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July 04, 2006



Hi Big Ben,
I hope you are doing well. I am your biggest fan. I am nine years old and have a sister a brother and new baby brother his name is Nathan and I and my brother and sister are making sure he likes the Steelers, by wearing our jersey, and Steeler t-shirts and leting him look at your poster. No more motor cycles please Love Amy


I wish you the best of luck at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship tournament through July 16th. That's awesome that two of your favorite pro athletes are going to be there. I missed yesterday so I'll have to see how you are on the links throughout the rest of the tournament. Being a professional business woman I'm looking for a personal trainer to help me out with my game. Every other sport I learned on my own but Golf is different when you have no clue from the begining.


My family in Oxford, OH is proud of you for coming back after your accident. Good luck this season and continue to heal. We will continue to cheer you on as we did when you were a redhawk!

Mike M

Hey Ben,
What's up bud, It's great to see you back, Lot's of prayers for you
I just wanted to tell you that your a great inspiration to all your fans and have brought a lot of great memories in the past 2 years and you got a ton of years left in you. But most of all you got your health and now it's time to make some more great memories for your fans bud.I've been a Steelers fan since the day I was born '75 May, and your in my top 3 for favorite Steelers of all time..Right behind "The Bus". It's
great to see ya back, God Bless I look foward to writing you again .
p.s. By the time your finished with football your be remembered as the greatest QB ever...


My one-year-old son, Ben, two daughters and even my Rams Fan Husband (ptew! ptew!) wish you all the best and a super speedy recovery.

unknown friend

Hiya Beanie,

I am not here to say that you are blessed, you are voted, you have been in people's thoughts and prayers. This is a REALITY that people cares for you! You already heard those kind of things from people!
That is where God opened the door for you to see!
Once you are in an accident, you think twice. It helps you become a person who you meant to be. It helps you become stronger! It helps you to precious itself a life God provides for you to share with your family, your people, your fans, your teammates, your staffs/coach, your dog, etc.
I was in an accident twice in between 8 months! It was other people who hits me. It was very scary. Those angels covered their wings on me for protection. That is how much God loves you!
Now, you can be able to find more opportunities to open many doors out there.
Good luck with the votes.
Good luck with prayers/thoughts from people.
Good luck with your decision, Beanie.

Stay in touch with me.. just not only me.. with your family, with your fans, and people!!! :O)

Catch you later, Beanie,
unknown friend

Shawn MacDonald


I'm glad as hell that you have recovered so well. I personally went to church to pray for you the day of the accident. As an enthusiast motorcylclist myself, it hit way too close to home. I love riding, and can't seem to get enough of it. I, like you, struggle with the use of a helmet. I have a Harley dresser with tunes, and the helmet certainly has an effect on the quality of sound that I hear. Of course I wish the absolute best for your health and your career, but if you would ever consider riding again, I'd love the opportunity to ride with you. As you were quoted, there is safety in a crowd, and I would put a group around you that would rival the Steel Curtain.

Take care for now, have a great season, bring home another ring, and stay focused.



Hi Ben,

I just wanted to let you know that you have touched so many hearts with your strength. May God continue to bless you and your family always. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and in my heart.



Kimberly Flower

I hope that you get better soon and get back to doing what you love to do.


Benny Boy,

First of all I wanted to congradulate you on being the man who led the Steelers to win the ESPY award for best team along with the one for the thumb. We couldn't have done it without you. I have to say, you look just as handsome as you did before the accident. I just hope you feel as good on the inside as you look from the outside soon. In other words, get well soon.



Ben, I live in St. Louis, but my family is from Pittsburgh, where I grew up and my heart still belongs there. I am such a true Steeler fan and my office has all steeler things and your poster hanging in it. I think you are great for our team and I love to watch you play. When you had your accident, my siter from Pittsburgh called my to tell, because I was at work and not near a TV. First I thought about was your health and did not even think about the team. I am an RN and was so worried about you. My sister in Pittsburgh, said there has not been anything new posted lately there about you recovery and I just want to know how you are doing and how you are healing. You have alot of fans who support you and pray for you. Get well. Another Steeler loyal fan!!!!


Your quote...."If you don't wear a seat belt every time you ride in the car should I label you as a person who doesn't wear a seat belt? "...ahhh.. yes Ben, I do label those people that...You are a role model for all kids everywhere...show them you are a real man...Tell them to wear helmets each and every time they ride a bike/motercycle....if you forget to bring it... don't ride ...walk...ALWAYS.. use A SEATBELT / WEAR A HELMUT...don't make weak excuses like that...jeesh


Hey ben,
I am so glad to see you back up! Thank god you are okay! I was going crazy when I heard the news. Anyway, take care of yourself and I am looking forward to another AWESOME season!

Love ya,


PS - I voted for u like three times so glad u won!


your employer pays you xxx million/yr to do a job (more than most ppl make in a lifetime), and you cant even be concerned with wearing a helmet to ensure you are around to do your job again next year? talk about selfish. who do you think you are?

Lori B

hello! just wanted to say congrats on the superbowl! my daughter and i loved it! my son (3 years old) was not pleased. he loves the Browns' as we are from Bucyrus, Ohio. i am sure u have no idea where that is but i work as a nurse in Findlay and all i here about is you! i am really happy too see how many people from ohio do so much and at such a young age! way to go! i am sure you will do just as well in 2006/2007! you have accomplished so much and should be so proud! just wanted to congratulate you and what a way for jerome to retire on! keep up the good work which you will but remember no matter what happens never forget the people that will love you no matter what! your family! take care, God bless. Lori B.

Mary Mac

dear ben,

what a year for you and the black and gold! all of our thoughts were easing back into camp and the new season to follow, until after your crash. that scared us all, as much it did you and your family. because we consider you family. you come into our households every week. and as you know, steeler fans not only bleed black and gold, but we breath it as well. i am so happy for you that your doing great after your accident.

i know many moons ago i had an accident. the motor mounts in the car i was driving broke. i hit a brick wall...after missing a gas station, going at least 60 mph. i was able to relax my body before i hit the brick wall that belonged to the old state police building in belle vernon, PA. pushed that wall into the ground by about a foot. i was lucky that day. had to get about 65 stitches on the outside and inside of my mouth, plus my tongue. i made up a good bar fight story about it when people ask. it was amazing u didn't break my jaw as well. so i know how you feel about not wanting to come out and all. i think my accident was about 23 years ago and its still as clear as yesterday. you know, the police chief of belle vernon made me go to the police station the day after...you know how you feel like the bottom of an empty garbage can, pain and just plain disgusting...because the ambulance made me leave the scene of the accident. plus, i couldn't talk the next day, LOL!

well, i went to see him, and he let me go once he saw all the stitches, black and blue from ear to ear, and the fact i couldn't speak to save my life. so i know your recovery was no walk in the park. i'm just happy to know that you're making progress for camp and the season opener.

but mostly ben, i am so very happy that you did not developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy. heck, it can develop from whacking your toe off the corner of your bed, in a crush accident like me, or a terrible injury like yours or even getting shot. i prayed for days that you wouldn't get it. even made a deal that i would handle my next spread in peace, no complaint's, if you could be spared of it.

they don't know why it happens to one person, and not another. why i could get it by crushing my foot and ankle, and the next person get it from stubbing their toe. or why it causes severe pain that can't be relieved. that the symptoms can be so severe and so blown out of proportion to the injury that PA had to pass a law so that doctors learn about it and don't put down patients with it and tell them they are nuts because nothing could be wrong with them. a law that will hopefully cut down on the number of suicides that are also a side effect of this disease.

gentle hugs and blessings for a full recovery to you! respectively your's, mary

Erica Medsger

I have seen your first interview since the accident the past couple days on the news and you look great, which I personally am very happy about because I just think you are so beautiful. I am so excited for the season to get started, I know you guys are going to do great this year. I was so worried about you after the accident and not from a football stand but actually for you, you seem like such an awesome person and I would love to get the chance to meet you someday. Until the season starts you just take it easy we want to make sure you are 110% better before you get out there because your health should be everyone's #1 concern. Please do not let this accident effect your spirit to much, accidents happen all the time and to everyone. From one of your biggest fans, I love you and wish you the best during the rest of your recovery and in the next season.
P.S. Please post again soon!


Hi Ben,
Well I just got back to Pittsburgh from a trip I took last week to Charleston SC. I got the honor of not only flying on the same airplane as you, but speaking with you for a moment once we landed our layover in charlotte. I wanted to thank you for taking time to stop, take a picture and talk with me that day, it meant SO much. Like I told you that day, my brother worked with Tunch and Wolf last season and I always asked when I’d get that chance to meet you (only joking around – not thinking I would get that chance). You looked wonderful, and the picture turned out great, I’m not sure how I can send that picture your way…however, I’m so glad to see that you are up and feeling better. You, as well as your family have been in my prayers, we all know through God all things are possible. Hope you had a great time in Jamaica and good luck with your golf tournament this week! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at training camp!
Take care!


Hi Ben,
Hope all is well and you're enjoying sunny Tahoe right now. I just returned from Tahoe on 7/12 and had the chance to play Edgewood on 7/10 and then Incline Village Championship course on 7/11. LOVED IT! If you find any golf balls during your tourney, off the 16th fairway before the first sand trap to the right, let me know. I took a couple "gimmes" and lost two in the same spot from the tee box..lol. Besides, you wouldn't want to play with Ladies Precepts anyways. Hope you have a ball in Tahoe!!!

Your Jackson Hole Fan,




Well it looks like you will be on the field this year after all ! And I am so glad. We want to kick the Steelers a** with you at the helm !!

WHODEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yo Ben , 7 Eleven here. Happy to see you are doin well and I look forward to seein you out there in the trenches.Me and my boy Carson is takin you boyz down though!

Peace Out



Crash diet, huh?--sorry, I have an odd sense of humor. Ben you look great—even the short hair. At the GMA interview you seemed a bit scared, on ESPN you seemed more like Ben the QB, today at the press conference I think I saw more of "just Ben". There was joy in your eyes. You didn’t win the Espy, but I'm sure you know that you won something far more important—your life. And anyway the best team won again—just like on 2/5/06. Greatly appreciate hearing from you over the last several days. Your fans needed to hear this and you needed to say it. Looking forward to another great season. Go Steelers. And you continue to take care of yourself, please.
(wow, the Bungal fans are still asking who dey? They are a bit slow…...asked and answered. They’re just going to get Joey all fired up again, oh well. Here we go.)



I'm glad you're not confined to a wheelchair, brain-dead, or just dead. Be smart the next time (and every time) you ride a bicycle or motorcycle and WEAR A HELMET. To do otherwise is utterly stupid and anyone who's responded so far that does not understand that is an idiot. Don't be "too cool for school". Talk to someone who works in an emergency room and they will educate you. A helmet is not a precaution against you doing something--it's to protect you from all of the other idiots on the road. Best of luck next season. Kick *ss!


Looking good and Latrobe can't wait to see all the Steelers rollin' in for Training Camp. Best of luck...see you in a few weeks.

Emily Endy

hey ben,
I was at the beach the day you had your accident. I was really worried u wouldn't be ok! I'm so happy your doing better i watched your interview on sports center and you looked just like your old self. Good luck this season.

Love ya!

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