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July 04, 2006



Congratulations! You truly deserve it.



See you in Latrobe, brother!


I sported my Steeler hat last week at the beach and you wouldn't believe how many comments I received! I loved it! I'm sooooo glad to hear that your recovery is going smoothly. I am planning on going to Steeler training camp this summer. I would make my day..I mean week...I mean month...I mean year...if I saw you there! Good luck with everything, much love!


P.S. Heck yea I voted for you!


hey ben i hope your taking care of yourself. can't wait until u get back on the field! i just got tickets for the steelers & eagles preseason game! can't wait! take care! much love


Hey Ben..i vote for you..and i hope you get well soon..i think on you all the time and wish i can there for you..i was so shockd after your crash...i had the great luck to meet you so a short time befor in swiss in lauperswil...and i so thankfull for your live...i dont know what i done wen you ...?god bless you and your family..you had so a great family...i hope i see you the next time in pittsburgh again...big kisse for you and zeus...maybe i hope you think on little red big ben bear and the heart...with all my love karin

Victoria Chambers

Hey Ben,
WOW! How are you feeling after the accident? I hope you are feeling a lot better. I did vote for you for the best record breaker. Good luck in the future and be careful. Take your time recovering from the accident.
From your fan,
Victoria Chambers ;)


I know prayers work...Because I think that's what got you through this challenging time...along with your hard work and good medical help...I am counting down the days 'til pre-season starts...take care of yourself....and of course I voted for you...STEELERS ROCK!!!


OMG! ben i LOVE u soo much u have no idea... iam your BIGGEST FAN EVER!!


i really u hope u feel+get better soon=)



hey ben well good luck at espys we all know ur feelin better so god bless .......~janet~*


hey Ben!

Dang! I didn't know you could only vote once! oh well. nice to hear that you're doing better.


YES!!!!!!! I figured out an underhand way to vote twice on my computer! (it really wasn't that underhanded, actually. I just voted again by going on my sister's desktop)


Ben-You have my vote! I just found this blog, and want to thank you for posting the way you do. I am so eager to go back and read it all! It makes you very "real" to all of us "regular" people out here. I wish you continued speedy healing and on-going good health from here on...



Ben i thinks cool that you'll be in PovertyNeck Hillbillies video. Ben i'll be watching the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship tournament you'll be playing because i like golf and celbrity golf too.Ben i'll be going too the bon Jovi concert at Heinz Field on July 23rd for the WORLD CHAMPIONS. Ben i'am really glad too hear your are feeling alot better . Ben i was so worried about you a whole bunch but i'm just glad too hear your doing alot better. Ben your my favorite player for the steelers.....


love barbara

Carlin B. Carpenter


I understand that you are recovering quite well from your accident. If you are going to be stupid, you better be tough. Obviously you are. I am surprised that you didn't receive a more severe injury on our sideline serving as our ballboy. It seemed like you were always in my way. Best of luck this year.

Carlin B. Carpenter
Head Football Coach Emeritus
Bluffton University
Bluffton, OH

Alain Schaffner

Hey Ben,
all the best for the nomination. I voted arround 10 times for you.

I know that you win.

Greetz from Switzerland
Alain Schaffner


Hey Ben,

I think your hott!! I am glad to hear your recovering well. I love it when you run around on the field with those tight pants. Hmm. So, you currently dont have a girlfriend,I would love to be your girlfriend! Well I can't wait til next season. Bye

Loo Loo


hey ben! let me take ya out sometime!!



When I first heard about your accident, i couldnt help crying a little. You're a hero to so many people, so i was devastated when I heard, but i knew that somehow you would pull through it. It's good to hear that your recovering just fine.

Golf has never been my favorite sport, but you can bet that i'll be watching you play this coming weekend!

Can't wait to see you play next season..you sexy monster!



hey Ben,

I think your hott! I am so suprised your still single. I would love to meet you. Even when you crashed your motorcycle, you were still sexy!




I just wanted to tell you that i have been praying for you. I know many people have. i was at youth camp and the speaker was talking about trusting God and giving everything to him. Sometimes things happen and we don't know why, but God is faithful and he will never give us more than we can handle. Keep God first and always remember Phl 4:13

God bless you,


Already voted for the espys...hope you get that award...oh, and I hope you do well at celeberity golf this weekend.


I hope you get better after your crash. When i first heard about it I was heartbroken cause I didn't know if you would be able to play or not. But that doesn't matter to me anymore. As long as you get better. That is the only thing that matters. Take how every long you need. If your fans really care they won't get mad if you can't play.
Your #1 fan,

Erin Woike

Hi Ben, I hope you're feeling better! I just wanted to let you know that you're in my prayers! Hope you're feeling better and will get to play this year! You have my support! -Erin :-)


Hi Ben... Being from Pittsburgh, but having been born in Findlay, was so sorry to hear of your accident, but grateful for your amazing recovery..you make both places proud, keep improving! God was riding with you that day, and so was your mom! So take care, you ROCK!
Go Steelers in the upcoming season!


Hey Ben~

Glad to hear you're going to be okay. I'm a Bengals fan and was sorry to hear about your accident (seriously!). I can relate how your fans felt when they heard the news!! Hope all is well and good luck getting better. See you in the playoffs..... :)

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