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July 04, 2006


Chris Tasik

Let's face it, the Steelers aren't so hot, but we still love you in Walnut Creek, California.


overall... i think you guys are lookin better out there. Of course it's not only you, thus the reason for the rest of the TEAM. The seasons NOT over and you guys have a chance to play some great games. Good luck!!

Oh and i agree, you should take the time to address your fans, it's been a while.. :)


You guys are gonna be fine!! We still love you over here in Ohio! It's nice to see you bring the attitude of never giving up!! Best of luck for the rest of the season!!!


Hi Ben,
I as much as anyone did not think we'd be where we are at this point in the season, but we are so now we deal with it and move on. In every game it is evident what you guys are made of--look at your passing yards stats and it's right there in front of you. In just about every game--take away the points the other team has scored from turnovers (and it's not just you committing these so keep your head up) and we win these games. Having said that, it's obvious what has got to change. Stay strong-be confident. Look at what you've-and I mean YOU'VE-done for this team the past few seasons. We've lost some key players this year and there's gonna be an adjustment period, but you guys can do it. I see it every week. You want it so bad and you can almost feel it but it slips away. Loosen up-remember how it used to feel and harness that. I know you've been through more in the past 5 months than most people go through in years, but you go out on that field and leave the rest behind.
Us true fans are behind you.

Danielle =]

Ben i think its time for an update. theres to many messages in here!
Good luck Sunday.


"The strongest people aren`t always the people who win, but the people who don`t give up when they lose."

Keep it up Ben!



I just want to take this time to say that I have been inspired by you as many fans would say. I have found courage in me that has been clouded and lost. I have found a way to see my errors and come to face with them. It is tough as life tends to be. You may not read this, but as long as I know I have written it I feel that you have already read it. Thank you for your strength. I believe in you.



Hello Ben,

I just want to say that we both have something in common that I am the same age as you, and that I was born on the same year as you, but I was born in July. That is funny because my mom said that you are the same age as me. I hope that you will win!!! Your true #1 fan. Love Cynthia



I watched the game on Sunday against the Broncos, and the Steelers lost again. Well no matter how hard you played on Sunday I still love you and you are still my favorite QB. Don't give up on yourself because I know that you have faith in you, and you will keep on believing in yourself all the time. I think that you should not take the blame anymore, but your team should take the blame for their mistakes, and not you taking the blame everytime. Hey Ben is not your fault, but it is the Steelers fault for losing games. Ben tell everyone to stop Fumbling the footballs everytime. I hope that you will win this Sunday because I will be cheering you on to win!!! I will watched the game this Sunday. Go Ben!!! Your true #1 fan. Love Cynthia



My dad thinks that his team the Steelers are going to win against the Saints on Sunday. I say that my team the Cowboys are going to win against Arizona tomorrow, and I hope that you will find a way to win!!! Hey Ben, you are an awesome QB. I still stand behind you 100% all the way. I said that you are just too cute. My mom said that Ben is too cute!!! Your true #1 fan. I will be cheering for you to win!!! Go Ben!!! God Bless you. Love Cynthia


Hey Ben!!!
Kick some New Orleans butt tomarrow! I'll be in San Antonio [ =( ] cheering yall on!!! Wish I could be there in Pittsburgh!

Danielle =]

Good game!


Hi Ben,
Congrats on today's game!
I'm really glad you-know who

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