Hello Ben,

I just wanted to let you know that i'm your # 1 fan, and I like you as my favorite QB. My Dad wants to send me to Pittsburgh so I can go and see you play football games at Pittsburgh, but my dad is the biggest fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he wants me to wear a number 7 shirt, but I have a Cowboys shirt that I wear when my team the Cowboys play. I told my dad to buy me a Big Ben shirt for Christmas. Love Cynthia



I will be watching the Steelers game aganist the Falcons this Sunday. Also, I will be cheering for you to win the game, and I hope that you will win this Sunday.!!! Love Cynthia


I'm already wearing my #7....my co-workers and I are cheering you guys on, wanting a win! I admit, every Friday, Sunday and Monday I'm wearing YOUR jersey. I got plenty of them. Win or lose I Love My Team....you guys are awesome and I love ya! Been loving my steelers since before you were born!! You got some die-hard fans out here in the west, don't forget about us! Come on - do it Ben!! Bring it home!! We love ya to no end!
p.s. Ya also a sexy babe too!!
Cal Gal

Danielle =]

Get better Mr Ben Roethlisberger.

Danielle =]

Get better Mr Ben Roethlisberger.

Micael Vick

Here we go Stinkers---here we go! Here we go Stinkers here we go! Way to go Ben Fumblesberger!


One win last week had all the little groupies like Barb the groupie mom(BaPalmer2) and Blaire and NABO and Jaymie back and squealing with their panties all moist again.

Well,little groupies---its back to the SOS with Mr Fumblesberger and the Super Stinkers again this week. If you can add we are 2-4 and about done for the year

All I have to say is (and repeat after me groupies)--too much partying just doesnt leave enough time to earn your paycheck!!!

Peyton Manning

Time for Charlie to start for you guys in Pittsburgh---he's earned it.


Hey Big ben,

I hope you are feeling better . Ben i saw the hit you took pretty hard hit. Hey big Ben and the rest of the steelers players hold your heads up. I thought you all play tough today. I'll keep on being a steelers fan when you guys win games or lose games. Hey Big Ben i'am your biggest number on fan in the world.

love always barbara

jake peters

ben we did not deserve to lose this game in fact 3 out of 4 games we lost we lost we deserved to win either way just wait till november when we start up that old thing steeler power when willie gets hard to stop when the defence starts crushing quarterbacks and when cowher gets back in his routine

Danielle =] is confused by idiot replyers in this blog

obiviously(sp?)no one saw you play. what ashame. you did amazing outthere. Congrats!
also im glad that you are feeling alittle? bit better.

You truely are like that song.
"i get knock down i get up again, you will never keep me down."

Good luck next week.
i hope your head feels better =]

Freddy Fenderbender

Danielle, are you and Jake and Barbara al a bunch of hoopies from West Virginia?

Geez---Jake thinks you spell defense "defence" and Barbar and Danielle sound like 3rd graders at best.

Danielle =]

humm i dont know Freddy Fenderbender . i might ask you the same question. =] Sorry for showing my support wait no im not sorry kay thanks and bye

Have a better night Ben=]

Danielle =]

humm i dont know Freddy Fenderbender . i might ask you the same question. =] Sorry for showing my support wait no im not sorry kay thanks and bye

Have a better night Ben=]

Danielle =]

somehow i always mange topost more thanonce sorry.

Eddie Shore


What I would like to do to that Falcons guy that hit you on the head today (and those who leave crappy posts on this blog)... OK, end rant... but it is good to see you back up at the end of the game today.

Almost but no cigar, and I thought for sure the Steelers were going to win!

Ben, as always, you and the Steelers have a blessed week coming up. I'm behind you 100%, champ. Love the new website too, Ben. The hat with the #7 and your name on it, I can wear it everyday.

Black and Gold forever,
Azusa, CA


Kay peyton manning, barb, and michael vick your a little bit too obvious there. we know your just jealous because we have five super bowl rings. and could you at least come up with better comebacks than the pittsburgh "Stinkers" and Ben "Fumblesberger" i mean come on you eagles fans really need to get lives!

Albert Einstein

Funny how these little groupies live vicariously through their athletes. They say "WE almost won" "WE rock" and "WE'LL get them next week" instead of THEY as if they were out there on the field themselves.

So where are all those same little morons like Clara or Danielle or Monica or the infamous Blaire3333 when we need them?

They need to come in here now and say "WE sucked---WE got our asses kicked" "WE didnt deserve to win". "Cause WE'RE DA PTTSBURGH STINKERS!" LOL!


Hi Ben,

You played a wonderful game today. I was very upset with those 2 guys from Atlanta. I hope the NFL looks at those tapes and they get fined or have to sit out a game. I know we will do good next week in Oakland, hopefully you will be back. Take care of yourself this week. I will be listening to see how you are doing. Go Steelers!!!!!


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